Love and Obsession

I think the biggest difference between love and obsession is that when you love someone you love their flaws. When you’re obsessed, the recipient has no flaws; they’re idols of perfection dwelling among marble pillars.

Obsession is anchoring yourself to the past, cycling again and again back to those few treasured memories–trying to preserve that perfect moment. There’s an unwillingness to process new information that conflicts with that impossible idea you’ve built them up to be in your head. With love, the focus remains on the future, changing and growing together. There’s a desire above all else to see them become the best they can be, and accepting it no matter what. Even if they grow apart from you in the process, at least it was here.

Obsession is an artificial construct–a gold statue on a pedestal–unattainable, cold and irresistible. It’s raising a person to the level of a God. Love is a natural bounty–it’s a tree sapling surrounded by weeds–lots of work but worth the reward when the apples sprout. It’s recognizing the fragile beauty of a real human being.