Interview with Naama Kates


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We did recently do an audio interview.

I did use OBS to capture but for the first half of the video i didn't really utilize that as i should have.

I never really felt pushed during the interview, like she was going easy on me but maybe she wasn't?

The question about the impact on fertility with transitioning was not really a soft question but i was very well prepared for it. There are already 4 eays around that issue

0. By reproducing before transitioning.
1. By using fertility that remain even after you started HRT (HRT will not instantly cause infertility).
2. By stopping HRT (unclear how often that would work).
3. By using banked sperm.

An option we might see in the future is the ability to turn skincells into sperm


One frustrating thing with Naama Kates is that often when you agree to some time to do an interview she will not even be online at the time and then maybe after several ours she show up and say she couldn't do it for some reason and then you end up having to book another time and try again.

She can of course get away with being unreliable like that since she is somewhat famous and thus it's worth the effort to get an interview done. Because of her unreliability i ended up not doing the interview until i was able to record myself via OBS (i wasn't able to access my desktop computer at the time.

She did end up sending me the audio file of her recording. I might use one recording for each channel and then also maybe replace the video above with select screenshots for the first half of the video.


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You can hear a baby scream in her latest published podcast ik addition to the recording we did.


She talked earlier anout not wanting to talk aboit her personal life at all which does explain "that was just my inner child" response.

She having a child to take care of does also explain why she had a hard time following through with times booked for interviews.