if you could recruit any 5 forum posters who would this be


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who are the posters that can get the most traffic for your site?

we are not talking about tiktok, instagram or YT personalities
this is about forum poster personalities from any forums.

some of my top threads got over 100k views for example


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I was thinking that intolerant socialist was an useful addition for a powerposter, but lately I am changing my mind due to his unwillingness to engage in discussions and his loyalty to the internet right wing that dictates all his views...

Here is my list:
- Claire lovely could be the trump card, since she is a very resourceful individual and operates in the shadows.
- Myself, because I am a shitposter, but my shitpost sprees get 10 views at best.
- Caligula Horse - ledgemund - that guy... I like his long rants, its not a matter of views for me. I dont know how many people view his posts.
- Mr.Outcast - normieshypocrisy... this one shitposts very little, but I like him as a person.
- That guy with the maracas gif in the profile pic ,I forgot his name , but he was doing music production so I like that he could give me a hint or 2 on the topic.