male to female


My life all set and glowing after my transition.

hey sisters!

I am 27 years now. I was having a very good time in my life now. I used to have a girlfriend for 6 years who dumped me the next day i lose my internship in a big company. It's my fault i know i fucked up. But i never thought she will do such a thing. She got a new boyfriend in just a week time.

Everybody around me said that it is fair because men should provide for women. If a guy cannot provide for her why she should stay with him. I had my greatest realization at the age of 21. After a long thought i took a decision of transition.

I came out as a woman. Went to doctor, therapist and got my hormones therapy after 6 months of doctors consultation. After 3-4 months breasts started to slowly bud. It took me two full years to get a decent boobs. Then i had my other laser hair removals and other feminization works.
Finally after 4 whole years i started to go out as a girl fully and changed my legal status as a woman. Meanwhile i also finished my CPA.

I met a guy 2 years ago. He is one of the smartest guy. 3 years younger to me but was a smart one. He joined as an intern after asking advice from me. I used to be his school senior. Eventually we both fell for each other. I told him about my gender (HE also knows anyway). He is the best thing happened to me.

Suddenly a year ago he failed cpa exams. I was shocked. Also lost his internship the same way like me. He was scared about what i will say on his failure. I hugged him tightly and said give your best next time. He literally cried on my shoulders. Now he cleared his exams and earning bunch. I am too working in the same place as his.

He asked me to marry him a week before. I said yes immediately. I was on cloud nine. A knee jerk angry reaction I made gave me the best partner i can ever get.


Sex as a girl is unbelievably pleasurable (27)
Read my previous part to know about me.

I am not gonna lie. I already had sex with my gf before transition. I was just fun to play with her boobs and fuck her.

After coming out as a girl, i was little less inclined towards sex and more towards my career.
I have a bf yes for almost 3 years now. I kiss him usually but i told him i was not comfortable to let him touch my boobs or any other thing. I was not so confident enough.

I usually give him handjob and nothing else. Being 3 years elder to him made me little dominant in the relationship.

He asked me to marry him recently, for which i said yes with eyes closed. Nowhere in the world i can get a good and hot guy like him.

Last weekend i finally called him and said, i will give him what he's basically asking me for past 8 months. He came rushing with a bottle of wine and some flowers (Cliche fellow).
I was super anxious. As a good girl i let him take charge. He kissed me and when he touched my breasts it was electric. As if someone gave me a jolt of shock. He kissed them, licked them and bit them. I just surrendered like a little puppy. The pleasure was unbearable for me. His hands are very rough and it was making me mad. He plays basketball and he is using my boobies as he handles his ball (Mine is not so big though).

Then he made me lie down and he pushed his thing inside me. It was the most painful moment for me. I have to accept. After sometime it was so good. I still remember how my ex girlfriend was crying when i fucked her first and then started to squeal like a pup. I was no different. I was crying and then i was all over him, kissing and jumping on his cock. Why i was so hesitant to let him fuck me before i don't know.

For the whole weekend we ordered food outside and fucked like there is no tomorrow. It was heaven. While writing this remembering what happened made my nipples hard a bit.

Sex as a woman is incredible! I am happy that i made the decision to change to a woman!
I pray that every aspiring woman in this sub get this experience.