LMAO at this worthless currycell


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These curries are so pathetic, they always have the biggest victim complex and whine and cry about being a 21 or some other low age incel and expect the whole world to suck their dick and feel sorry for them. Meanwhile when I speak the truth on incel sites about being a 34 year old incel, they abuse me and say JBW and say I'm not a real incel, and it's always ethnics and mostly curries who say that. The world would be a much better place if curries, and curry incels particularly killed themselves, the vermin said he had several failed suicide attempts, imagine being so pathetic that you can't even kill yourself even if you tried multiple times, LMAO, fucking pathetic scum.

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Even if I am the unmanliest of men, I will still appreciate and love myself..

Hello bros, I wanted to share my personal progress with you.

I am a 21M Indian dude studying in Canada. I am a short (5'6), overweight (88kg, ~200lbs), and have a small penis (4.7" or 4.8"), and cannot grow proper facial hair. Almost everything I mentioned above, are deemed ugly by the world. Whether it is me being and Indian (people somehow hate Indian men, especially Indian women), short (anywhere on social media), overweight (this might be different, people like dadbods), or a small penis (again, all over social media). I am not that physically fit, and sometimes can be weak. I have been battling anxiety and depression all my life, and again, it is not something considered manly or attractive. I have very high attention requirements, and obsess over stuff easily. Although I don't cry, I am not the stoic man who is a rock. I am a turbulence. In fact, I tried committing suicide several times this year. I am not sure what my career prospects are, but my performance in university hasn't been exceptional. If you look at it in a way, I am very unmanly and unattractive. I used to absolutely hate myself. If I treat someone else like how I treated myself, I would've been in prison. That's how badly I treated myself. In a way, I was in the prison of my mind.


Those things don't mean anything to me anymore. They are not going to stop me from loving myself. I have been going to therapy for a while and I have been doing amazing on self-compassion. I love myself for things I am. Sometimes I might not be a reliable friend when I am exhausted fighting my inner demons, and with a the academic work and chores. But still, I love myself. I have never intentionally hurt someone, I even stopped meat because I don't want to cause pain. I stand for people who have nothing to do with my profit, and I am proud of it. I am a hard worker. I am an amazing cook, my friends love my cooking. I am a good writer, good speaker and and good listener. There are so many good things about me, which defeat the bad things about me.

Will any woman find me attractive? I honestly don't know. Are there women who appreciate my presence? Definitely. Even if no woman finds me attractive to date, I won't stop loving myself. And most definitely won't hate on women. No one can control what is naturally attractive to them. Many women find me interested enough to be friends, and there us nothing less about being a friend to a woman.

I deserve all love in the world. But no one owes it to me but myself. The love and attention that comes from outside is unreliable and fluctuates. You don't know who wakes up one day and thinks you are not worth the love. But the love that comes from within, is something that I work to cultivate. To enjoy my own presence is something that I am working on. The whole world tells me I am unmanly, I am unattractive etc. But it won't stop me from loving myself. It didn't stop my friends, why should it stop me?

I might not be tall, I might be fat, I might have a small penis, I might not be muscular or strong, I might never even make a woman feel like I'll protect her, and most of all, I am an Indian. It doesn't matter to me because life is a pursuit of personal betterment. It is like Subway Surfers. There is no winning or losing only moving ahead and trying to beat your own score. Most of all, there is only one me. There has never been and never will be a me again. To me, I am precious. To my family I am precious. And I will treat myself as such.


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I've never seen a single curry on any incel website who has ever really suffered the rejection, alienation and hatred I've experienced and even come close to being 34 years old, they are always privileged, pampered crybabies who are in university studying for a high paying job or NEET with nice parents who give them money, and they are always young so they can escape incel one day, not like me at all, being 34 years old living with parents who hate me and bully me routinely and I have to do farmwork and never got a good resume to apply for a decent job, even at McDonalds or similar place. No curry in the world would be able to live my life with committing suicide, they are too mentally weak and privileged.