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ahh fuck i been on and off emacs for a little bit. there is no point in showing cool tricks
on this thread besides linking some gay wrappers that preform all sorts of cool
highly nonehomosexual operations like opening 5 independent shell windows
the way to invoke more then one shell is simply by renaming the current
shell window to something else like: shell2, shill, cp.
ones you M-x and invoke a shell it will open you
yet another shell window, lol.

i did a little bit of reading on the elisp manual. that shit comes with emacs
and can be vied by invoking " M-x info-display-manual " press return &
write elisp and u should type then tab onto " elisp/ "

it's over 1000 pages long so there is no point in reading it whole
just sections that are rather look important to you personally

when it comes to the functions and macros just use C-x h f
the " h f "
stand for help function then u just type in the
function or macro in question u see in ur code, lol.
then emacs gives you a window about everything
and beyond u need to know about the shit ur
seeing on ur screen. pretty much self
documenting as long as you work
with elisp


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alright. so emacs can run everywhere. even on android if you download
come to think about it you even can run it on a "Quest Pro" and it application can serve as a way of working
within an almost functional IDE?? nigga i don't know but it sounds like a possiblity. still kinda cool, kekw.

uhm. i got an idea as well. it comes from GNU-GUIX too. why not buy old-hardware and install guix on it
only to give it an environmet designed for a spasific task from studying programming to whatever using
emacs as ur desktop enviroment coz that's a thing on GNU-GUIX. plus it's package manager can do
just that, it can revort all of ur dependences for a whatever looming old project that took place
10 or perhaps even 20 years ago depending some factors i still don't fully understand.

overall there are a lot of attractive features both to GUIX and EMACS as a whole
much to learn much to do and things are only starting to rise up again. overall
i'll be dediciting more time into this studies instead of the usual vrchat cope
i was planning on for the past almost 3 years now.. doing so feels now
like i will be selling my self short and simply seems dangerus.