Is it too late to trannymax as a 6ft 3 man in his early 20's?

Honest question, I am 6ft 3inches tall and 21. I've always felt discomfort in my body. I identify as an incel, but I want to know if it's actually possible for me to transition into a woman and be convincing. I don't think I have the most masculine appearance other than my height?

Is it over?


When you are over 183cm (6 feet) as a female your height alone will out you at least to some people.

With HRT you can expect to lose 1 to 2 inch (2.54 to 5.08 cm) but that would still leave you too tall to pass.

Most people cannot pass without FFS at 21.

I find it hard to evaluate someones chance of passing based on a photo of their face but your face does not come across as masculine so you are probably not screwed in that regard. I guess you would look ok as a female at least.

Since you are just 21 there is a good chance your hip bones haven't fused yet allowing you to get skeletal hip growth from HRT.