Making money is hard


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I wanted to promote Vintologi, so I tried to gather money for promotion and I am struggling.

Probably it will takes longer that I expected.


Most ways to make money is about you giving up your dignity is exchange for cash.

If your body is attractive you can sell that but if it isn't you instead have to humiliate yourself doing some tedious job and having someone boss you around. A lot of people with ordinary jobs really want to get away from it and thus fall victim to get rich quick schemes or gamble away their money in some way.

Things like poker and crypto trading is becoming increasingly less viable.
that's exiting, no money in the bank.
how do you plan on promoting Vintologi exactly?

the best thing we can do is keep on shearing it around.
the right people will pick up on it while all the others will let it slide till they decide on picking it up again or forgetting about it.