MtF transition: the solution for some male fat fetishists?


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I guess that very few male fat fetishists who don’t lie to fat women about their fetish in real life are (and will ever be) in a relationship, am I wrong? The situation for male fat admirers (FAs) is all but enviable.

Outside of the fat fetish community, male fat admirers are considered as “perverts”, especially by fat women. Most fat women are just horrified when they meet a male fat fetishist, many of them then lose a lot of weight, they find the motivation they never had before, even when they were mocked at. In 2005, the thriller “Feed” portrayed male fat fetishists as monsters, with a comparison to pedophilia. Anyway, male fat fetishists and non fetishist fat women have too divergent interests (non fetishist fat women only dream of losing weight and they could succeed). In fact, male fat fetishists can have relationships only with female fat fetishists. What is the sex ratio in the fat fetish community? For example a few days ago on Fantasyfeeder: 8 men for 2 women. In addition, as I experience it since I live as a woman, fat women are in fact very successful with men, so the rare female members in the fat fetish community don’t need to wait for a male fat admirer who lives 300 km away, they already have too many partners in their neighborhood. The fat fetish community is an ocean of heterosexual men who will never find a partner (exception: dishonest FAs who tell in real life that they are just interested in “internal beauty”, but they live with risks).

If you’re a male fat fetishist, you probably don’t only have a passion for fat women, maybe you’re also a gainer, you gain weight yourself for sexual reasons (by the way, I think that it’s already a kind of “fetishist transvestism”, see below “autogynephilia”, you try to transform your body according to the fat women you admire). But fat men have a high estrogen level, are feminized, less potent with women. On the other hand, they would pass very well as women (even without HRT, see my pictures ;-) ).

In January/February 2020, life conduced me to transition socially to a woman (only make-up, clothes, etc., no HRT and no operation). What I explained above wasn’t the reason, I didn’t consciously follow a strategy, but afterward, I realized that it was the best that could happen to me. I must say here that I’m not typical at all: I’m asexual (I don’t like real sex with another person), nearly impotent (because of medicament Zoloft and fatness), I don’t like being in a relationship, for me love is only friendship (I really enjoy friendship with women). In my head I live in a world without men (for example I hear nearly only female singers). Historically I admired women so much that I imitated them. I don’t know how MtF transitioning makes sense for a man who differs significantly from this scheme.

If you’re a man who used to have no access to anything which has to do with love or sex, what you will see as a woman very will impress you. You go out and see men turning their head, complimenting you, chasing you, cars driving slower at you, you hitch and the 1st car stops (a man alone), you receive a lot of messages on social media (even too many). As men are not selective and have a strong propensity for fetishism, all women (this also includes transgenders/transvestites) are attractive for at least some men. You look in the mirror and you love what you see: I’d have a lot to tell about it, this is called “autogynephilia”. I don’t want to enter the debate about transidentity, but autogynephilia is also an (acceptable) reason why some (heterosexual) men transition to women. I think that each heterosexual man has an autogynephilic side and can use it if needed. Advantage: “Your body your choice”, you can do all you want only with your own body (being as fat as you want, having long hair, etc.) You decide how you look, you’re yourself your ideal girlfriend.

When you live as a woman, you have many female friends, you’re very close to women, most of them even pamper you.

As a woman you get fetishized for your weight. As a man, you will be vilified if you do that with women, you can barely be fetishized yourself even if it is your dream and puritanical feminists call it “male privilege”. As a woman you now have the right to do wonderful things like wearing make-up, dressing sexy, wearing crop-tops, high heels, mini-skirts, etc. As a man it is forbidden (only sad clothes are allowed, I call it “half-Kabul”), and again, puritanical feminists call it “male privilege”. When you dress sexy as a fat woman, people react very strongly in both directions. Some people “hate” it, make fun at you, show how “disgusted” they are (if you’re into fat humiliation it will be a great feeling, and I think many men who do it are in fact sadists, it’s a sexual SM game, I’d have a lot to tell about it), while other people love it and get crazy about you.

By living as a woman you have the possibility (that’s not an obligation) to reduce a natural imbalance: even outside of the fat fetish community, many men don’t have access to anything which has to do with love/sex, because in mammals, females are much more selective than males (see ). Some of these men are very happy to find people like me (non-selective Ersatz-women). If you’re not at all into men, the idea of doing things with men may disgust you. It disgusted me at the beginning, but I got used to it.

I believe that MtF transitioning (some call it in this case “transmaxxing”, which is acceptable in my view if you respect basic rules like “Don’t enter women-only areas”, “Don’t benefit from measures designed to promote women”, etc.) is THE solution for some/many incels, but also for some/many male fat fetishists. In my case, I blossom, I love my current life.