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Benefits of transmaxxing as sissy
Males with an humiliation fetish may benefit from going trans. The 'alpha males' sissies desire are actually rather rare and they tend to be into fucking females, you may need to transition to attract these males.

Hormone replacement therapy will also have additional benefits
  1. orgasms will become far more powerful, you will feel it in your entire body.
  2. multiple orgasms just from penile stimulation.
  3. reduced sex-drive allowing you to gain control over your sexuality.
If you like dick but also like female aesthetics transwomen are your best option but you may need to go trans yourself to get access to that dating market (trans escorts is not a good option).

The fact that lowering testosterone reduces your sex-drive does not mean sex will get worse in any way, the opposite is true. When you are male you are a slave your sex-drive but the actual sex will not be that good, after you transition you have sex because it actually feels really good and not because you are driven insane by testosterone.

18 year old wanting to transition said:
So I’m gonna dive straight to the question, how do i continue taking my hormones after my sex drive get lower. I just push myself to do it once I’m not turned on by it.
I’m sorry but this just makes absolutely no sense to me. You say you’ve stopped and started 20 times over 36 months meaning you at best have only ever been on hrt consistently for 1 month. So just enough for the anti androgens and estradiol to wipe out your sex drive? And based off your profile, this whole transition is just a sex thing for you, so without the sex drive you lose the desire to transition and thus, you’re stuck in an endless cycle of starting and stopping?

I generally don’t agree with transitioning as a fetishized, but I’m going to give you some advice anyway because who am I to police another persons transition. For starters. The drop in sex drive is completely temporary. For me personally, it disappeared for about 4 months after starting estradiol and antiandrogens, then slowly started coming back but it was definitely more “emotionally charged” rather than “visually charged.” When I started progesterone 6 months in, my libido skyrocketed and eventually settled back down to similar levels from pre-transition. Based off your profile, it looks like you’re addicted to sissy porn and are trying to force yourself to be attracted to men, so maybe you can try sticking to it for 6 months and once you start progesterone, you’ll probably find it a lot easier to hook up with men. I know for me personally, I was never really attracted to men too much, but now I personally am only attracted to men. I went hard on the antiandrogens so now it’s almost impossible for me to get an errection, which makes it even easier to sleep only with men. So idk, maybe you should consider sticking with it for 6 months, then starting progesterone.


Fentanya wrote:

This is exactly how I feel. Sex is better (hell, I didn’t even have a sex life pre-transition) and I can’t help but view the reduced libido as a good thing because I feel more in control. Also, I’m just so much happier with my life all around now because my love of self-feminization is so much more than just a kink and now I can appreciate the nonsexual side of femininity a lot more. I was already a small, skinny twink and it made me easier to feminize and I love what a cute tranny I’m becoming. Pre-transition, I looked pretty much exactly like the virgin character from the Chad memes. Anyone else here who was a skinny guy with glasses and short dark hair has probably had that same thought lol. Now my hair is getting longer, and I’ve been on hrt for about a year. My skin is getting softer and smoother, my acne and facial hair has mostly disappeared, my boobs are growing and my 34A bras are getting a little tight in the cups, my butt is getting softer and more full, my thighs and hips are getting a little thicker, and entire body is just so much softer and more feminized. I love it so much when my boyfriend caresses me and calls me “soft girl”. I don’t know how it took me until college to realize I was better off femme.

Transitioning made me a very happy person and I love my life so much!!!!

I know I don't fit the classic AGP stereotype because I'm young (21 currently), primarily date men, and I'm shockingly passable. All that being said, I am still very much autogynephilic but that doesn't mean I'm not also dysphoric and genuinely transgender. I may not have known I was a transsexual until I was almost 20 years old, but I knew I was a transvestite as young as 14.

I have had a similar experience to the other people in this thread when it comes to seeing the decreased libido resulting from HRT as more of a blessing than a curse, and living my entire life in girl-mode 24/7 has also gotten me more used to it so I don't get uncontrollably horny all the time, but there is still some fetishization there. HRT didn't kill my AGP, it just put a damper on it along with all my other, less powerful sexual interests.
I still feel aroused by my own feminization sometimes and it's hard not to when the estrogen has been so effective at doing its job. It makes me horny sometimes when I see myself in the mirror applying makeup and it's not because I see a hot girl, it's because I know that I am her and she is me. Sometimes I'll be wearing really cute girly outfits in public and get so turned on by it that I end up wetting my panties with precum. Sorry if that sounds gross, I just felt it was an important detail to really describe my situation with AGP.

So overall, how do I feel about my decision to transition? I think it was the best decision I've ever made! I feel at peace with myself. I am probably the happiest transsexual you will ever meet. I feel truly content with my life and cherish every day! I love the beautiful young woman I am blossoming into, and my parents have been very accepting and supportive, they still love me and even call me their daughter now. I am 16 months into HRT, have had my name legally changed, and almost a year into living socially as a woman full-time, and most of my dysphoria has disappeared. No longer do I struggle with anxiety and insomnia as well. A lot of what I feel now is just gender euphoria, quite the opposite of before. Now, it's usually not inherently sexual to me, but when it is, I'm not ashamed of it, I still embrace it. It just feels so blissful, so comforting to me that I can live my life as a very girly, very feminine young lady now. I feel like such a pretty princess and I never want to go back! I never knew life could be so beautiful. I never knew I could be so beautiful. Everything is wonderful now!


Most males are already obsolete

With the technological advancement the majority of males are becoming increasingly useless and even a burden on society as a whole. Their Bodies are no longer needed for physical work and males as a group do not have any major mental advantages over females.

Most males are genetically ill-suited for reproduction and 1% of the male population is enough to impregnate all females that want kids. The fact that most males reproduce today is due to culture and this end up ruining upcoming generations genetically

Most males do not do work that cannot be done by females, there are a few areas where males are difficult to replace but less than 5% of the male population is needed to do these jobs. A lot of males today are not even net tax-payers, they end up using more resources from the government than they provide in taxes.
Why pay a male to do a job when you can have a machine do the job cheaper and better?

Males have far higher sex drive than females partly due to higher testosterone, if males on average want sex once per day while females want it once per week 85% of males would be obsolete when it comes to sex if it wasn't for the monogamy norm (which may be collapsing as i write this).

The solution
There are a number of options, many of these do not properly replace the male need for a female and non of them allow for reproduction. From best to worst:
  1. medical transition from male to female
  2. porn, masturbation, sex toys.
  3. escorts
  4. going gay
  5. zoophilia
  6. raping females
  7. suicide
option 2,3 and 6 does not offer any real validation, not sure about 4 and 5. Escorts are expensive and in many areas buying sex isn't legal and you may put yourself in legal danger by using these services. Most males prefer human females and thus 4 and 5 are not a good option for most people, zoophilia is also against the law in a lot of countries.

If we do not want males to to for 4 to 7 we should encourage option 1 to 3, not doing so would be highly irrational.
The biggest issue with solution 1 is that it stops being a good option as you get older, it's great when you are young (12 to 23 mostly) but at 30 it will be very difficult to ever pass and you may not become that attractive as a transwoman.


Your masculinity is not desired by society

Most males are no longer needed in our modern society, technology has made male strength mostly obselete and most males to not have any mental abilities not commonly found in females. Less than 10% of males are needed for sex and relroduction, most males are just a burden to society and thus we need to push these males to transition medically before it's too late.

Currently most males hold into their male pride but that will soon crash down as females raise their standards (becuase they can) and even more males lose their jobs to automation.

Violent males are mostly a problem for society, many males cannot control their own agression and end up in jail for stupid reasons, you do not gain anything from being a though guy starting fights with strangers, you are only putting yourself in danger for no good reason. We do not need "brave warriors" we need intelligent males able to make good decisions, this also holds true for modern war scenarios.
You being better at videogames than females does not have any value.

You being stronger as a male does not make you any safer, instead you are overall more likely to become a victim of crime. If you actually want to defend yourself a gun is far better than having oversized muscles requirering a lot of nutrients to maintain.

You are not judged less by your looks as a male, they are just less likely to tell how ugly you are, most people are like that.


Aggressiveness and prejudice about who should or shouldn't transition.

I notice more and more aggressiveness about who should and shouldn't transition. Some people who are determined that transition is for them are told that they should seek therapy and that they shouldn't transition and they are called '' mentally ill '' based on their reasons for transition.

That is utter bullshit. There are textbook transsexuals who regret their transition and there are people who are not so textbook who find happiness after transition. People shouldn't be judged on their reasons for having transitioned if the transition made them happier and more satisfied with life in general. I hate this '' competition '' behavior of who is the better tranny or the more valid tranny.

Even tranny chasers seem to join in on the discussion of who is a valid candidate for transition and who isn't. It absolutely disgusts me.
Even if the person was driven by fetish feelings, that doesn't mean they will regret transition or behave like a deviant after transition.
People have various reasons to transition and find happiness while presenting as the opposite sex.

I hate how some people are completely being crushed by others because they supposedly transitioned for the wrong reasons.
Who cares what the motive was, if the person finds transition was an improvement?

Nobody except the person who undergoes it should get a say on whether transition improved their life or not.

I transitioned MtF. I wasn't textbook transsexual but I have wanted to be a girl from a very young age. A part of my reasons to transition was that I wanted to be a heterosexual woman. That was preferable to me over being a gay man. Who is someone else to berate me and say that I shouldn't have transitioned for that reason? Especially if you know that I'm much happier and feel better in my skin now.

Another part of my reasons to transition was that I aesthetically wanted to look like a woman. Aesthetics have always been very important to me. Looking like a woman with soft skin, a clearer skin tone and more fat in the cheeks and having fuller, plumpier lips and breasts was a huge step above aging like a man for me. I never liked the aesthetics of a man for my own body. I'm androphilic but I didn't want to look like a man myself.
Last but not least, non-op trans women are trans too. SRS is not rocket science. Even in the better cases the result is still nothing like an actual vagina. If someone decides they can find a way to tolerate their primary sex characteristics as long as the secondary sex characteristics are in line with their prefered gender then that should be respected and even applauded. This will be an individual who will not have to go through a traumatic surgery with sub-par outcomes.

On my last post I had been very honest about my reasons to transition and a tranny chaser decided to attack me and tell me that I should get myself in therapy because I described my ideal of what an alpha male consists of ( he probably didn't match that ideal and then felt self conscious) and because I admitted to want to live as a shemale.

Yes, I watched porn and yes, porn influenced how I wanted to look as a woman. There is no reason to attack someone for that. Every woman is influenced by external sources in her desires to look like her ideal self. Porn is just an erotic version of publicity. No different than seeing the perfect woman in a shampoo commercial but society will judge you for the former one and not for the latter one.

If more and more people were aware that non-op transition is valid and that your reasons to transition should only be validated by yourself and not by what a critical society thinks of it, we would have less unhappiness in the trans community. Less people would undergo a butchering SRS surgery and then end up suicidal. Less people would feel shame because they are not textbook transsexual.

Textbook transsexuals are very rare. Most people who transition are not textbook transsexuals. Doesn't mean that transition was less right for them.
Edit: last but not least: this website shouldn't push people into transition. If someone has determined transition is not what they want they shouldn't be pushed into it. Incels aren't obligated to transition. I regularly see users here tell incels that they will be happier if they transition. That's bullshit. If someone has zero desire to be the opposite sex telling them to become the opposite sex and even forcing them into it is a recipe for disaster. My point was that people have different reasons to transition but that those reasons should come from themselves and not from external sources. Only transition for yourself, not for others.


The transmed position is weird and irrational
Transmed aka truscum want to invalidate trans individual based on some arbitrary criteria of what counts as "gender dysphoria" (which cannot even be measured).

They often go ahead and claim (with zero evidence and contrary to basic logic) that their arbitrary criteria determined whether or not you benefit from transitioning and this is of course incorrect.

Most horror stories you see on r/detrans are female who did suffer from body dysphoria and also had a more masculine personality, they did fit into the "born in the wrong body" narrative but still medical transition didn't work out for them.

the individual did prefer having a male body but didn't like the social role he got

This is what happens when you go on feelings "it feels wrong that people transition for sexual reasons" when in reality being sexually satisfied is very important for your mental health and this can be a valid reason to transition (if born male) or not to transition (if born female).

What actually makes sense in the real world is defining transgender as lifestyle/intention, if you dont want to transition or want to detransition now you are not transgender, you may still have gender dysphoria but you decided not to act upon that and thus you are not trans.

It takes a lot of effort to transition and become a beautiful women and what matters is that you actually put into the effort and were able to pass as the sex you want to be.

There is a lot of factors you need to consider
  1. how will transitioning affect your sex-life?
  2. how will transitioning affect your social life?
  3. do you want to have biological children in the future?
  4. would you be satisfied with what medical transition would provide you?
  5. will your transition mostly be covered by insurance or by the government?
  6. how will your medical transition affect your career?
  7. would you enjoy or dislike the transition process?
  8. how well would you eventually pass or come close?
  9. how much do you dislike your current body?


What does it mean to be female?
There are several competing definitions for this depending on ideology
  1. it's all about chromosomes
  2. it's about your brain
  3. it's about your gender identity
  4. you need to feel like you are a female or have dysphoria
  5. it's about having female secondary sex characteristics
  6. it's about looking like a female.
What actually works in the real world is 5 or 6, if someone look like a female you let her use female changing rooms or bathrooms.

2 and 3 and 4 will set you up for social difficulties and there isn't actually any way to test this scientifically, anyone can claim to have gender dysphoria or that they identity as female, there isn't even any way to test whether or not someone have a "female brain" with current technology and the notion of male and female brains are a misnomer.

1 would result in women with androgen insensitivity syndrome being classified as male, should we force them to use male bathrooms? there are also people with XXY chromosomes, etc.

Of course we can discuss exactly where to draw the line but so far rather inclusive policies hasn't caused any real world issues besides some people having a moral panic over a non-issue


The case for woman = adult human female
There are many ways to arbitrarily divide humans into 2 sexes but what actually make sense is to look at the body itself.

When trans people medically transition with HRT the transition itself will be biological, all the hormones does is signaling to the body what to do, you already have the genes needed to grow fully functioning breasts capable of breastfeeding.

HRT will negatively affect athletic performance making it harder for you to build or even maintain your male strength 167 the longer you stay on HRT the weaker you become 168

HRT will feminize the brain

I do not see much value in including male crossdressers in the "woman" category, being a women shouldn't be about conforming to gender stereotypes, it should be about the biological characteristics of your body.

There is already a term for people presenting as female without medical transition "drag queen".

If we promote the notion that you can be a women without transitioning then that can be easily used against trans people to deny them healthcare "they can just identity as female, no need to actually transition". This is why it's important that we recognize biological reality.

Medical decision has consequences and these consequences can be permanent, we shouldn't downplay these consequences such as pretending someone who wants to transition to female but got denies HRT is just as much as a woman as someone who actually got access to evidence based healthcare.

Some people of course want to define biological sex as something you cannot change but there are already specific terms for that you can use and this will also avoid any confusion

Chromosomal sex: Male, Female, intersex
Reproductive sex: Male, Female, infertile, hermaphrodite
Genitals: Male, Female, NB, intersex
Birth sex: Male, Female, intersex
Genetic sex: male, female, intersex

Of these both Reproductive sex and genitals can change. None of these are binary. Intersex people are not all "defective males" xor "defective females". Plenty of intersex conditions are just fine and does not require any medical interventions, we really need to be better at defending intersex rights.


How a girldick differ from a male penis
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) changes everything, it will make your penis feminine.
  1. making them softer
  2. better smelling
  3. you will be able to get multiple orgasms
  4. Change in coloration
  5. Little to no spontaneous erections
  6. Less aroused by visual stimuli
  7. your dick will become a lot more sensitive to touch.
  8. you will be able to get full body orgasms from penile stimulation.
I used to hate my dick but now on HRT i like it and i no longer desire bottom surgery, my girlfriend also have a girldick and i suck it every day, i love her.


CIS + Trans lesbian relationships

There are plenty of lesbians (30%) willing to date trans girls, if you make yourself attractive as a girl you will not have a hard time attracting them.
There are however some issues to overcome
  1. your pasts will be very different.
  2. you may not be sexually compatible (which sexual things you want to do).
  3. a lot of gynephilic females dont want to see dick.
One advantage is that these relationships allows both to become biological parents which isn't the cass when 2 cis lesbians are together, you can use banked sperm or take a drug to restore sperm production.
Having SRS may not make it easier to date cis females, it will depend on how good of a result you get, its not really worth it if it doesn't look like a real vagina.
There are plenty of cis females that fetishize trans girls, its ok to be a chaser when you aren't a digusting male.


Transmaxxing works even if you don't improve your personality

u/bassabassa wrote:

There was a horrifying post I saw ages ago about a cis lesbian cohabitating with their LT trans girl girlfriend and snooped their computer(apologizing profusely for invading the privacy etc, sweet kinda girl) literally found their not so old incel posts about how they were dating an ugly lesbian but were looking forward to leveling up to a hotter one. She was horrified and blaming herself I couldn’t believe what I was reading she was already forgiving ‘her’. If anyone knows the post I’m talking about please post it. It still keeps me up some nights.

When you have a higher SMV than your partner you end up with power over your partner, you always have the option of leaving for someone more attractive while your partner would end up with someone less attractive if anyone at all.

Your personality is just one of many factors, you can get away with having an unattractive personality if other traits are desired
A lot of males that struggle with dating due to mental illness would be able to get a good dating life via medical transition, it's a lot easier to make the body more attractive than trying to cure mental illness, don't expect too much from psychiatry and therapists

You should ask yourself if you really want to adopt a fake personality in an attempt to attract females, it's not even clear what the ideal personality is and constantly playing a role you don't want to play is not good for your mental health. In reality you probably want to change your personality to what most people view as something worse, become more selfish instead of the other way around.

SMV = Sexual Marketplace Value = how attractive you are to the people you want to attract.


What does it mean to be transgender?

A lot of people make claims such as "i am afraid i am not transgender" but they never explain what they actually mean by being transgender, it's like it would be wrong to transition for self-improvement unless they meet some criteria.

Born in the wrong body?
One common pseudo-scientific justification is that people that are transgender have a brain of the opposite sex "born in the wrong body", there are multiple issues with this narrative such as the fact that binary brain-sex isn't a thing
There is no evidence that you benefit more from transitioning if you have a feminine brain, you might be able to adapt to stereotypical female gender roles easier but do you really want to be a stereotypical female? that's not for everyone.

Most children who seem to fit into this category but they usually desist and grow up to be gay if they go through puberty

Gender identity?
It's the idea that you are transgender if you view yourself as something you are not, at least not yet. You might be born male but feel like you are female inside. It is sometimes claimed that gender identity is innate but actual research shows that it isn't, the environment play a bigger role in this case.
It is estimated nonbinary individuals make up 25-35% or more of transgender populations (James, Herman, Rankin et al, 2016; Barr, Budge, Andelson, 2016; Mikalson, Pardo, and Green, 2014). However, these studies sampled only transgender populations and did not capture non-binary individuals who do not identify as transgender.

Nonbinary identities being common is to be expected since brain-sex isn't binary, the fact that you dont feel like you are a male does not always mean you feel like you are a girl.

Gender dysphoria?
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) provides for one overarching diagnosis of gender dysphoria with separate specific criteria for children and for adolescents and adults.

In adolescents and adults gender dysphoria diagnosis involves a difference between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender, and significant distress or problems functioning. It lasts at least six months and is shown by at least two of the following:
  1. A marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and primary and/or secondary sex characteristics
  2. A strong desire to be rid of one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics
  3. A strong desire for the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics of the other gender
  4. A strong desire to be of the other gender
  5. A strong desire to be treated as the other gender
  6. A strong conviction that one has the typical feelings and reactions of the other gender
It's unclear how many in the transmed camp agree with this definition but it's very likely below 5%.

How it should be defined
You are transgender iff you pursue medical transition or staying as the sex you transitioned into.

Detrans = you have or plan to medically detransition back to your birth sex.

desist = you decided against medical transition despite desire to be the opposite sex.
The 6 Steps for Escaping Inceldom
  1. Start watching MTF transgender porn, then move to femboy porn, and finally move to gay porn. Make sure at least 50% of the porn you consume is black-on-white action. Do not watch any straight porn and watch porn for 4-6 hours a day - every single day. Additionally during process, the incel needs to free itself from all of it's sexual prejudices (e.g. bestiality). The goal is to become as degenerate as possible. After doing this for 2 years the incel is ready.
  2. Find another incel who has completed step 1, but has not started their transition. In the future there may be a website which matches such incels. Interracial matches are encouraged and recommended. This incel will become your life partner.
  3. Upon meeting discuss ALL your sexual fantasies. Masturbate together. There should be NO secrets between the 2 incels. You are now partners in crime. Be as degenerate as possible. Be nasty to everyone is society except each other.
  4. This step is only necessary if one or both of the incels are overweight. Eat a lean or keto diet and do high intensity cardiac exercise till you are no longer overweight. The incel couple should encourage and support each other during this process.
  5. Together, start transitioning to female. Start the estradiol and testosterone blockers. Get facial feminization surgery. These are the two most important. DO NOT GET SRS - your penis is the most important part of your relationship.
  6. Kiss each other and fondle each other's feminine penis. Suck each other's feminine penis. Take turns fucking the tranny pussy of the other one. Love each other and enjoy life.


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Best transmaxxing anime
There are not that many high quality MtF anime
0. Kashimashi girl meets girl
1. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.
2. jimi no na wa
3. tsf monogatari
4. Tatsuwan birdy decode.
5. Kämpfer
6. youjo senki
7. Ranma 1/2 (including the OVA)
8. Ore twintails ni narimas.
9. Cheeky Angel
10. Interspecies Reviewers Episode 3
11. When i woke up i became a bagel girl

Here are some that didn't made the list (i disliked them) that i have watched
12. Stop Hibari Kun
13. Maken-Ki OVA 2
14. Sora no otoshimono
15. To love ru (only some gender bender)
16. kokoro connect
17. hourou musuko

Dropped(for now): murder princess, clockwork planet, Genshiken: second generation, hyouka


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How to attract chad

What's true when interacting with normal males stops being true when you try to attract elite males in terms of attractiveness, these males have other options and thus you need to treat them well or they will go for someone else. Yes you should probably fake your personality, most males cannot tell.

Wear sexy outfits in public and take good photos of yourself to use for online dating.

Your strategy should be to hook him by being submissive and letting him use you as a toy, he is the one having power over you by virtue of just being really attractive, it doesn't matter that you dont need his money. Figure out what he is into and let him get that.

Do not expect or demand that he provide resources to you, if you need money that badly you should focus on other males that lack better options.

The only reason not to let a chad fuck you when you are androphilic is the STI risk, anal sex is the most risky form of sex and it's also a bit messy. You can still please him by giving him a handjob.

You should let him fuck other girls too and you might also want to tive him some gifts, not before getting his BWC of course.

As you become more attractive by taking hormones and having the right surgeries you will be able to attract males of higher quality. You might think you will never attract the male of your dreams but one year later you might have his dick in your ass.


In 2018 the medical journal Transgender Health published a case study that grabbed headlines everywhere from the New York Times to the Guardian, documenting how a New York transgender woman was able to use a regimen of drugs to induce lactation and become her child’s only source of nutrition for six weeks. It was hailed as the “first formal report in the medical literature of induced lactation in a transgender woman,” as authors Zil Goldstein and Dr. Tamar Reisman told the Times.

Yet this was no news to many within the transfeminine community, where it has been widely understood that trans women can breastfeed for years. In online forums and on social media, trans women have long shared anecdotal accounts of methods used and success achieved in lactating and feeding their children. As far back as 2010, Dr. Christine McGinn, a trans surgeon who specializes in gender reassignment surgery, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in a sensationalized segment that revealed she had both fathered her children and was the sole parent to breastfed them. What’s more surprising is that it took this long for a medical journal to document the process.

In order to breastfeed you first need to have fully developed female breasts which you will get from Hormone Replacement Therapy, next you will have to trigger the lactation and there are multiple ways to do that.

One commonly-used method for non-gestational cisgender and transgender women to induce lactation is called the Newman Goldfarb protocol. It relies on the anti-nausea drug domperidone, which is banned by the FDA due to heart health risks (but widely used in Europe and Canada). Dr. Molly Moravek, a reproductive endocrinologist at the University of Michigan, praised the fact that more people are now talking about how trans women can breastfeed in the same way as cisgender women but worries that people will “miss the part where the very last thing they say in the study is that we still need to do more research to figure out the right doses of these medications.” And indeed, induced lactation in trans women is still highly experimental.

Kaia, 30, Toronto, ON
My wife and I have a really nice basis for comparison, because we went from two boobs to four boobs when I transitioned. There’s a lot more sleep this time around, and a lot more ability for my wife to be able to go out and know that you’re not going to have a baby freakout. I remember back when we had our first child, five years ago, she had to go somewhere for an hour, and the baby’s sitting there screaming, and we hadn’t pumped milk before that. We were first-time parents, we were 24, didn’t know what we were doing, and I was just freaking out. I texted her and said “I don’t know what to do, I can’t feed the baby, what do I do?” We just wound up having a baby scream for a half hour, and she came back and felt really horrible.
Stuff like that doesn’t happen anymore. We’ve had two people to get a baby to sleep, two people to feed it, and I don’t know if this is in any way correlated, but we’ve never had a baby grow this fast before. They gained back their birth weight in a week, and they’re gaining an average of 1.1 ounces a day, and have maintained that consistently.

Brettany, 56, Texas
My body will never allow me to conceive and bear a child, and I've always wanted to at least be able to nurse one. That was the main motivation for this. The secondary motivation was that I wanted to bring my breasts to full maturity. At that time I was comfortably into stage four on the Tanner scale [a system used to medically qualify the development of secondary sex characteristics], and from my research I realized most cis women do not even make it to Tanner stage five unless they've gone through pregnancy or a lactation protocol, because it requires that extra bit of development that prepares you for breastfeeding in order to finish the development of your breasts.

I did some research about lactation and tried to dig up whatever I could on it, and came across a protocol called Newman Goldfarb.

With a fairly long session, I could produce about an ounce. It was kind of funny because my spouse has really struggled with my breasts growing and at that point she was giving me tips on how to stimulate more milk production. I think that I would have done quite a bit more, except at about that time we found out we had to move to move to another city, and then we’ve had to move again since. I've stayed away from the progesterone in hopes that at some point I can re-lactate and get into donation.

It was a very satisfying experience, but it was also very taxing. If you get into donating, you have to keep the kind of schedule that a new mother needs to keep. It's really, really intense.

Dr. Laura Arrowsmith D.O., 68, Tulsa, OK
When I was in my late 50s, I decided that I was going to try this to see if I could do it. I underwent a drug regimen and used a breast pump fairly regularly. And gosh, within about a month, I guess, I was producing milk!

After I got to the point where I understood that I could lactate, I didn’t pursue it further — I didn’t have any need to maintain lactation. It’s a supply and demand sort of thing, so I stopped the medication and the pumping and of course I dried up. It was just super, super neat.
I think it strongly reinforced my sense of womanhood. I had some great inner satisfaction in knowing that I could do what a cisgender woman could. It was very important to me, and I’m proud and happy that I did that.

My main career was as a radiologist. I retired from that about a year ago; I’ve seen my own mammograms and there’s absolutely no way that a radiologist could look at my mammogram and say “Oh, that person’s trans.” Breast tissue is breast tissue. Looks identically, works identically.
The lactation thing for me just affirmed my womanhood, I think that was the most important part.

robynd100 wrote:

I've lactated small amounts due to hormonal changes or other factors. I have no doubt I could in larger amounts if it was a goal.
The stop & go method
The effect of hormones will lessen over time as your receptors become desensitized.

One strategy for more breast broth is to abruptly stop estrogen for some time to re-sentitize your receptors. This is of course very experimental but some people have had good results with it. A trans female wrote:

I am 33 years old (started HRT at 29) and I live in Germany. My body has been below avarage with not much fat. This is because of my mother who is very thin, too.

On Juni 21th 2017 I started my HRT with 2mg Estreva Gel per day. For 3 months I keep this regimen until I changed to 3mg. My T has been very low almost not measureable ( < 0.1 pg/ml) as my blood test showed. My E2 was at 362 pg/ml.

I saw quite some changes, but my breasts were only very small, almost not existent. So I spoke with my gyn and asked him, if raising would be an option for this problem. I even read about progesteron, maybe this might help with it. He told me to take same E2 dosage and use 100mg P4 oral every night. I did it as he told me and nothing really happened.

After 2 months my breasts started to look pointy like a cone. they havent changed a lot for the next two years. I changed my regimen and dosages a lot but always without an AA. I made up my mind that I would need a augmentation for them. My last hope has been a post where someone wrote that she stopped HRT for a whole month but with an AA as suppressor for re-masculinization. I wrote with her in private and she told me her way and steps.

After a week I made my preparations and stopped from 1mg oral E2 to zero. At first I had the feeling my body changes into female shape became stronger and that my HRT has been blocked my too much E2. But without the help of an AA I saw my light body hair became a little darker and thicker again. This is why I asked my gyn for an AA. At first he gave me Drospirenon which did nothing in particiular. After some time he finally prescriped me Cyproteron acetate 10mg which stopped everything in terms of re-masculinisation. Then I started E2 again with 1mg per day. i felt some hot flushes in the night at the start but it was not a true problem. But then happened something i had never imagined: I started to produce milk as my breasts grew larger. How my breasts bace very beautiful and rounded up themself and I produce a little milk. The amount grew with every day i milked myself and the enlargement of the breasts is still not finished.

I surely read that Galaktorrhea is quite common after interrupting HRT and in most terms it is not a bad sign. But this experience could save me from an breast augmentation. And maybe there is someone outside who asked herself how to lactate.
Should we emulate cis female puberty?
Normal female puberty involve a slow increase of estradiol over a period of 6 years.

This however does not mean emulating cis female puberty is ideal, unless you specifically want to experience something similar to what cis females go through (requirering you to start early).

There are plenty of cis females with small breasts and you probably do not want that. We can do better than whats ‘natural’.

If your estradiol dosage is low then it will be harder to supress testosterone, if are still able to successfully suppress your testosterone levels (such as via Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Antagonist) your health may suffer because you didn’t replace the missing testosterone with estrogen.
I think that was you on the left.


How to do Hormone Replacement Therapy
First off you need to raise your estrogen levels, there are several options for this (0 to 5).

You do not need official prescription to start on hormones in most countries, typically it's easy and safe to simply buy it at an online store


You may want to skip anti-androgens completely and start at the week 6 to 10 dosage. If you are going to use an Anti-Androgen short term low dose cypro (12.5 mg/day or less) is probably the best option.

0. Estradiol injections.

In order to get a somewhat stable estradiol level you need to inject estradiol valerate at least once every 7 days (every 5 days recommended). For Estradiol Cypionate you can inject once every 10 days (more often is fine), with estradiol enanthate injecting once every 14 days is fine (or more often)·

1. Oral estradiol (take daily)

2. Oral Estradiol (take daily)

3. Ethinyl-estradiol (take daily, less safe than other options).

60μg/day is enough to alone suppress testosterone enough to achieve chemical castration.

Oral ethynylestradiol is effective in suppressing testosterone. Lübbert et al. (1992) found ethynylestradiol only to be effective in reducing gonadotropins and testosterone to below-castrate levels in an experiment done in a single healthy male. This suggests that when an high-enough dose is used for MTF HRT no additional anti-androgen is needed. Shearer (1973) found that 100 mg/d of ethynylestradiol only, split in 2 doses per day lowered total testosterone to around 2.6 nmol/l in prostate cancer patients; no number is given, this is an estimate of the mean of the data in the graph.

If your testosterone is too high you need an additional anti-androgen to lower it. There are cheap and effective options such as "cyproterone Acatate" (up to 12.5mg/day) and bicalutamide (up to 50mg/day).

Unfortunatily "Goserelin Acetate" which also go by the names lupron, Zoladex is expensive and difficult to get if you do not have an official presciption. Another more expensive options is Enzalutamide but i have not yet been able to find any way to easily buy it even if you have the money for it.

One option is to start on oral pills and at some point switch to injections. Another option is to start on injections right away

Emulating pregnancy
During pregnancy increases from about 300pg/mL to 17000pg/mL, this would require a dosage of about 350mg Estradiol Valerate every 5 days which would be overly expensive, it's unclear how this will affect your overall mortality risk. Pregnancy does reduce the breast-cancer risk in cis females but it's unclear if you can get the same benefit by high dose estradiol as a trans female.

Cis females grow bigger breasts during pregnancy and therefore higher dosage may also be beneficial for trans females.

You could just keep increasing the dosage assuming you do not get any health issues from it and you can afford it assuming and if it results in your body changing in a way you like as a response.

Month   Injecting    Injecting   Injecting    Injecting
        every 5:th   every 7:th  every 10:th  every 14:th
        day          day         day          day
34      10.5 mg      14.7 mg     21 mg        29 mg
35      11 mg        15.4 mg     22 mg        30 mg
36      11.5 mg      16.1 mg     23 mg        32 mg
37      12 mg        16.8 mg     24 mg        33 mg
38      12.5 mg      17.5 mg     25 mg        35 mg
39      13 mg        18.2 mg     26 mg        36 mg
39      13.7 mg      19 mg       27 mg        38 mg
40      14.4 mg      20 mg       28.5 mg      40 mg
41      15.1 mg      21 mg       30 mg        42 mg
42      15.8 mg      22 mg       31.5 mg      44 mg
43      16.5 mg      23 mg       33 mg        46 mg
44      17.2 mg      24 mg       34.5 mg      48 mg
45      17.9 mg      25 mg       36 mg        50 mg
46      18.6 mg      26 mg       37.5 mg      52 mg
47      19.3 mg      27 mg       39 mg        54 mg
48      20.1 mg      28 mg       40.5 mg      56 mg
49      20.8 mg      29 mg       42 mg        58 mg
50      21.5 mg      30 mg       43.5 mg      60 mg
51      22.2 mg      31 mg       44 mg        62 mg
52      22.9 mg      32 mg       45.5 mg      64 mg
53      23.6 mg      33 mg       47 mg        66 mg
54      24.3 mg      34 mg       48.5 m       68 mg
55      25 mg        35 mg       50 mg        70 mg
56      25.7 mg      36 mg       51.5 mg      72 mg
57      26.4 mg      37 mg       52 mg        74 mg
58      27.1 mg      38 mg       53.5 mg      76 mg
59      27.8 mg      39 mg       55 mg        78 mg
60      28.5 mg      40 mg       56.5 mg      80 mg
61      29.2 mg      41 mg       58 mg        82 mg
62      30 mg        42 mg       60 mg        84 mg
63      31 mg        43 mg       62 mg        86 mg
62      32 mg        44.5 mg     64 mg        89 mg
63      33 mg        46 mg       66 mg        92 mg
64      34 mg        47.5 mg     68 mg        95 mg
65      35 mg        49 mg       70 mg        98 mg
66      36 mg        50.5 mg     72 mg        101 mg
67      37 mg        52 mg       74 mg        104 mg
68      38 mg        53.5 mg     76 mg        107 mg
69      39 mg        55 mg       78 mg        110 mg
70      40 mg        56.5 mg     80 mg        113 mg
71      41 mg        58 mg       82 mg        116 mg
72      42 mg        59.5 mg     84 mg        119 mg
73      43 mg        61 mg       86 mg        122 mg
74      44 mg        62.5 mg     88 mg        125 mg
75      45.5 mg      64 mg       91 mg        128 mg
77      47 mg        66 mg       94 mg        132 mg
78      48.5 mg      68 mg       97 mg        136 mg
79      50 mg        70 mg       100 mg       140 mg
80      51.5 mg      72 mg       103 mg       144 mg
81      53 mg        74 mg       106 mg       148 mg
82      55 mg        77 mg       110 mg       154 mg
83      57 mg        80 mg       114 mg       160 mg
84      59 mg        83 mg       118 mg       166 mg
85      62 mg        87 mg       124 mg       174 mg
86      65 mg        91 mg       130 mg       182 mg
87      68 mg        95 mg       136 mg       190 mg
88      71 mg        100 mg      142 mg       200 mg
89      75 mg        105 mg      150 mg       210 mg
90      80 mg        112 mg      160 mg       224 mg
91      85 mg        119 mg      170 mg       238 mg
92      90 mg        126 mg      180 mg       252 mg
93      95 mg        133 mg      190 mg       266 mg
94      100 mg       140 mg      200 mg       280 mg
95      105 mg       147 mg      210 mg       294 mg
96      110 mg       154 mg      220 mg       308 mg
97      115 mg       161 mg      230 mg       322 mg
98      120 mg       168 mg      240 mg       336 mg
99      125 mg       175 mg      250 mg       250 mg
100     130 mg       182 mg      260 mg       264 mg
101     136 mg       190 mg      272 mg       380 mg
102     143 mg       200 mg      286 mg       400 mg
103     150 mg       210 mg      300 mg       420 mg
104     160 mg       224 mg      320 mg       448 mg
105     170 mg       238 mg      340 mg       476 mg
106     180 mg       252 mg      360 mg       504 mg
107     190 mg       268 mg      380 mg       536 mg
108     200 mg       282 mg      400 mg       568 mg
109     214 mg       300 mg      428 mg       600 mg
110     228 mg       320 mg      456 mg       640 mg
111     242 mg       344 mg      484 mg       688 mg
112     260 mg       364 mg      520 mg       728 mg
113     280 mg       392 mg      560 mg       760 mg
114     300 mg       420 mg      600 mg       840 mg
115     325 mg       455 mg      650 mg       910 mg
116     350 mg       490 mg      700 mg       980 mg
Since your body will think you are pregnant your blood will become more coagulant in order to prepare for the child-birth and thus the blood clotting risk will be much higher.

Breast growth
Local topical administration can be used to archive breast growth without subjecting your entire body to pregnancy levels.

Vandenberg (2006) found a non-monotonic response of size of breasts developed as a function of the dose of exogenous estrogen administered to ovariectomized female mice. Size of breasts was smaller in mice administered the highest dose of estradiol than mice administered an intermediate dose. The optimum dose for breast growth in humans can not be extrapolated from this study because metabolization of pharmaceuticals does not scale linearily with body mass and the growth of the human body is slower than that of mice. This result suggests the hypothesis that to maximize breast growth in transsex people it can be appropriate to use a lower dose of the estrogen or increase the dose slowly. However many HRT regimes rely on the estrogen to suppress endogenous androgens; therefore, starting with low dose of an estrogen potentially risks some degree of continued masculinization and sub-optimal feminization. In addition moderate to high estradiol might be needed to prevent bone masculinization (blocking T might not be enough).

There is also some anecdotal support for this but having to use an anti-androgen is far from ideal since these are expensive and come with side effects.

Dr will powers is not really trustworthy when it comes to medical conclusions/decisions

You may want to take Micronized Oral Progesterone at some point if you are not on Cyproterone Acatate (such as after 5 years).

dosage: 200mg Sublingual (under the tongue) or rectal QHS at bedtime

Transgender Hormone Replacement therapy is significantly safer than taking birth control pills as cis female

You cannot overdose on HRT so there isn't any/much need to do blood-tests. You can just gradually increase the dosage until you get an effect.

Oral administration is more risky than non-oral for the same effective dose. High Estrogen level does seem to make the blood more cuagulent which does make delivery safer (for pregnancy) but it also increases the blood clotting risk

4. Sublingual estradiol administration
Instead of swallowing the estradiol pills you can let them be absorbed under the tongue, this will bypass the liver resulting in higher effective dosage. The issue with this is that it will result in a sharp spike so you will have to take it every 4:th hour to get even close to a stable estradiol blood level.


The obvious issue is that while you can take estradiol every 2nd hour when you are awake the level will drop severely when you are asleep unless you are woken up during the night (or wake up on your own). One potential way around it is having it slowly absorbed via buccal (in the chin) administration while you are sleeping.

It's simply too unpractical and it doesn't really provide any real benefit over injections.

5. Estradiol patches
A general advantage with transdermal (through the skin) administration is that while estradiol will be absorbed the skin will act as a protective barrier against many harmful substances.


From the graph above we see that a 50μg/day patch is equivalent to 2mg oral estradiol/day.

You can start on 50μg/day and then add another patch @ 25μg/day for each month 100/climaraforte(estradiol-100mcg)

Replace different patches at different days for more stable estradiol levels.


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I don't have any desire to be a woman no matter how hard my life sucks. It's my male biology to like being male.

Here is an excerp regarding breast development in the case of Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

The normal male pubertal spurt can be quite satisfactorily explained by the combined action of testosterone and growth hormone, '2, ~ but the mechanisms involved in the female spurt are incompletely understood. Estrogens have formerly been considered to be of minor importance, and more influence has been attributed to adrenal androgens. However, more recent observations in girls with Turner nsyndrome who were given estrogen, ~4,~5 in other conditions 16 and in our patients suggest that adrenal and gonadal androgens are not required for a normal female growth spurt. Because the spurt in our patients was quantitatively equal to that in normal girls, our results rather suggest that estrogens alone are sufficient. That estrogens and not some other factors aretctually causing the growth spurt in patients with AI is also suggested by the response to exogenous estrogens of the patient who had a gonadectomy.

Experience from other patients with A I shows that plasma estrogen concentrations tend to be lower than in normal girls Of the same age; it is therefore somewhat surprising that the growth rate in these patients is equal to that in normal girls. In this respect, the absence of androgen activity at the receptor site may play a role; not only the quantity of secreted estrogens, but also the ratio between active androgens and estrogens seem to be of
importance for the estrogen effects. This conclusion is also suggested by the fact that patients with A I have well-developed breasts, whereas females with congenital adre-nM hyperplasia (21-hydroxylase deficiency) who have had no treatment have minimal or no breast development in the presence of even larger quantities of estrogens. A high sensitivity to very low quantities of estrogens is also indicated by the observation of spontaneous breast devel- opment in patients with AI who have had gonadectomies.17,18 It thus is likely that patients With A I are moresensitive to the action of estrogens, possibly because of the androgen insensitivity. Norm l girls seem to need more estrogens in the presence of active adrenal androgens to reach the same breast development stage and PHV.



Questionable transgender surgeries
I have noticed a general phenomenon in the trans community where people tell each other that bad surgery results isn't bad.

This is a rather sensitive topic but ignoring the harm done by these surgeries wouldn't be ethical at all, trying to sweep these things under the rug isn't helpful.

To a very large degree the issue is simply bad clinics/surgeons butchering people. Most SRS results you can find when looking them up online are very bad but there are a few exception

Another option to consider is penis preserving SRS

I dont see any real benefit with this when injections or ethinyl estradiol alone supresses testosterone enough to the level of castrated men

This will also make you permanently infertile and thus the only way for you to have children will be via sperm you have backed up.

Breast Augmentation
If you look at natural vs enhances breasts you will see a very clear difference, you can tell it's fake when it's fake (few exceptions) and it doesn't look right

Compensating for bad HRT
Whats common with these questionable surgeries is that they are done because the HRT regime was bad or the individual simply started too late, no amount of surgeries will compensate for the fact that you didn't transition in time, this is why it's important to start early.


People improving their lives by becoming female is a beautiful thing

Usually when someone live a shit life as a male he will just complain about how women are unfair to him or he will spend his time on various copes such as videogames and anime.

It's very rare for miserable males to actually improve themselves via medical transition, it usually takes pretty bad gender dysphoria for them to actually take action and even then many fail to act in time.
  1. Males transitioning to female makes the world more beautiful (less disgusting males).
  2. People that transition and become beautiful benefit from it
  3. people around them will see them improve instead of suffering or killing themselves.
  4. males that transition are politically useful for my goals (maybe also your goals).
  5. Trans girls are high in demand and can allow cis lesbians to have biological children with a partner they find attractive.
  6. voluntary chemical castration makes a male less likely to hurt other (and himself in the process).
I find it strange that people rarely object to psychiatry that outright harms people and costs billions of dollars each year but they complain about the government helping trans individuals transition even though it's one of the few mental health interventions that actually works.


Sexual reasons to transition are valid
Sex is a basic human need and if you cannot have a good sex life because you are male you need to consider medical transition as a solution. Not being sexually satisfied is bad for your mental health, it's even bad for your physical health.

You not being sexually satisfied as a male can be due to several factors
  1. failure to attract females (cis/trans)
  2. testosterone ruining your orgasms (only a single weak orgasm from penile stimulation).
  3. you not properly enjoying sex when your body look like a disgusting male.
If you get aroused by the thought or image of yourself as a female you should absolutely consider transition just for sexual reasons even if you don't have any other form of gender dysphoria.

Why suffer as a male when you can be a cute girl?


Why incels need to watch sissy hypno
They dont know their place and have way too much male pride. They need to know their place and take their estrogen.

A general issue with male losers is that they dont really want to change, they discard anything that may help them escape their situation.
Being of the inferior sex is nothing to be proud about, they cope with good things a very small portion of the male population has done while ignoring the fact that most homeless and people in jail are men.

Even men that are clearly rejected by society keep up their useless male pride and continue suffer from it, they might start some pointless fight to prove their masculinity resulting in them being jailed or sent to a hospital.
Why not just have plastic surgery?
Significant improvement from male plastic surgery is rare and many incels also suffer from mental issues. There is no surgery for the brain.

Estradiol also act on the brain which makes it more potent in allowing people to escape inceldom.

There are many potential advantages you can get by transitioning from male to female, it's not just about improving your dating options:


What you gain from transitioning
There are many potential reasons to transition from male to female.
  1. sexual excitement from having a female body
  2. the superiority of female aesthetics.
  3. access to the transbian dating pool.
  4. multiple orgasms from penile stimulation
  5. full body orgasms
  6. you will feel emotions stronger and be happier on estrogen.
  7. your breasts will become sensitive
  8. being able to attract cis lesbians (if you become attractive enough).
  9. being able to attract high quality males for sex.
  10. you will no longer be driven to do dangerous and idiotic things due to testosterone
  11. Live longer
  12. softer skin and less/no acne.
  13. being able to extract resources from males.
  14. stop and reverse hair loss.
  15. people will treat you better if they think you are female.
  16. you will be less likely to get killed
  17. access to female spaces (males are disgusting).
  18. cheaper car insurance.
You need to transition early in life (before 24) to get the full benefit of transmaxxing, there are also other factors to consider such as length and whether or not you will function better sexually with a feminine body.


You dont need to pass
A lot of people abstain from transitioning thinking "i will never pass as a girl", is this justified?

u/girldick114 wrote:

If you really feel like you should be a girl any feminization will be an improvement. I felt a lot better about myself imminently when i started taking hormones. i still dont pass but by life is already a lot better than in the past, i feel more in home with my body and i am still together with my girlfriend i got shortly after i began transitioning.

It's never too late to take action to improve your life.

check out r/translater and r/transtimelines

Even if you pass in public unless you undergo SRS and have a good result people will be able to tell you are not born female in some situation anyway. By going stealth (hiding you wasn't born female) you need to worry about other people outing you as transgender and this happen fairly often, you might have to move to a new location, cut ties with old friends, etc.

I dont feel any need to hide the fact that i am transgender, it's something i am proud of.

ksenu wrote:

The reason for wanting to pass should be for one’s own sake, not for what other people think.


Why non-dysphoric incels dont transition
If a guy is rejected by all females it's usually a combination of an unattractive body and a dysfunctional brain, if their only issue was their body they would probably have found at least something.

Due to their mental issues they will have a hard time realizing that transitioning from male to female would be an improvement even though tthey dont iidentify as female and dont want to be. If you are smart enough to realize transmaxxing works for non-dysphoric people you will probably not be a suitable candidate yourself unless you suffer from neurological gender issues and just not failure to attract girls.

These individuals are simply not capable of taking care of themselves and making good decisions, these individuals may benefit from being forced to take estrogen and transition.

Toxic mentality
Incels tend to be stuck in very harmful echo chambers where they tell each other "it's over" and they often glorify suicide and terrorism, they hate females that enjoy themselves via sex our of jealousy while being unwilling to transition themselves.

Incels tend to be against what they view as degeneracy and call anyone who isn't an misogynist a cuck. Taken any action to actually improve your situation such as going to the gym or changing your sex is viewed as sinful, you are supposed to just accept your faith and kill yourself.

This apply to the subset of incels you see on forum

They dont view themselves as incel

They haven't come close to a vagina in years but they still think they will eventually get a girlfreind and have a family, for better or worse they dont realize how bad their situation is and thus they fail to take action to fix their situation to the better.

A lot of males to for the MGTOW cope "i am the one refusing to date females".

Lack of support
Medical transition isn't an easy prospect these days, there are a lot of pitfalls you need to avoid, especially if you live in a transphobic society.

A lot of gender clinics will n

ot even prescribe a proper HRT regime

The general trans community will not provide people with good information, there are smaller communities (such as this one) that do give proper information to peop but most people will not find any of these smaller communities.

They may be told that they need to feel like a girl or identify as one before transitioning.

Often they cannot pass
And thus it's not clear that medical transition would be an improvement, often they are simply too old for that now so it's probably not worth it.

You could argue that being a hon is better than being a total incel loser though.

Fear of reverse dysphoria
Most people believe in the notion of innate brain-sex even though this has been refuted by science a long time ago

General misinformation

There is a lot of negative misinformation regarding transition spread both by trans activists (to gain sympathy) and transphobes (do deter people from transitioning
  1. no you dont need to have sex with men after transitioning, transbians is a thing
  2. no you dont need to undergo bottom surgery
  3. You can still have children after transitioning (you can bank sperm to be safe).
  4. people will not bully/harass you if you manage to pass and go stealth.
  5. you can transition without having to talk to a therapist first about it, some people buy hormones online, other individuals to the "informed consent" route.
There are far easier wayshttps://www. to mostly satisfy your sexual needs, you can watch porn, masturbate, go to an escort, etc. A lot of failed males spend all their time on entertainment and they may not feel a strong desire for sex and companionship.


Causes of gender dysphoria
In children gender issues is due to the following


After puberty the factors changes to


It is worth noting that gender issues isn't the same as actually transitioning and that there was a lot of things the individual didn't look into.


Denial and paranoia among repressors
I have noticed that a lot of individuals unwilling to transition become paranoid thinking everyone is trying to manipulate them into transitioning.
If you have transitioned yourself they will think "she is just trying to recruit me to the trans cult" (in reality there are several factions among transgender individuals, people have different views).

If you have not transitioned yourself they will think "why isn't he following his own advice" even though he isn't in the same situation as you, he might be married with children and thus would never come close to passing while you would become a cute girl and drastically improve your life.
When people give you bad advice its usually because they are simply mistaken, its not due to them intentionally trying to hurt you, is someone states "i think you should transition" he and she probably believe you would benefit from it.

Repressors often listen to transphobes telling them "its just a fetish" but that is very rarely true

While you repress and listen to what transphobes tell you your body will become destroyed over time by testosterone often to the point where its too late for them to ever pass as a girl.

The fact that you destroyed your life by not transitioning when you were young can be very painful and because of that a lot of people are in denial and tell themselves "i am doing the right thing by repressing" which typically do not work out too well.


Why it's morally good to transition only for sexual reasons
I dont think this is very common, it feels wrong to do so. You may tell yourself "it's just a fetish" and repress even thats not true. I have noticed that a lot of individuals worry that it's "just a fetish" as if they would somehow be bad people for having a different sexuality.

Logically i dont think it would be wrong in any way to transition only for sexual reasons since your sex-life is important both for your physical and mental health. To understand this we can just look at homosexuality and ask the question

"would it be wrong to live a gay lifestyle just for sexual reasons" and the answer is of course no.

If you cannot function sexually as a male (maybe due to body dysphoria) but are able to function sexually with a more feminine body thats 100% a valid reason to pursue medical transition.

What we should be asking of course is when it's beneficial to transition medically, when will you actually benefit from it?

Lost_Luna1 wrote:

I struggle with this question everyday. Even after years of therapy. I'm at the point where some days I wanna transition and others I dont or it can even flip flop hourly... but anyways I started taking spiro about a week ago to lower my t levels and hopefully lower or get rid of my sex drive. If after I still feel the need to transition then I will talk to my endo and take the next step. No rush. Little by little​
Even if it's just due to your sexuality being different that doesn't mean you should repress and suffer to you die, also you shouldn't use spironolacone as anti-androgen.

It would have been far better to just instantly start HRT and detrans if you find out it isn't for you

The transmed argument against this is that people would develop "reverse dysphoria" which is another lie, the hormones will change your brain too.

People want to point to the David Reimer case ignoring the fact that he was sexually abused by john money and didn't develop like other females physically, he ended up killed himself after detransitioning, this was also back in the day when females didn't enjoy the same privileges as today.