It's probably time to start suing for racial discrimination, isn't it?


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I was thinking of that one dude, Tony Hovater, who got fired from his job for telling a reporter that he was a Nazi sympathizer. He wasn't on company time or anything like that when he spoke to the press.

And if it had been a black dude telling the press that he sympathized with Black Lives Matter or with the Black Panthers or other militant black groups, no company would've dared fire him for that, because they would've known that it would provoke a discrimination lawsuit.

Whites need to begin looking at the racial angle of situations and seeing how they're being held to a standard that other races aren't, and filing lawsuits if need be. We have a machinery of racial justice available and it's time to start using it to enforce equity.

Looks like this dude grew a "fuck you" beard, kinda like Roosh (and myself).

I don't see his wife in the profile pic, so maybe she dumped him, idk. The press hasn't bothered to cover him since he got fired.


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You have to hide your powerlevel if you hold unpopular beliefs.

I will never promote Vintologi IRL without a backup plan.