Isn't it weird that Christians pray before meals


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I mean, there's so much other stuff in this world that's more dangerous than eating a meal. You could pray before getting in a car, for instance, or even going on the Internet. "Bless this Google Search, father, that it will return useful results and not accidentally lead me to porn" (I was looking up the difference between a "bitch clown" and an "ass clown" and ended up with links to a bunch of clown anal videos; but apparently "bitch clown" is just a term made up by Reggie, "I like to make knajjd my little bitch clown" which means he makes knajjd a combination of his bitch and his clown).



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I guess its their version of dirty talk.
Portraying the girls as stupider makes them appear more loli with an imaginary friend like claus.

Much like makeup.

Stupid religious girls can get me harder that