It's insanely stupid that men ever gave up the right to fuck 12-yo girls


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What were we thinking? Why would any sane man vote for a law that would say that he couldn't partake of beautiful 12-yo girls' snatches? How could a man look at the pert breasts of, say, and be like, "Yeah, let's just vote against our ever being allowed to have a girl like that"?

It boggles the mind. And society would even say, "You're sick to desire that"? Nah man, it would be sick to NOT desire it, because we're supposed to pursue fertile young girls right at the cusp of their sexual maturity. The girls at that age certainly are ready to pursue sex and a relationship, which is why they're here.

I know how it happened, though. It came about because of men who thought they couldn't get any 12-year-old pussy, so they were gonna deny EVERY man the right to get 12-yo pussy. That's always how it goes.


Most men do not want to have sex with a 12 year old girl, they view that as immoral and are thus unwilling to do it. If they had viewed it as morally ok and it was legal than most males would probably do it and also enjoy it, social conditioning is a big factor.

Age of Consent was set far lower prior to democracy, then once everyone 18+ was allowed to vote AoC was raised in most countries, we need to analyze this and figure out where it went wrong.


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I am pro the current AoC, it prevents chads access to minifoids. I know it disappoints you cuck @Leucosticte because you have cuck fantasys about eating chads cum out of a minifoids vag, but it is wrong, you are simply creating more bell dolphines.


I am pro the current AoC, it prevents chads access to minifoids.
I do not see how that would be a good thing.

btw: Authorities sometimes ignore relationships where one is underage even if it is clearly illegal.

Lowering the AoC will increase the female dating pool which will make legal dating easier for males short term.

Accelerated hypergamy (chad with 5 girlfriends 13 to 25) is probably a good thing, it might collapse our current society or a new male elite will emerge. This of course will only work if society already is dysfunctional, if you instead live in a good society people will not rebel even if 90% of males end up incel, instead people will turn on other countries or immigrants.


Most 12 year old girls cannot get pregnant so going after them would probably not be ideal in terms of reproduction even if it was legal to pursue and fuck them. You could still potentially benefit from establishing a relationship with them early but that will often lot last and then your investment will have been for nothing.

Pedophilia may have been a viable reproductive strategy in the past but it's heavily cranked down upon in most current societies so there is now significant evolutionary pressure against pedophilia, especially if you act upon it.

12 year olds are far from peak attractiveness (few exceptions), the issue with Nathal Larson is that he project his own pedophilia feelings upon others thinking they also want to have sex with 10 year old girls. The biggest issue is lack of breast development, at least prior to pregnancy.


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you know what ? fuck the AoC, we should have it like in the 1984 book, men and women shouldn't have sex because only chadrone has sex
and skinships. 1984 or terminator judgement day and waifubots. I give 0 fucks about the logic behind, arguments, pros and cons.
this chad shit has gone to fucking far. if the gov wont fairly distribute the foids, fuck all society to hell.

I work like a donkey, I made 10k just this month and that money feels like it has no fucking value at all ! 10k and it feels less than toilet paper !!!

I see this trend in jap anime where chad is challenged to a fight. I wonder if its legal, I tried checking in legal forums but my question keeps getting deleted.


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nathan cuckson says :
It used to be, girls under 12 weren't allowed to have sex because it was desired that they be preserved as chaste virgin brides. The theory was, she should at least have to be 12 before she could legally consent to her ruination.

Now, they're not allowed to get married till 18, but they're allowed to have sex before that. The result is, they get fucked by some random guy, who ditches them, and then they get married later to a different guy. So the system we have now is designed to make it so that women AREN'T virgin brides when they get married.

What's the point of this? Mostly to fuck over men, and weaken the institution of marriage by preventing it from working the way it's supposed to. If marriage is weakened as a social institution, then other institutions can take its place, and a different power structure can emerge. For example, without a tie to a husband, a young woman will instead be a slut through college and whatnot, which gives women's studies professors more power and influence since they have these girls to mold to be the way they want. Plus girls will get raped at college, which creates a problem for feminism to try to solve by "teaching men not to rape," aka teaching non-Chads not to rape. Telling husbands, for instance, that they have no right to rape their wives, because women aren't their property; they say that this is even worse than if a stranger raped them. Well yeah, feminists would say that, because their main goal is destroying the patriarchy, not looking out for women's best interests.

Feminism never was about anything constructive; it's just angry women saying "fuck you, dad" and spitefully trying to keep men from enjoying themselves, even if it means bringing down this whole civilization.
no dumbass, the age of consent was a reply to foids not being property anymore.
once foid gained autonomy and rights to choose, they started fucking chads at younger ages.
the AoC is of a direct reverse correlation to how close to property foids are.
it was always about cock blocking chads. chads are degenerate parasites.