My 2 cents on and drankwiki


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Turns out is was a larp site.
And basically nathan SIMPson set it up
Due to his cuck fantasies.
He would defend girls there that constantly talked about their boyfriends, and defended them from bans and the other mods and admins.

He wasnt really a pedo and doubtfully a rapist to begin with. Just an edge lord
And attention seeker.

A clasic case of actions speak louder than words.

He simply had no other way to pursue his
Cuckold fantasies, tbh ngl.

So he created a forum full of incel to protect
The roasties from, so they can then cuck him with tales of depraved sexual avts with their thugy boyfriends.

The whole site was a sugar coated lie to draw incels to that goal. He actually LARPed
So hard he seems to have convinced himself of being a pedo rapist. Kek.

Oh well, hopefully a better forum would
Offer a fun place for incels to post peacefully, without some retarded admin
To ruin it.