I was banned from the paradox forums


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I was going to make a thread on the Stellaris forum, but I logged in only to find that I was banned permanently for shitposting and trolling.
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Here is the thread that I was going to make:

The Human Condition

I don't feel any connection with the pops that I'm dictating around in stellaris. The happiness meter is too shallow. I want to know about their thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, fears, and struggles. When you cut out the human condition you are left with nothing more than uninteresting, lifeless, and dull automatons. The pops that I dictate are condemned to let themselves be carried by the will of the player. Passively bearing life and always obeying my orders, my visions of life, and my thoughts essentially becoming eternal spectators of the game world without a life of their own. I want them to disagree with me, complain to me, resist me, etc. In short, I want them to know what it really feels like to be alive.

The modern man is far more depressed and unfulfilled compared to the primitive man. It should be obvious that rapid technological growth will disrupt society and the individual in very negative ways. It's no surprise that when you reduce a human being into nothing more than a simple cog in a giant machine and disregarding their essence of humanity you'd left with a hollow shell of a person. Stellaris seems to run on the pipe dream that technology will solve everything which, in my opinion, makes the game far too unrealistic therefore breaking what little immersion the game has.


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Wow, nothing you said was offensive, pathetic SJWs, I don't see why they would have banned you for that arbitrary bans is just one way normies can feel a sense of power.


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I think that was a very detailed analysis that could be applied to many games. Although such worlds will always lack the necessary immersion that they truly need. Perhaps it's time to leave behind games for good.