NB maxxing manifesto


The reason for this is due to the many issues that come with trying to do a full transition from male to female which isn't even possible with current medical technology


I sent an email to Ksenia asking how to credit her for her work, she is not non-binary herself but her philosophy actually fit much better with NB transition, the same may be even more true with vintologi due to its focus on biological reproduction.



Table of content
NB maxxing (1)
Estroginized male vs trans female (1)
Preserving fertility (2)
Other reasons to stop HRT (2)
Gatekeeping vs DIY (2)
Avoiding the mental health industry (3)
Why you cannot trust doctors in general (3)
Questionable transgender surgeries (4)
About breast enlargement (4)
Why it's important to have biological children (4)
Respectability politics doesn't work (4)
'Female' spaces (5)
You are special and unique (5)
Dating as non-binary (6)
You always have the option to continue HRT (6)
Facial Feminization Surgery (6)
Female to nonbinary (6)
Intersex to nonbinary (6)
Who actually benefit from transitioning? (6)
Long term outcomes (7)
Why some people regret transitioning (8)
The dating market is changing (9)
About gender identity (9)
About gender identity politics (10)
Self-ID as a tool for gender egalitarianism (10)
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