male to female


Becoming MtF transexual is a way better option than living another 40+ years as male incel.

step0: watch Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.
step1: watch Tatsuwan birdy decode.
step2: watch Kashimashi girl meets girl.
step3: watch Kämpfer.
step4: If you still dont feel like becoming a girl watch tsf monogatari.
step5: As a last resort you can try sissy hypno porn 58
step6: Go to a gender clinic if you need an official diagnosis at some point.
step7: Bank your sperm.
step8: Start hormone replacement therapy 59
step9: Removal of unwanted hair.
step10: Facial feminization surgery.
step11: Social transition.


The experience of becoming female
Honestly this was even harder to decide to post than my attempt to be gay 8+ months ago. Because the implications and outcomes have been completely different. The experience has been completely different.

Disclaimer: Before all of this I 100% completely identified as a man, a man's man type of internal mindset. Very heterosexual. And gay stuff just did nothing for me. It was only out of desperation and having the right features that I attempted this gender transition. By right features I mean I was only 5'8 starting out and had a 2.7 inches erect penis. Plus all my facial features are feminine and I was pretty cute even as a guy. With 4 inches to my height and dick I could have been a normie or even chad lite. Yet reality is cruel sometimes. Since being on hormones I have lost some height, so I'm closer to 5'7 now, a true manlet if I ever decide to return to manhood.

I have been on estrogen for about 6 months now. It all started when I got my new therapist three months before that. Who referred me to a new general practitioner he knows. Obviously I told him nothing about being incel or hating females. Only that I always felt like a girl, which was a massive lie. I just wanted to get hormones to attempt a gender transition and hopefully become attracted to dudes like the other trans on reddit. Who so ironically betray themselves and their cause by casually posting truth.

I just want to say for the record I don't believe in any of the trans bullshit about being born that way. Maybe an exceptionally small amount of them are. Yet if you read their forums or subs its so extremely common how many of them are just guys who wank to shemale porn and have autogynephilia. The vast majority almost always speak about how their brains get changed by hormones. Further proving they are truly male in the brain. Basically they are mostly cross dressing fetishists. Maybe a very few of them really were born with a fucked up brain but its hard to weed out the liars. Since the fake trans just copy what the real trans say. Yet they let it slip in their posts how much they love tranny porn or wanking their she cocks. Not that it matters, more trans is always a good thing. Less beta orbiters and sometimes even trans that are hot.

The first injection my doctor did for me. After that I did the rest myself. My hormones were tested before I started estradiol and at the 3 month mark. My testosterone was exceptionally low so he said I did not need an anti-androgen. I started out injecting every 2 weeks but moved to once per week after 3 months because I was getting hot flashes due to low spots in between.

The changes seemed slow at first. The first week I got sick at my stomach after the injection. I just felt awful, almost like someone was flicking my balls with their finger. Not as painful as being kicked in the nuts though. This lasted for about 3 or 4 days. Then it happened again after the next injection. It mostly stopped after the 3rd one. By which time I already had breast buds. Just a short while after that I started getting serious breast tissue. I had already been out in public dressed several times even in the first month. But I got a binder so I could delay social transition. Because I needed more time to master my female voice.

Mastering a female voice was actually pretty tough. It took me about a month and a half to really sound like a girl. And I was practicing every day at least 30 minutes. I spent so much time looking up how to do this and incorporating the advice into my sessions. I would record myself and play it back to see if I sounded like a girl.

It was about 4 months in when things really started to twist my reality into all sorts of fucked. One day when I was wanking I realized I was still hard after cumming, which was mostly clear at this point. I felt as if I was not fully satisfied, as if I could keep going. So I kept wanking and I came again. Then I came again, and again. With no orgasm declining in quality. I came so many times I wasn't horny for 4 days afterwards. At which point I came over 10 times. A week after that I came 40+ times in less than a hour. I actually lost count of how many times I came. The first orgasm had the most clear cum. Then the first few after had plenty. Then I would rotate between ejaculating anywhere from a teaspoon, to a few drops, to a dry orgasm. As my body just kept making more.

During this same time my emotions were becoming far more intense. I would cry at stupid and random stuff. But crying does not feel bad, it feels good to release emotions. I would care about stuff that didn't even matter. It was almost like the hormones were dumbing me down. Dumbing me down enough to where I could enjoy life. I was starting to get a feeling, almost like being continually a little bit high. It was euphoric to say the least.

I only had a bit of feeling in my phantom vagina area. Which was more than a bit disappointing. So I decided to try to encourage the feelings. I had phone sex with a couple of guys I met on the net. I role played the part of the girl perfectly, even moaned like I was loving it. The next day after the 3rd guy I experienced a massive change. After peeing I felt this intense surge of energy from my phantom vagina to my chest. An absolute nuclear pleasure reaction and I thought about the night before when I had phone sex with that guy. It wasn't long after I realized what men could do to me, that I started craving to kiss them. Craving them inside me as I cuddled my pillow while falling asleep. Craving to be held by a big and strong man.

The month after that things got even more intense. It was clear to me that females experienced sex with far more joy than men. Its like having a dick with sensory feelings that reaches all through up the body and hooks in the heart. My first experience with a guy was a non chad friend, who knew I had started a transition and thinks I am actually trans. We didn't have sex or even oral but we kissed a few times and cuddled for a few hours. It was magical, the cuddles were even better than the endless orgasms. Waves upon waves of mental emotion mixed with sexual waves of pleasure. Its so extremely addicting.

I'm beyond words enjoying my experience on female hormones. I still hate females, cucks, and chads. This is the turning point for me. If I don't quit now I will probably end up sterile and unable to break this intense addiction to female hormones and to men. Finishing transition will take work but leads to a life of happiness. Not finishing means going back to a hell after experiencing a heavenly paradise the likes of which I could have never imagined.

I feel like any choice I make is life wrecking but I was already totally fucked to begin with. Its so fucked up to crave men, to think of being dominated by them. My brain so fucked up on female hormones its telling me it would feel amazing to swallow semen and get creampied. I only have one cuddle buddy right now but I think about cuddling other guys too.

I have not had sex yet, not even oral but I feel like if a dude mounts me and creams me while I'm hopped up on estrogen there may be no return. Because I can already tell getting fucked is another level of pleasure. Maybe even greater than the endless orgasms or even the cuddling. Orgasms are just a sprinkle on the icing for female bodies. Things are so much more intense and amazing in all areas of life. Going from before transition to right now was like going from black & white reality in low definition to 4k ultra HD with perfect sound. Even more than that, its like life is even more colorful now and things are so much more intense. The sky even looks brighter, stars shine more intensely to me. Its like hormones grew a lens of happiness in my brain that I now perceive reality through and its a much more positive experience.

Things look potentially so good, at least better than when it was hopeless. I don't know if I can ever go through with having my genitals cut off. I just have like a mental block over such a barbaric surgery. I think I could live fine with just having male parts. I partially identify as female but know deep down I'll always be a man because men are awesome.

I could see this as being the best cope for manlets who are cute. As long as their face isn't too masculine. I'm not saying its perfect, it has downsides like having to pee more. Its still a lot better than being incel forever.


Becoming MTF may increase your chances or spreading your DNA in some cases
You can still impregnate females by donating sperm if you have it backed up, sure it will be less convenient but if you are currently involuntary celibate the chance of you reproducing is so abysmal it's unlikely to go down further if you make the transition.

You need to back up your sperm before starting hormone replacement therapy, otherwise you will become sterile (after 2 years) with no chance of reproducing.

A lot of homosexual women still like dick and some of these women prefer sex with shemales over the total humiliation of having sex with males.

The same is not true for FtM, transitioning will always make it more difficult to reproduce in additioning to ruining your mating prospects. Females with gender dysphoria shouldn't be allowed to transition, instead we should try exposure therapy on them and see what the effects are, if it helps of just make their dysphoria even worse.
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Trannymaxxing vs suicide
If you kill yourself you will reincarnate and potentially become female or attractive male. Death and reincarnation remains the only way to biologically change your gender, as an MTF tranny it's currently not possible to get pregnant or give birth.

But as an MTF you will also have potential benefit females lack such as stronger body, being able to donate sperm you have backed up, enjoying status due to being special, etc.

If you are willing to kill yourself you can always gamble by becoming tranny and kill yourself if it doesn't work out.
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Having sex as MTF tranny
In terms of physical sexual pleasure:

PiV < handjob << recieving anal sex

If you have SRS anal sex will become less pleasurable due to the neo-vagina being created between the prostate and anus. The prostate will instead provide you pleasure when you get fucked in your new neo-vagina.


Giving up your male dignity
A lot of males suffer a lot becuase of their useless pride. Ofren your life will become better once you give up your pride and do what actually improves your quality of life.

You may think "this is degeneracy" but so what if you die childless? you are just speeding up evolution by not even trying when you are given shit DNA.

Going trans is just the next level of degeneracy, when you had enough of hentai you turn yourself into your object of desire.


Yea your sexual orientation can change so you will no longer be cursed by heterosexuality.

Developing autogynephilia
before you transition you have to develop a female persona and get eroused by the though or image of yourself as a women. Good anime to watch are tsf monogatari (hardcore) and kämpfer (soft).

taking estrogen will change your personality and you will become more like a women mentally.

If sexuality doesn't fully switch
Many MtF women go for other MtF women, a few manage to get a lesbian and make her pregnant.


Neovagina options

Differences between the Thailand method of SRS and the penile inversion method. Here are the main differences.[/B][/SIZE]

From what I have read in literature from medical sources, the differences between the Chonburri method from Suporn and the penile inversion method from other surgeons is as follows:
  1. Suporn creates more depth. He guarantees at least 6 inches. Other surgeons come closer to 4 or 5 inches. 2) Suporn makes meshes from the scrotal skin and uses the scrotal meshes to lign '' the neovagina''. Other surgeons use penile skin primarily to lign the neovagina. 3) Suporn uses penile skin to create the '' labia ''. Westearn surgeons use scrotal skin to create the '' labia''. 4) Only Suporn and Chettawut perform the Chonburri method. All other surgeons perform penile inversion. 5) It's called the Chonburri method because Suporn creates an organ that doesn't exist in a real vagina, in an attempt to create a homologous structure to the G-spot in real women. This Chonburri organ is a lump of nerves bundled together that he burries deep down in the neovagina to extend the feeling to the vaginal canal instead of just '' the clitoris ''. 6) Suporn discourages hair removal prior to surgery. He scrapes the hair follicles himself. 7) The Suporn method was invented by Suporn himself and presented early 2000s to the world. 8) The Suporn method is much harder to recover from than the penile inversion method. The TIMs have to dilate 3 times daily for 45 minutes during the first year. So almost 3 hours of dilation a day for at least a year, not included preparation of the instruments,... To dilate. 9) Suporn makes the prostate accessible through the neovagina during surgery by constructing the vaginal canal face to face with the prostate. 10) Suporn's prices go up 500$ every 6 months. He currently charges almost 20 000$. 11) Suporn is soon retiring and has trained an apprentice to take over his clinic. This new doctor is named Dr Bank. 12) TIMs claim to be able to get wet with Suporn's technique. 13) Dr Suporn trained Dr Chettawut and they were both trained by Dr Preecha Tiewtranon, the master of SRS surgery in Thailand. 14) TIMs who go to Thailand get poor aftercare once they left the country. They can only email these doctors and can't telephonically contact them. They are required to stay in Thailand for 1 month after their surgery.

    The other Thai surgeons are:

  2. Dr Thep who charges 2500$ and performs an SRS in 2 hours. First come first serve base. He gives them a bamboo stick to dilate with and they can go home the same day after the operation if they want. The biggest complaint with Thep is according to himself : '' hole is not deep enough ''. Dr Thep performs sex changes under local anesthesia and he offered a journalist who wanted to know more about the surgical process to talk with a patient who was under anesthesia on the operation table at that moment. He offered to pause the anesthesia so that the guy could talk to the press about his sex change operation.
  3. Dr Nara who charges 3500$. Has only pictures with closed legs on his website. Jeesh, I wonder why lol
  4. Dr Kuldech who charges the same prices as Nara from his website judging. This Dr Kuldech had a US patient who almost bled to death on his way back from Thailand to the US because stitches had dissolved prematurely. This TIM had gender euphoria because the ER team was impressed by his '' vagina'' and how the ' 'vulva' ' looked so natural.
  5. Dr Preecha from PAI. He gives the TIMs a wax candle to dilate with. He is 86 now and only supervises surgeries. Dr Burin and Dr Sutin do the surgeries. PAI charges 8000$ for SRS and this clinic is famous for its quote that gynos can't tell the difference.
  6. Dr Kamol. Charges 10 000$ and has mixed results.
  7. Dr Saran charges 8000$ and he butchers westearn TIMs and blocks their email and Facebook once they complain.
  8. Dr Pichet who charges 10 000$ and has created bloody messes by performing SRS surgeries with a graft from their colon. Many of his patients kept digestive problems and had to wear pads all the time because their colon graft leaks in their '' vaginas''.
  9. Dr Sanguan Kunaporn charges 13000$ for SRS and generally has satisfied TIM clients but most of his clients are autogynephiles of older age.
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If someone persue medical transition the underlaying condition is almost always homosexuality, autygynephilia (when born when born male) or autoandrophilia (when born as a women).

Do you benefit from transitioning?
The case is strongest for males with autogynephilia that are involuntary celibate but other males may also benefit from it.

But if you are born female obviously you shouldn't transition no matter how bad the dysphoria or autoandrophilia is.

Do society benefit?
The case for funding medical transition for males wanting to transition is very strong. If elliot rodger had trannymaxxed 3 beautiful women would still be alive today. You could even make the case for transitioning some males against their will.

It would be dysgenic to require people to pay for their hormones and bottom surgery themselves.

For females wanting to transition the only potential advantage is eugenics but it might not be worth it, on an emotional level it feels very wrong and logically it doesn't look too good either, there are better forms of eugenics.


My reasons not to transition are are
1. HrT would eventually make me infertile.
2. I want to be able to attract heterosexual women instead of having to go for gynephilic women/transwomen.
3. i do not have a femenine personality.
4. i do not want to having to fake my voice.
5. i would probably never pass.
6. i wouldn't be able to get pregnant if i transitioned.
7. i am not comfortable coming out as transgender to any blood relatives.
8. i am afraid HrT would make me less intelligent.
9. i do not want to get dependent on the medical system (hormones, etc).


Why we should support incels that go trans
By trannymaxxing they are improving their lives and this also benefit other people. They will be far less likely to harm women if they transwomen and are accepted as women, treated as women.

They should be allowed inside female bathrooms once they have started on Hormone replacement therapy.

Incels that dont transition are politically problematic since they might support bad policies in a futile attempt to not die as a childless ultimate failure. The opposite is true for incels that make the transition, they instead benefit from hypergamy.

The purpose is not to prevent incels from reproducing, they can still bank sperm or reproduce before HrT makes them infertile.


Autogynephilia and consent
Autogynephiles transitioning does not overall harm other people and requireing consent from everyone involved in her life as a women would make transition impossible.

The right not stop someone from engaging in a sexual activity must be limited or it would not be possible to live a normal and good life. Females must be allowed to show off their bodies in revealing clothing even if it makes them aroused, gay individuals must be allowed to use public bathrooms, you must be allowed to become sexually aroused in public.


clero wrote
I like his ideas about polygamy, I think he's based on a lot of things, for example when it comes to free market.

What I don't like: The purpose to increase genetic quality of mankind. I don't like it because it's against the core principles of the blackpill.

His own religion is pretty good, the only issue is it can't work without an oppressive brainwashing. It's also important to rewrite history, burn libraries and replace the word "education" with "conditioning".

I think that incels are impossible to bring to that perspective, because currently incels are demanding a girlfriend, and nazi ideologies are common among them. Incels want a "looksmatch", which is pretty cucked if you think about it. But that's the current state of inceldom.

My response
It follows logically from the reincarnation premise that you do want to improve humanity genetically since that will make future lives better. If the average dick girth is increased sex will be way better.

Thus everyone (including incel) benefit from improving humanity and it doesn't even mean incels will have to suffer, it only means that most incels shouldn't reproduce naturally, you would need to use technology or they ruin the next generation.

The main problem with incels is that they often make demands from society that are unrealistic and that they are generally politically problematic, this is why i have suggested physical extermination in the past but there are other solution that could work.

The best solution is probably for truecels to feminize themselves to they can enjoy sex with each other, that would actually solve the incel problem but few incels are willing to actually do that, instead they choose to remain in misery.

Of course we cannot expect that males with bad genetics voluntarily choose not to reproduce and thus is why we need to force them into dying childless vis brutal hypergamy.

Many males including ones with very strong autogynephilia will choose to stay male just for a slim chancecor reproduction, this is probably the #1 reason incels are not trannymaxxing to a significant degree.
Trannymaxxing pays for itself (if you dont have death sentences)

Unlike incels who waste 60k+ on worthless plastic surgeries, trannymaxxing actually pays works and pays for itself.

Trannymaxxing is insanely legit, it completely solves all the problems incels have

it solves:

1. being a virgin
2. being a neet/being poor
3. being ugly
4. having a beta personality

If a tranny gets breast implants, facial fem surgery, body contouring, voice surgery, they can do sex work and pay it off in a few years. Ive personally been offered by men to pay 100% for my transition in exchange for a relationship (though i have no desire in transition btw). Someone like knajjd could get a guy to pay for his full transition for sure. .

though if you have tranny death sentences it wont work for you

List of tranny death sentences that are unsolvable

-big skeletal structure
-masculine feet and hands
-long mid face (lefort3 is needed)
-very deep voice

Everything else is solvable


These costs will often be covered fully or partly by the government or insurance.

One potential problem is difficulty inducing autogynephilia, it could be the case that most males cannot develop it.

When incels give reasons not to trannymaxx it is always bogus reason such as posting a picture of someone who just started the transition.

Even caitlyn jenner look ok as a women even though she didn't transition until she was 67.
These costs will often be covered fully or partly by the government or insurance.

One potential problem is difficulty inducing autogynephilia, it could be the case that most males cannot develop it.

When incels give reasons not to trannymaxx it is always bogus reason such as posting a picture of someone who just started the transition.

Even caitlyn jenner look ok as a women even though she didn't transition until she was 67.
Knajjd is doing great harm to the incel movement by banning tranny discussions on all of sergentincel's sites.

Another idea to get incels into trannymaxxing, is marketing HRT as a solution to their norwooding problems

[Black Pill] im thinkin of doing low dose hrt

05-25-2019, 11:40 PM
i dont wanna be a girl but i wanna develop some feminine features

and also get thick long hair

i think i might do like 12mg cypro and estrogen for a while

I agree, trannymaxxing only really works if you have a slightly feminine body. The feminine incels should be treated with trannymaxxing, and the masculine incels should be treated with homosexuality maxxing.

I have a very feminine body and face for a male, so I was able to induce heterosexuality/bisexuality in myself by imagining me fucking myself. I conditioned myself to be attracted to femininity. If I was naturally very masculine, theres no way I couldve induced heterosexuality tbh.

This moved me from a kinsey sclae 5.5-6, to a 3.5-4

If you roid and gymcel, you could induce homosexuality if you really wanted to.
"it's a legit question but all these dull insecure r/bb teens are in the way

this craving has come up with nearly half of my close bros when they got on tren. fucked a hermaphrodite girl myself on tren and when meeting again off tren for a repeat felt no desire & turned off. I've no shame about it and find the idea of it simply being dormant desire very unlikely given the countless anecdotes"


Knajjd is doing great harm to the incel movement by banning tranny discussions on all of sergentincel's sites.
I would state the opposite, the trannymaxxing option is demoralizing for the incel movement.

It's their ideological kryptonite since it means anyone can get sexually satisfied without having to pay a prostitute, they can get love too.

7 lives would have been saved by elliot rodger going trans, it would have solved all of his issues.
I would state the opposite, the trannymaxxing option is demoralizing for the incel movement.

It's their ideological kryptonite since it means anyone can get sexually satisfied without having to pay a prostitute, they can get love too.

7 lives would have been saved by elliot rodger going trans, it would have solved all of his issues.
My understanding of the incel movement's end goal is curing inceldom

Trannymaxxing or homosexualitymaxxing is the ONLY solution to inceldom. Nothing else can solve hypergamy, their depression, etc etc, . . .


My understanding of the incel movement's end goal is curing inceldom
No they want to change society so they can get a virgin girlfriend without going trans.

They attack people like me who offers solutions that actually work.

Trannymaxxing or homosexualitymaxxing is the ONLY solution to inceldom. Nothing else can solve hypergamy, their depression, etc etc, . . .
Some males will escape inceldom but it will be at the expense of other males ending up as incel instead, the total amount of male incels will contimue go rise.



One such incel-turned-transgender who has contacted one of the writers at Incel Wiki has elaborated on this situation. However since she has asked not to be identified, we at Incel Wiki will avoid naming her as well as avoiding directly quoting her by slightly altering her account. Lets call her Leslie. Although Leslie was born male, she began to try to pass as a female, initially by tucking, using a gaff (device that hides the mooseknuckle), cleavage enhancement, hip and buttock padding, crossdressing and using breast prostheses; later by going through a physical transition. Leslie felt that her penis and balls were useless body parts that served no purpose. The pointlessness of her male genitalia is what triggered gender dysphoria in her. Leslie did this because she struggled to gain the attention of women. She believed it wouldn't be too difficult to change gender identity as she already had a small frame, and had minimal secondary sexual characteristics. She specifically said that being male "sucked" because of the prolonged sexlessness. She also said that if she had not altered his/her gender identity, the trauma of inceldom was so bad she considered going to Belgium or Switzerland as these two countries are considered the easiest places for entering a "mercy killing" or "suicide tourism" arrangement. In Leslie's words, the research they had done suggested both countries were considered the "euthanasia capitals" of the western world. Transitioning made Leslie change her mind. She began to understand why prostitution is usually a 1-way street of men buying sex from women; not the other way around. Its because of the mismatch in demand, Leslie posited. Becoming a woman she learnt first-hand that the ease of access to sex was as different as night and day between men and women. Women are stupendously privileged in this regard as Leslie soon found out. Leslie decided to transition because they wanted to experience this female-specific privilege for themselves. After changing gender identity, she had no difficulties attracting partners of either sex. Leslie was no longer lonely. Leslie specifically said, and emphasized, that she would have never transitioned had it not been for the inexhaustibility of male inceldom. Leslie felt that some her earlier traits as a male, which made her repulsive or off-putting to potential suitors, such as shyness and awkwardness, suddenly were seen as tenable traits in the dating scene. Leslie's transition according to her e-mail has been successful and she now happily lives as an allosexual sex-having passing transwoman. According to Leslie, from her tweens, to her teens and during early adulthood she was completely a cisgender man. Only once Leslie reached their tricenarian years did they begin doubting the viability of their gender with regards to prolonged loneliness, thus subsequently decided that transitioning to a woman was the right choice.

The Leslie case study above shows how dramatic inceldom can be to a man's quality of life. Inceldom can in fact make a man feel so gloomy, that some involuntary celibates feel that despite being comfortably cisgender one's entire life, they suddenly feel gender dysphoria in the midst of one's adulthood. Feeling like their genitalia don't belong. Like having a penis is liability and disadvantage in the dating scene. That being male makes one unprivileged in the dating scene. As of 2019, no studies have been done yet on the pathway from inceldom to transgenderism, but the Leslie case study shows that this pqathway does exist. How much of today's transgender population are formerly incel? We don't know ... yet.

Remy is another former incel who has corresponded online with one of the writers at Incel Wiki. As Remy has asked to remain unidentified, we will avoid excerpting Remy's texts directly. Nonetheless, it will be paraphrased closely enough that it retains its original meaning

  • (interviewer) Are you involuntarily celibate?
    • (Remy) Not now no. I lived as a cishet male incel up to the age of 27. I felt deincelizing was an uphill battle I wasn't going to win. As such, I assumed my feminine facial features would make me passable as a woman if I transitioned. I haven't been incel since becoming a woman.
  • (interviewer) How did you escape inceldom?
    • (Remy) Well ... I always had this inclination that women had it much easier in the dating scene. Having transitioned to being a woman, I realized that my previous inclinations were correct.
  • (interviewer) Are you still attracted to women?
    • (Remy) Post-transition I have dated both men and women but lean more towards androphilia. Since I have undergone treatment in order to acquire the physical characteristics of a woman, I feel my body is designed to accommodate a male. However, even during the waning years of me being a male, gynophilic attraction began to decline due to the incessant amount of romantic rejections from women I had gone through.
  • (interviewer) Was inceldom the main reason you transitioned?
    • (Remy) Yes. During my teens, the thought of transitioning didn't even occur to me. I felt totally comfortable being male. But sex and intimacy were important to me. I genuinely felt undateable as a man and loneliness can make some people like myself take drastic measures.
  • (interviewer) Do you know anyone else who went through the incel-to-transgender pipeline?
    • (Remy) No. I don't personally know anyone else who went through the incel-to-trans pipeline besides myself.
  • (interviewer) What does trannymaxxing mean?
    • (Remy) It basically means to do what I did. To transition in the hope of entering a romantic relationship afterwards.
  • (interviewer) Were you ever hesitant to go through with surgery?
    • (Remy) No. I was already pretty short, and had quite a feminine face, so I felt the transition wouldn't be so hard anyway. I also knew for a fact my life would improve, and it did.

Remy's situation seems a bit different to Leslie. Whereas Leslie transitioned because they eventually developed gender dysphoria, Remy doesn't seem to have had gender dysphoria. Leslie appeared to feel exceedingly uncomfortable at the fact that he had male genitalia. On the other hand,


Your dating life after you take the pink pill
First of all, forget about women. You probably already have if you're in here, but I just wanted to make sure. There are some open-minded bisexual women who don't mind the chick-with-dick thing, but unless you do a complete 180 on your previous life and turn into a gregarious and gorgeous Stacy, you'll probably never even meet them.

Your dating pool will mostly consist of two groups:
• Bisexual men and heterosexual men with a fetish for shemales ("chasers")
• Other transgender women

Most of them will have cocks. If you're easily disgusted by cocks right now, transmaxxing will probably not change that. If you're kinda neutral about them, you'll probably like them a lot after HRT and a bit of sissy/gay hypno. If you're already into cock, then congratulations, this is the life for you.

If you want to have some care-free kinky fun, you should look to date other trans girls. They'll be as horny and fucked-up as you are; just take a look at the various NSFW trans subreddits to get a glimpse. If you want to get free stuff out of your relationship, look for a chaser, but make sure to find one who isn't cheapskate. They love to spoil their dickgirl princesses. If you want love and stability, look for a bi guy. Some chasers are also keepers, but only the ones who are out to everyone, including their families. If they aren't, you will always be a side bitch to them.

One last piece of advice. As your body takes on a moderately feminine shape and you start to present as such online, you'll suddenly start receiving sexual attention from people. After a dry spell of 20, 30 years, this will mess with your head very quickly. Just know that a lot of them will be toying with you to get off; regular women experience this as well. Don't get discouraged and try to build some confidence and self-respect or you'll always run into the worst people.
Biological sex is bimodal, not binary
Some people want to look at just hormones which doesn't make biological sense

These individuals are inconvenient for transphobes which is why they dont want to talk about them, they just throw them under the bus and accuse people defending them of "dragging intersex individuals into this".

The fact that sex is bimodal means that some people are more biologically female than others, some people can get pregnant and give birth while other individuals are incapable of that despite having an overall feminine body, maybe it will be possible for them in the future with a womb transplant.

Some trans women have been able to breastfeed, the breasts you get from HRT are real female breasts.

HRT will affect all aspects of your body, the transition is biological and very real.

If we just look at strict biology we will have to draw the line somewhere if we are going to force everyone into 2 categories, some people will get kinda fucked over by this and this is impossible to avoid.

I can see where some individuals gravitate towards the gender identity concept where it's about feelings "i feel like a girl" rather than your physical features, i view that as nonsense and it will create social problems trying to make everyone pretend you are a girl.

In any case it is true that some people clearly benefit from medical transition and thus they should transition, we shouldn't force people to live as as male when it makes them miserable. You should decide over your own body, not politicians, judges, your parents or psychiatrists.

Another way to defend medical transition is that it is beneficial for society that some individuals change their sex and this can of course also justify forcing people to change their sex medically against their will "for their own good" and this happening in the future is a very real possibility.


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Their hands and feet are still manly (usually)

If we are going to look at just fertility we end up with 3 categories
  1. people that can get pregnant
  2. people that can impregnate
  3. people are infertile
But there is no clear way to divide people into these categories.
From a darwinian perspective people of category 1 are the most valuable while people in category 3 are the least valuable, this is not however how people are valued in our modern society, instead its mostly about looks and your ability to be productive under capitalism.


Avoiding social issues
Most of social hardship of transitioning comes from gender identity politics and dressing/behaving inappropriately.

The focus of transitioning should be on changing your secondary sexual characteristics (hormones, surgery, etc.) and you should regard it as a body modification similar to “body building“. This is the only sensible approach if you value your social life, integrity, and self-respect.

If you believe that there is an “innate gender” which is unrelated to biology or society then you will inevitably create yourself social problems. People might understand that one might want to be (or look like) a woman, but almost everyone takes “born in the wrong body” as a joke—especially if you are were not previously flamboyant. If you do not look and socially regarded as a woman, claiming that you are a woman in the inside and people should respect your innate gender regardless of how you look is meaningless and futile. This at best makes people pity you and at worst makes them mock and bully you. The situation worsens if you dress in women’s clothing but still look like a man. This should be avoided, for out of respect for fellow trannies if not for self-respect. You will also hurt yourself for thinking that people do not treat you the way you should be treated.

So what is the solution? Easy, just take your pills. You will eventually start to get weird looks and occasional “ma’am”s. That should be your cue to allow yourself to dress and act more feminine. But if you want to be fully socially regarded as a woman, then you should look like one. For most people hormones might not cut, at that point you should seek aesthetic facial surgeries (“FFS”). As you look more feminine, dress more feminine, act and sound more feminine, people will regard you as such. You will not have to “come out” and make a fool out of yourself. The transition will be smooth and you will not be going against the grain. The most people in the street will not know anything; they will either see you as a man, feminine male or a woman depending on your stage of transition. Nobody will bother you outside, even if you are not in a first world country. The only possible problems can come from your family, but that would depend on each person. But regardless, I can assure you that your family will receive “I am working on looking more feminine” much better than “I am a woman inside, my name is Taylor now, pronouns she/her.”.

In conclusion, chemically feminize yourself and dress appropriately at each stage of transition; be honest, do not be a fool.


Professional guide to hormone replacement therapy
Some of his recommendations are
  1. start on oral estradiol for 6 to 12 months (later switch to injections)
  2. take bio-identical progesterone rectally.
  3. if anti-androgen is required use bicalutamide.
  4. spread out the estradiol dosages over the day.
He did not mentioned anything about starting on low estradiol dose and increasing gradually for max growth.
Other sources

He cannot use Cyproterone Acatate in his practise since he is in the US but he do not think it would be overall better than bicalutamide.

This can be compared to the typical advice you get asking people online which is
Cyproterone Acatate: 10 to 25 mg
oral estradiol: starts at 2mg and increase gradually to 8 mg


Femininity as a strength

We make a conscious choice to adopt femininity to improve ourselves. We should aim to surpass ourselves and transcend the limitations of the male and female sex by taking the best from both worlds. The assertiveness of a man; the tact of a woman. The sheer intellect of a man; the attention to details of a woman. Et cetera. Thus adopting femininity is a way to become stronger in life.

This is diametrically opposite from the sissy mentality where people conceptualize femininity as something to be ashamed of. They see no intrisic value in femininity; only use it as a means to mask their own weaknesses instead of addressing them, like a person that drinks alcohol to evade his/her problems.

Take a moment to reflect: What are your flaws as a person? What would a successful woman do regarding these aspects? Make a conscious effort to adopt the ways of success. When you feel down, think about why you feel down and do something to make it better. We can not change the past. We can only change the future acting in the present.

Many femenine personality traits such as asking other people for help are actually good traits to have that will make your life better.


About the low vaginoplasty regret rate
About 1% of trans individuals that go through vaginoplasty, there are several factors contributing to this low regret rate

1. The people who actually go for bottom surgery tend to be very uncomfortable with their male genitals and thus even a rather poor result is still a significant improvement for them.

2. people tell themselves it was the right thing to do even if it wasn't and they are very emotionally invested into their transition, it's a part of their identity.

3. males have low standards and thus unless you date cis lesbians you will have an easy time dating even with a bad looking neo-vagina.


Preecha Aesthetic Institute
They seem to have some good SRS results

A trans girl wrote the following

Being a post-op trans girl comes with a lot of privilege.
  • If you pass as a cis woman and you don't have to tell your dates you are a trans woman, they will treat you like a real woman in the bedroom. Trans women who still have the penis are often treated like a cum rag, sadly.
  • If you can keep your trans status hidden and all your documents are updated, you could marry an upper class man and then ask a divorce after a few years and cash out half of his fortune.
  • You can train for sport competitions and actually be better at it than cis women. Your androgen receptors are more sensitive to testosterone so even with low doses of endogenous testosterone produced by the adrenals, you could put on a lot more muscle than a cis woman could. Rachel McKinnon is winning every competition against cis women. She's post-op MtF. You could seriously cash out on prizes and scholarships like that. There's nothing cis women could do about it, since you have a pussy pass.
  • As a post-op trans woman you have easier access to cis lesbians too. You are not obligated to tell them. Contrary to what TERFs tell you cis lesbians wouldn't as easily know that your neovagina is a neovagina and not a cisgender vagina. I'm post-op after visiting Preecha Aesthetic Institute and at 9 months I had a cis woman licking my pussy without having a clue.
  • If you ever commit a crime you will be placed in a women's prison. You will have an easier life than if you were put in a man's prison where you could be subjected to rape.
  • Anal sex comes with a lot of loosening of the colon. That way you will shit your pants easily if you are an androphilic trans girl who regularly has anal sex. If you have a pussy, you won't have to deal with that. He could just fuck your pussy.
  • People will see you as a real woman more easily. As a pre-op / non-op woman people will to some extend still see you as a man.
SRS if done by a good surgeon can look okay and neat.