Ideal dicksize


A study relying on 3d models supposedely shows the ideal penis size to be 6.4x5.0

There is 2 reasons why the actual ideal size is a lot bigger
1. females virtue signaling or bluepilling.
2. females not having experienced a really big size and thus they do not knoe what they are missing.

1 can be eliminated by looking at dildo sales, what females actually buy, unfortunatily this will be influenced by prizing, availability and female ignorance. A female may buy a 7x5.5 dildo thinking it's ideal when in reality 7.7x6.2 would be better.

The exact ideal size will of course depend on the sexual activity, the ideal lenght is a lot bigger for extreme deepthroating than anal or vaginal sex.


Ideal dicksize for anal sex
You can find that out yourself with dildos.

The ideal diameter/cm is 4.5 to 5.5 (5.5 to 6.8 inch girth)

If the diameter is less than 4cm the experience will not be that great. The only valid way to compensate for small girth is to insert more than just a penis such as also inserting 1 or 2 fingers. If you just insert a small penis or dildo the experience will not be good no matter what technique that is used.


It's too bad your face is ugly, no use for your big dick unless you do any of the following
- rape females
-have bottom surgery (penis inversion variant), more tissue allows for deeper vagina.
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I was active in various sexuality/relationship Forums from various countires during 2015-2018, and ive met a lot of depressed suicidal guys who's life was fucked due to their micropenises (and their General feminized bodies)

The youngest guy i knew was 15, he killed himself with sleeping pills, he had a micropenis and was bullied because of it from the whole School, his Father messaged me the day after he killed himself

The oldest guy was 46, he was also traumatized at the age of 14 by his female classmates, he never saw a women naked his whole life, he hang himself

One guy was 38 and was humiliated in a extreme sick (basically raped) way by his male and female classmates when he was a teen, he didnt told anyone About that because it was to humiliating for him, even his mother made Always fun About small penises, she and her female Friends Always talked About how ridiculous and childish it Looks if a man has a small penis

He shot himself during summer 2016

one guy who was 19 has also hang himself, his male classmates pulled down his pants while their girlfriends made Pictures of him which they later shared online, he couldnt even go outside anymore because almost every 5nd Young Person recognized him

the 2nd youngest was 17, he killed himself 1 day before his Birthday, his oneitis called him and told him that she wants to fuck out the shit out of him, he came to her house, then she invited him into her room where he should undress himself infront of her because she wanted to see his sexy Body, he first denied it but then she told him that she loves him like the way he is, then he undressed himself and after that his bullies rushed out of her Rooms bathroom and started to film him with their phones.

after that he refused to go to School anymore, then 1 day before his birth he jumped from a tall Bridge and broked his neck, his younger brother (who was a disabled truecel) skype called me the following day, at first he was going to blame me but then i told him what happened, at first he started to rage and then he started to cry like a Little Baby, that still haunts me because of that enormous pain you heard in his voice

I dont even know how you not can go ER after you experienced such a extreme Kind of humiliation

I cant even describe the rage and pain in words which i feel if i only think About These sad stories, ive never knew anyone of them in a personal way,but it still Shocks me and kills me from the inside


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The bigger the better. The ideal size is around 22cm. The base of the penis must be a perfect cylinder and the glans must be a fungus type.