Linux vs windows


Linux is a more secure operating system than windows that give the user more control over his/her computer.

Windows 10 is currently the most popular operating system but then you end up having to trust microsoft which isn't ideal.

WIndows 7 used to be the most popular operating system but microsoft has intentionally sabotaged it (such as holding back important updates) to force people to switch to windows 10 where there are even more privacy concerns, this illustrates the issue with relying on just a single company.

Unfortunately since windows is popular most software will be written for it specifically while people using other operating system often get ignored or they might get a bad port. There are ways to go around this such as wine but it's messy and far from ideal, another solution is to simply install both so you can switch easily.


The linux experience
With linux you can choose between many different interfaces such as XFCE4

XFC44 is really flexible and it's really easy to modify. From best to worst (user interface):

XFCE4 (modified) > XFCE4 (stock) > cinnamon > windows 7 > windows 10 (modified) >> windows 10 (standard) > OSX


The dependency horrors (linux)
With linux everything is modular. Instead of just installing one big operating system you instead install packages and these packages depend on each other. Thus when you install some program you need to also install all the packages the program depend on and then you might run into the issue of conflicts because you cannot both have a new and old version of a package.

Once i tried to install an old version of openshot but that didn't work because it depended on a package that had now been replaced and the only reason why i could even try to install openshot in the first place was because i had the old package file saved on my computer.

Sometimes updating the system can be really difficulties because of issues with these dependencies.

So while you have more control over your system in theory in practice you are constrained by the distribution you selected and there isn't any easy way to change distribution.

With windows instead you can typically just install any old version of a program and it will work even if it was made only for windows xp, they actually put effort into making sure it's backwards compatible.

The real reason why linux is more secure is becuase it's really messy to install software that isn't provided to you by the repository for your distribution, this drastically reduces the probability of you installing harmful software.


The old (linux only) version is really nice unfortunatily the new inferior version is being installed now by default.

I did however save the old version which can be installed by the "pacman -U" comman (arch linux)



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This function, write_stream_to_file(char* name), was what started it all for me. I, an amateur programmer, wanted to make my own imageboard, but I didn't know nor did I want to know PHP. I had to scour through various websites that wrote about CGI until I finally found a code snippet that would help me lay the foundation for my function.
learning BASH is one hell of a benefit when it comes to Linux distributions, You get to use shortcuts for everything

Also if you have a old computer
You always can run a minimal distribution on it making it a useable device for testing and even actual bit of work if you can arrange it to work the way you wanted it.