is there even any merit in voting?


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for whatever reason there are always the same little group of turds to choose from,
and the results seem rigged.

same douche bags that take more and more of what little freedoms and quality of life
from the NPC masses.

a system of empty promises, virtue signaling and corruption.

it's not even worth while discussing solutions, or altered constitutions,
because no one gives a fuck about what the smart ones have to say.

maybe a lay down and rot is the best option? just like MGTOW and MWA ended the marriage industry
by simply not participating.

maybe tech solutions are the way. crypto was originally a reply to inflation and money printing.


Theoretically it shouldn't work particularly well for the following reasons.

0. The quality of the voters is low (you only need to be citizen and 18+).
1. The incentive for making good decisions is low due to you only having 1 vote out of millions.
2. The people who vote are not able to directly govern anyway so you end up having to rely on corrupt/incompetent politicians, etc.

Note that the ability to directly govern means that the voters can decide to at any moment change the leadership (not having to wait for elections). In USA there are actually some local areas that allows for "recalls" (remove officials between the regular elections) but that's typically not possible in national elections and in most cases it will not even succeed due to voters liking their corrupt/incompetent officials.