Internet gentrification

I am coming to the realisation that the internet is not for depressed virgin NEETs who can't socialise anymore. It's very dissapointing, but I guess nothing can be done, I guess the final nail in the coffin although many edgy zoomers like 4chan and other dumb sites, is coronavirus, normies couldn't socialise in real life so went on the internet to do it. Most went to twitter and facebook, but many wound up on sites that used to have mostly NEETs like wizchan, incel websites etc. And gentrified it beyond recognition. There really is no online space for autistic virgin NEET incels anymore.
Anime USED to be for guys that if they weren't incel they were pretty close to being it. And it was a nice community of guys that got rejected from mainstream society so atleast they could socialize with other people like them. But unfortunately like with many things, as normies tried to be edgy and different they found anime and made it normie/female central, and pushed out the icky neckbeards/incel guys who originally liked it. Then they had no community. That's what happens on the internet even now, 4chan has been gentrified by normies as well, especially since with coronavirus normies could no longer socialize in real life so they do it all online now, taking over communities that were originally for social outcasts. Then if the social outcasts make a new community, such as incel websites, then the same circle repeats itself as well etc.
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And the vast majority of modern people on mainstream incel websites are not virgins. Some guy on lookism/looksmax showed me some discord images of guys bragging they have sex with their girlfriends five minutes after logging off incel forums. It's all gentrification by edgy normalfags. There is no way to prove someone is incel online, in the past we just hoped sexist and edgy content kept normalfags away. But now in Gen Z the culture is edgy as fuck, even the liberal and progressive culture is very edgy. I could post degenerate videos I found on tiktok of young teen girls bragging about being whores and sluts. I won't though, I try to keep a pure mind, as wierd as that sounds, I hate the degeneracy of modern peak liberal culture. So that is why incel websites have now been gentrified by edgy Gen Z teenagers who like talking about how they want to kill women and then log off the incel website and go have sex with their girlfriend five minutes later. It's a very weird feeling knowing that there are no online communities for a guy like me an actual 33 year old virgin, I know I can't socialise in real life, but on the damn internet with hundreds of millions of people I still can't find a community to identify with? It's very isolating. I guess I just need to move on with my life and stop trying to use the internet for socialising because it is pointless, the whole concept of social media is a huge mistake. Socializing should only be done IRL, and if you're too incel to get IRL friends you should just accept it and not try to socialize again.


If someone is capable it will probably be general and not specific, thus we see elite domination pretty much everywhere.

The stronger force will always overpower the weaker force. Might makes right.
tiktok of young teen girls bragging about being whores and sluts
We do not even know if they they are just making that up or if it's for real, they could just be saying that to piss people off while in reality they had sex with like 3 people.

Most females are not actually promiscious, they are very restrictive with sex typically.