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Why i stopped encouraging incels to transition

I realized a while back that in addition to being able to treat gender dysphoria and give people bodies they like better HRT could also be used to reliably escape involuntary celibacy in the case of people born male.

You dont have to date other males after transitioning (other transbians is an option) and you do not have to "cut your dick off" (not actually what SRS does).

Regarding suicide: the actual suicide mortality is probably higher among incels than transgender people.

Some people have claimed reverse dysphoria would become a problem but studies on intersex children indicate that a big portion of the male population would handle having a female body just fine.

Also there have been cases of AFAB individuals detransitioning despite the fact that transitioning cured their dysphoria because being incel and generally unwanted was worse than suffering from body dysphoria.

So if it works why not just encourage incels to transition so they can live better life?

There are two major reasons for that
  1. most incels will not voluntary transition even if they would benefit from it in every way.
  2. most incels are really unpleasant people so i cannot really justify actively going after them trying to help them.
Problem 1 can be resolved by given incels HRT via Community Treatment Orders, we should do a Randomized Controlled Trial on this to test if it would be beneficial for the individuals or society as a whole.

As for problem 2: other people can still try to help them if they feel like doing that and i am we are also willing to help anyone who comes to us for help.

Would i push incels to transition if it wasn't beneficial for them to do so?

I don't think that would be a good idea since then it might backfire at the general trans community, people would use that and claim "look how predatory transgender people are", detransitioners are already being used by transphobes to advocate for making it more difficult to transition medically.

The sad reality is that a significant portion of incels probably suffer from gender dysphoria but are unwilling to transition due to transphobic views, instead they hate on woman out of jealousy, especially sexually active females.

This subreddit was always indented to support anyone wishing to transition from male to female.

The difference is that i and other people here are willing to focus on social factors most people are unwilling to talk about or even acknowledge such as the fact that males are becoming increasingly obsolete and it would be even worse for males if it wasn't for the fact that monogamy is still mostly the norm.

Transition is still easier to justify when someone doesn't have a wife/girlfriend and cannot get one, in that case i don't really see any good reasons for repressing your desire to be female, you just living a bad life when you don't have to.
It's more complicated when someone is in a relationship and considers transition and i am not sure what i should advocate for in this cases. There are cases where the wife encouraged his 'husband' to transition due to severe dysphoria only to leave him/her later.


Regarding the BIID and anorexia analogy

People may feel like their body is wrong even when changing their body would be detrimental if it wasn't for their body dysmorpia, the most clear example of that is BIID where the individual feel a very strong desire to get rid of a healthy limb.

While psychotherapy is the standard treatment in the case of anorexia i wasn't able to find any proper study showing it to be any better than placebo and psychotherapy in general is questionable at best

This is from 1983, i tried to find some newer study regarding it but all newer studies i found didn't give the control group placebo therapy. Thus there isn't any evidence that a random person you grabbed from the street would be any worse than a 'professional' therapist, actually talking to a random homeless guy would probably be better.

A terf wrote:
Every single other body dysmorphia we treat as a mental health issue, with kind, humane therapy. We do this for people with BIID or anorexia. There is no longitudinal evidence showing that surgical physical transitioning has positive effects on the well-being of people with gender dysphoria.​
There was a small study done of people with BIID after they had their body part amputated. A lot of them were very happy about the amputation and didn't regret it. But they still unnecessarily mutilated their healthy body, and in my view it would have been much better to treat them with therapy, even though in the short term they themselves preferred the amputation over the therapy. Just because people want to harm their bodies, doesn't mean that's a good thing.
I asked if she had any evidence showing that talked therapy actually worked in the case of anorexia and she wasn't able to provide any RCT (placebo controlled) showing that to be the case, i did a search myself but i wasn't able to find any proper study on the matter.
Psychotherapy doesn't cure BIID

The thing is that with BIID changing your body to alleviate body dysmorphia does come with the cost of making you disabled with no other real advantage, this isn't the case with medical transition. Changing your sex does come with advantages allowing you to do things you couldn't do before
If you transition from male to female you will get real breasts capable of breastfeeding. If you undergo SRS you will probably get a neo-vagina that do allow for pleasurable sex.

If you dislike your body because you are legitimately fat you losing weight will be a good thing. Telling a loser incel with body dysphoria not to transition is like telling a obese individual to accept his/her own body instead of putting effort into changing it to the better.


The notion that we are in denial about being transgender
The obvious issue with that is that it isn't clear what that even means.

I personally do not identity as trasngender or female, gender isn't an important part of my identity. I don't identify with the sex as was born as and i do not really fit into the "female trapped in a male body" stereotype. I remember being frustrated about not being able to relate to cis females since i was so different from them (with a few exceptions).

I do think that for a lot of males being male is an important part of their identity and thus they would not voluntarily transition even if it would be beneficial for them to do so, they rather suffer as incels until they die than to transition and live a good life as female, this does not seem very rational to me.

What people really mean by "egg" is one of the following
  1. Someone who do fit the "girl trapped in a male body" stereotype while being a denial about it
  2. Someone denial about his/her neurological gender issues (such as body dysphoria).
1 is fine as a joke but it should not be taken too seriously. You do not have to conform to female gender stereotypes before or even after you begin your medical transition.

Keep in mind that male socialization & hormones will affect how your brain develop, you might get more feminine after switching to female hormones and transition socially.

2 doesn't apply to me since i am not in denial about it. While we never did any survey on this for this subeditor most/all people who answered the following post did state that they had gender dysphoria prior to transitioning.


Refuting the notion that we are somehow harming trans people

Some people like to blame us for things like medical gatekeeping even though we are not the ones advocating for it, we are not preventing anyone from getting access to hormones. I have personally put effort into researching HRT including how to buy it online without official prescription.

The main reason for gatekeeping is fear of detransition and judging from the detrans subreddit most people that detransition are AFAB. If instead people transition and benefit from it that will increase the transgender voting block and then there will be more pressure on politicians to cater to the needs of transgender individuals, more research will be done to develop better surgeries, etc.

Trying to appease transphobes is futile, most TERFs will be against anyone transitioning and this includes people that will kill themselves if not allowed to transition, they want you all dead dysphoria or not.


You dont have to try to be like a cis female if you transition
Many people that transition will want to be like a a typical cis female, maybe you do not want to use makeup. Maybe you are more interested in sex-work rather than some typical 'female' profession and that's ok.

The reason why you take HRT is to change the physical aspects of your body. You presenting and passing as a female is for convenience (such as when you are shopping) you do not have to act like a 'typical' cis female (whatever that is).
Gender roles change with time, it's not something ingrained in stone.

That being said you can expect some degree of mental feminization from HRT but if you start late or have a natural 'male' personality that might not be enough to make you like a a typical cis female, there are many people AFAB who do not behave like typical female and they can still live good lives without changing their sex.

Some things like becoming pregnant and giving birth isn't even possible as a trans girl now so even if you would want that you still cannot do it.


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I am incel an I solved 80% of my issues by just fapping. Escortcelling is harder now because of my lack of money. I don’t think trannymaxing can help incels, fapping is a better solution
whats strange is, on one hand he keeps encouraging people to transition but on the other hand he was like, if you re over 35 years and up then just cope with it. (as if life is over after 35)


whats strange is, on one hand he keeps encouraging people to transition but on the other hand he was like, if you re over 35 years and up then just cope with it. (as if life is over after 35)
I am not comfortable encouraging people with no chance of ever passing as female to transition.

I am not aware of any good study regarding which individuals who actually benefit from transitioning.
I am not comfortable encouraging people with no chance of ever passing as female to transition.

I am not aware of any good study regarding which individuals who actually benefit from transitioning.
i did see twomen who transitioned in their 40s with ffs and had a good passing


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Sex on HRT (compilation)
Yes HRT will let you have female orgasms, it will feel really good. The following stories were taken from reddit, they will be given credit as authors if they ask for that.

I just had the BEST ORGASM EVER
I just had the best orgasm I ever and I really wanna tell somebody!

My bf and I were laying in bed, I was playing with his dick and he was rubbing me between the legs (under the package) and that just feels AMAZING!
I couldn't stop shivering while he was rubbing, sensing it with my whole body!

If he would've kept rubbing, I think I would've cum without touching but he was very close so... How should I type that.. I grabbed both shafts to finish off, and when I did cum...

I was in heaven...shivering for like half a minute after...

I tried keeping it quiet as our flatmate was home, but I just moaned in pleasure.

I was laying there for like a solid 5 minutes before I could get up, catching breath.

What's funny is when I was before hrt I read about the "rubbing method" and tried it, but it wasn't doing anything back then.

I'm almost 2 months hrt btw.

Ya girl managed to achieve her first nipple orgasm, and lemme just say... WOW~
Holy fuck 😵 I thought this was something that could only happen in like hentai, but it's real and it's AWESOME

I have always had pretty sensitive nipples, even before I ever started HRT I liked rubbing and playing with them. It was less of a "sexual" pleasure however, and more just a pleasant tickle, something I would kinda do for a few minutes while laying in bed and feel nice. That is, unless a guy was sucking on and nipping them which did always drive me completely wild <3

Now though, after almost 8 months of E... Whoa. Like, just rubbing my nipples was enough to give me similar kind of pleasure as if I was rubbing my girldick or stimulating my prostate. I rubbed them for like 20 seconds and was rock hard (by the way, I have to actively work to get hard nowadays so that should be a good indicator as to how good it feels ;P)

Then, I just kept rubbing them, pinching them, twisting them, tickling them with my fingers... And I was in heaven. It was almost like edging, I came so close to cumming so many times and it felt amazing to be so turned on and feel so good when my hands were nowhere near my clit~

Then, after what must've been 20-30 minutes of playing with my nipples, I eventually climaxed. I didn't quite cum the full way, it sorta turned into one of those 'inwards' climaxes where nothing comes out, but I definitely had an orgasm and my panties... Were a slippery mess from how much I leaked 🥴

The only negative was that my nipples are now sore as hell after playing with them for so long, even nearly 12 hours after the fact 😅 Oh well, I regret nothing and I am absolutely gonna go for more nipple orgasms in the future, this was so much fun and I am now determined to cum the full way using nothing but my tits 😘

(also lowkey can't wait until COVID is over and I can look for sexual partners again, if just rubbing them is enough to get me turned on now then I can't even imagine how someone sucking on them must feel like)

Orgasms after SRS
A trans female was asked orgasms felt the same and she replied:
No it's a lot more intense. It's a full body experience and it literally feels soo good and it lasts a lot longer.
unrelated: Darth dangerous experiments: DIY shrink the rib cage with lower rib binding (akin to Kim K "corset diet")
WARNING: the following may cause pain, costochondritis, cracked or fractured ribs, reduced lung capacity, lung or kidney damage from floating ribs etc. That's why it's called dangerous lol :) I'm no doctor. I'm just Darth from the internet who cooks drugs. Follow my advice at your own risks!
Intro: Darth dangerous experiments

I do not hide that I run various crazy experiments on myself. I just don't share results until I have a positive!

The last big one was the stop and go theory (cold stopping E2 to re-sensitize receptors) and it came after trying various crazy stuff, like domperidone (to increase PRL), dostinex (to reduce PRL), MK667 (for GH) etc. When I got a positive result, I shared it. Now after 2 other ppl have independently confirmed it worked for them, I can suggest it without reservations.

Now about ribs! Age is no guarantee of hip growth. I have had poor results. My dude is ftm and has had rib wrapping for binding. It's hard to describe, but when you run your fingers along his sexy ribs, you can feel like a change of level, like a dent all over.

It's often a problem for ftm bc binding can shrink the upper ribcage while they want to be buff, but for us mtf it's kinda interesting. So my goal was to try to "reproduce" the result, by doing everything that is said to be "binding dangerously", and see what works. After discussions with other people by PM, I started experimenting with a few things to improve my w/h ratio.

Extrapolating from ftm results

It is well known that even safe binding gradually deforms the ribs: the longer you bind, the more deformation can accrue.

Even then, lots of cis people say it's impossible to alter the shape of the ribcage: try to google shrinking the rib cage, and look at the dismissive

answers from docs like on quora.
Personally, I'm ready to believe anything, but only with evidence - and I believe trans ppl more than cis ppl who pretend it's impossible, without evidence, and without personal experience.

Turns out the evidence is against the "fixed forever" theory of the rib cage shape: google for xray of corsetting, and you'll find the 1908 results of O'Followell and more recently Cathy Jung

There are many testimonies like - too many to believe that the rib cage shape is fixed forever.
Personally, I think corsetting is stupid and dangerous bc there're a bunch of things in the belly (liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines...) but the ribcage is mostly lungs, and lungs are spongy, so why not try the same thing there?

It's supported by a lot of evidence from our ftm brothers: check the ftm sub using keywords like wrapped/deformed/distorted ribs, misshaped ribcage etc, you will find many testimonies explaining how their chest now looks "sunked in". It's hard to believe everyone is lying (and what would be the reason? to prevent ppl from binding???):
After reading all that, I based my whole idea on copying what caused the described results: binding without any break 24/7, including during sleep, with only short breaks for bath or shower, double binding if necessary, binding until it's painful, etc -- only we'll do that at a different place, bc we want to achieve a different shape.

This is akin to the corset diet, advertised by Kim K and others, which consists of wearing a corset all day even when sleeping so as to achieve an hour-glass figure - IDGAF about the waist part, but this is basically the principle: breaking every rule in the book about ftm safe binding to get the desired side effects!

BTW, from the "diet" part, expect some weight loss bc it will compress your stomach and make you feel super full even when barely eating anything, so try to eat caloric food if like me you don't want that. And be super careful if you've had an history of ED!
How does it work

The ribs are attached to the spine in the back and the sternum in the front. When you breathe, your chest cavity expand due to the ribs slightly going up, like the handle of a bucket: they raise in the (X,Z) aka sagittal plane

If you did read the links, you'll have noticed most people reported the lower ribs flared out (ex: ), as binding applies an uneven force, with more strength applied to the upper ribs bc of the breast volume. This is because the ribcage is like a rectangle : if you compress the top, the bottom will flare out. So the idea is to do the exact opposite by compressing the bottom part!

Quite obv, I didn't my boobs lol. Well, I have to say I tried just to get a feeling of what it does, and damn that shit hurts!
Afterwards, I binded the lower ribs, below the boobs. It hurts very differently. The ribs go to a cartilage in the middle, that's flexible: this is how you can expand your chest if you take a deep breath. Binding the lower ribs is just trying the cartilage flexibility in the other direction! Then what if you did that hard enough and long enough to alter the natural shape, like lots of people have reported?

The ribcage grows with age as the cartilage ossify: lower rib binding could prevent or mitigate that, and also "seal" everything into place:

Equipment required and proper use
You don't need no fancy binder: just go to amazon and look for a 20-30 inches rib binder with velcro. This XS size is because you'll want to apply a lot of strength there.

There're basically 2 version: the male (rectangle) and the female (tapered out for the boobs). Get both, but odds are you'll prefer the male version, as the tapering is done by sewing and the fold will go into your skin and itch.

Take your measurements before, expire all the air in your lungs, and apply the binder with the goal of removing at least 2 inches in diameter. Measure again: if you didn't achieve that, try again. If needed, do a double binding: apply the other binder on top.

After its done, congrats - you don't need to do nothing else. Just wait a few week lol. Try to sleep on your back, not on your side, to avoid uneven force causing a uneven rib cage (ex: more shrunk on the left that on the right if you sleep on your left side due to the body weight)

If it didn't, double binding is more painful but can help. Don't double bind at night, as you want to be aware in case a sudden major pain suggest you should go back to single binding.

Practical results

After a few week of binding 24/7, I have achieved about 2.5 inches of reduction at the underburst (29.5') , that seem to persist when the rib binder is removed: I've tried up to 1 hour taking a long bath, the max "return to before size" I've noticed is 1 inch (30.5') and more often 0.5 inches. Still, I'll try to do a full 6 month before taking a longer stop, as the results should be cumulative.

Even more interesting, the sub cut fat under the ribs seems to have moved down. I had no idea it was even possible! But it's now at the level of my navel. I'll try to push it down further for some booty and hips lol, by using the 2nd binder: I apply the other binder on top, just a bit lower to go slightly over the naked skin of the waist. This is done to cause a strength gradient that will push out fat lower.

Based on all my readings from the ftm sub and other sources, proper results will require binding like that between 6 months to 2 years top. However, the results are immediate, and tangible: you get a nice hourglass shape with no investment except $10 for a "bruised rib binder" off amazon. Hopefully, given enough time, these results will be definitive too.

The results are especially especially cool considering there's no surgery on the market to do that: removing floating ribs doesn't change the ribcage diameter!

However, it may be dangerous. It may not work on you. I can't say how well it may work (or not) for old ppl who are totally ossified.
All I can say it works for me.

But I believe these preliminary results are worth sharing. Feel free to share this post wherever.


Transmaxxing to attract males
Transitioning from male to female can also make it significantly easier to find a male partner that suit you, it will widen your dating pool and females as a group has an advantage when dating males.

The first thing i worry about regarding transitioning just to get a nice boyfriend is that you might be disappointed when you actually begin dating males as trans girls, this actually happened to me earlier when i did a catfishing experiment on plenty of fish (Australia), i didn't come across a single male i would have liked to have sex with as a female, i did however come across plenty of males willing to pay for expensive date, i also came across one loser that was into findom.

The second thing i worry about is that if you find males more sexually appealing than females then you will probably not get as much enjoyment out of having a female body, we do not currently know wo which degree this is really a problem. If you like your dick you can keep your dick, you do not have to get SRS.

I did find one interesting testimonial posted in a discord server:

Gay guy here (top). My advice to all gay men here struggling with whether to transition, is to do it. Yes, trans people will say you will get reverse dysphoria, but that’s nonsense. I had almost zero luck finding a boyfriend as a gay guy. Yes, I could find hookups, but nobody wanted anything more than that. Within 4 months of starting hrt, I had a boyfriend, and I am still with him 2 years later. Trans tops are WAY more exotic than gay men and he loves submitting to my girldick. There’s just a bigger market for trans women than for gay men. More demand, less supply. Now, this won’t work for everyone, but it did for me, and could for you. A lot of men are reluctant to get fucked in the ass by another dude, but somehow, me wearing a dress, and shaving all my hair (and I got electrolysis on my face, and working on getting it elsewhere) really changes the game. Yes, people will claim this is a larp, or it won’t work, and those people don’t live in my body and don’t know how my life is. Guys nearly ignored me, but the second I posted on grindr as an mtf wearing heels and a sexy short dress, I got 30x the number of messages and I could afford to be WAY pickier.

SeekerofKnowledge93 wrote:

I won't even lie. I'm not into men, but I really like trans women who could top. I can't say this method works for everyone, but if a gay top wanted to get with me and was willing to transition to being with me. I'd happily make that trans woman my partner. Though I wouldn't want more than a friend's with benefits type situation.


There is no such thing as an individual only attracted to cis females, it doesn't exist.
While it is the case that you can often spot if someone is transgender (especially early in the transition) it's sometimes outright impossible to tell cis and trans females apart, especially when clothed. Most transphobes do know this which is why some think it's "rape by deception" but if they never find out they will not be bothered by it.

Nobody is attracted to chromosomes, SRY-gene actication or whatever arbitrary bullshit standard for 'biological' sex, it doesn't exist.

Of course some people are transphobic and they might deny being attracted to trans individual even though they obviously are unless they are completely asaxual (which hardly exist).

With attraction i mean the innate attraction most people have towards individuals of at least one gender, you can however be attracted to someone without actually wanting to have anything to do with the individual, at least not if you know the full truth about the individual, most people will hide stuff from you, especially things that may cause you to dislike them.

How to avoid accidentally having sex with a transphobe
Since you have a lot of option as a trans female there is no reason for you to waste yourself with a loser/bigot. You might want to verify that they their political views are not completely incorrect before meeting them in real life.
  1. Does he/she oppose genital mutilation of children?
  2. Does he/she support transfeminine HRT before 18? (after banking sperm).
  3. Does he/she support young/single mothers?
  4. Does he/she realize you should have sex before getting married?
  5. Does he/she support the right to buy/sell sex provided it is done under good circumstances?
  6. Does he/she support the right to an abortion at least in the case where the baby has a serious medical condition? (such as an uncurable genetic disorder)
These are rather easy things anyone with IQ above 100 should be able to figure out.
Here are some harder topics that are still important, this can be a good way to separate the chaff from the wheat when it comes to partner selection (or just someone to be closer to).

7: does he/she support or oppose the current medal health system? what is his/her solution?

8: does he/she support pushing/forcing incels and other problematic males to take HRT

9: does he/she realize that we cannot avoid social control such as restrictions of speech to maintain social harmony and avoid various problems (crime, societal instability, corruption, etc).
Turns out you can do your own orchiectomy, of course this is not really a good idea since that will put an permanent end to your natural fertility, relying just on banked sperm (if you have any) obviously isn't such a great idea in the case you would want any children in the future.
DIY HRT is safer and more effective than official prescription
The following was written in a response to a trans female who needlessly waited years for official prescription thinking she had to do that to be safe, she also blamed lack of money which doesn't make sense given how cheap lenas injections are

Blood clots
Injectable and transdermal don't cause blood clots at all.

If you don't have an uterus you can't have uterine or endometrial cancer. About breast cancer, that is caused by estrone (E1) and not estradiol (E2)
Estradiol levels on health cis women can reach 400 pg/mL and usually MtFs are on 90–200 pg/mL. Pregnant women can even reach 7000 pg/mL and they are still less likely to have breast cancer than a woman that never had a child.
Only pills make your estrone level higher, transdermal and injectables only affect estradiol levels.

number of other potential issues can occur during HRT
Which other potential issues?

I'd also like to live long enough to enjoy the benefits of it
HRT makes you live longer

I'll take the anti-androgen factor into consideration when I go to see the doctor about it either this month or next.
Anti-androgens have a lot of side effects compared to estradiol monotherapy only. I wouldn't recommend using them.