New clickbait articles about transmaxxing


Unsurprisingly the journalist decided to push the "incel to trans" narrative even though it's not really supported by data. It's pretty clear from reading the article that the journalist was trying to sensationalize transmaxxing for clicks and reactions.
why a community of depressed young men with nothing to lose is convinced the only way out of their misery is gender transition
No most people active on the transmaxxing community are not "males" or "depressed" they have already started HRT and are often doing just fine.

For some reason this neoreactionary types insist on calling trans females "males" which is transphobic and also biologically wrong, this is likely in order to cater to their largely anti-trans audience.
The 1,200+ member transmaxxing Discord includes men who have transitioned, those who are merely interested, and everything between. Some men in the Discord are there simply because they have a kink for “forced feminization,”
Most people on the r/transmaxxing subreddit had significant dysphoria prior to transitioning


transmaxxing suggests a range of factors might influence a person’s decision to identify as trans and/or pursue transition: gender dysphoria (induced or otherwise); sexual fetishes (e.g. autogynephilia, which the manifesto encourages would-be transmaxxers to develop)
I have never claimed that "autogynephilia" is something you can actually develop. I did suggest trying to induce it prior to transition so you can enjoy the transition process more but it's currently not clear if that would actually work.

From transmaxxing8
if you do not have autogynephilia as an incel you can try to induce it.
The article did cite the older transmaxxing6 which does have the same sentence but where the links doesn't go directly to the full article. The article showed that "autogynephilia" is a normal aspect of female sexuality and not a "fetish".
And though he insists that “most of the incel community are against transmaxxing and incels do not participate in our spaces much,” the manifestos and Discord chats suggest that many transmaxxers previously identified as incels
When i used the word "incels" i referred to people who were currently incel because that's how normal English actually works. I did not make any statement regarding the prevelance of incel identification in the past since that was before we did a poll to get decent statistics:


Because i got a bad impression regarding the journalist i specifically warned other politburo members regarding providing sensitive information to her.

Journalist will often insist on chatting privately with you knowing that some people will provide them with more juicy details then (while you are not actually given any real confidentiality). Unfortunately one of our admins didn't listen to that advice.
I dislike how much detail on my fake story she published

That is not good

Then again it is kinda generalized. So probably not a big deal but still reading it and knowing the Tina being referred to is me gives me chills.

Ok I am done reading now.

Overall I agree the article is alright. The bad feeling the introduction gave me did not entirely disappear but I am pleasantly surprised by the rest.

I especially like some of @Kattts qoutes. At the same time I am kinda disappointed the section about me was so short. It is probably for the better given that I still need it german healthcare system to work in my favor and giving anymore information out publicly would be a huge risk right now but still... After she and her editor demanded mountains of proof that I am real and my story is real I expected something more.

On a final note. With all the information they now have they could have really screwed me over. So props to them for not doing that.
Tina still isn't finished in being greenlighted to transition (with taxpayers covering the cost) by the german authorities so she shouldn't have provided all these potentially incriminating details to the journalist.

She actually did notice dysphoria after she had transitioned for some time but she thinks that it was induced by the transition (rather than having been in denial about it). This was one risk with transitioning when you are not dysphoric that i at first overlooked (feminization of the brain making you uncomfortable with going back to being male).

Here is our initial text conversation


Here is what i wrote prior to the publication of the video



I ended up having to spend an hour fixing that recording due to all the audio issues we had (i offered to do a second interview but she didn't bother)

In the article:
Long story short, what if you hated women so much you decided to become one?
I knew it would be like this, part of why I never agreed to an interview
I think that line should be redacted
A properly blackpilled incel will not hate women anyway, because it is just the nature of the world
And evolution
I took personal offense to that too honestly. In the interview I gave, I speciffically told her that while I never cared much about trans stuff I always maintained that a) transwomen are women and b) Women are not the problem incels face, biology is.
You should tell her this imo

That it offends you because you do not hate women and blame biology rather than individual human beings’ sex
Prehaps but to make 100% sure I will have to listen to the recording of the interview I made. I usually tell people that when telling them my story but I could of course have forgotten to mention it.
Still it’s worth noting that that line in particular upset you and you feel misrepresented
A bit yes but overall the article is more positive than any coverage transmaxxing got from outsiders so far.
It’s more negative due to that imo

Encouraging transmaxxing is not worth marginalizing an already marginalized minority further (incels)

It’s more negative due to that imo

Encouraging transmaxxing is not worth marginalizing an already marginalized minority further (incels)


The journalist didn't have any power over the final publication
It's likely that the transphobic title was the work of the transphobic site owner. The journalist we were into contact with was there to build false trust.


The editor also removed several relevant quotes likely to make us look worse.

There seems to have been a third person involved too.

Of course these people are still all working together. The journalist as the "good cop" and the editor as the "bad cop". Typically when a journalist contact you they will play nice and pretend to be on your side even if they are planning a hit piece.


Well-known member
It's been getting popular among conservative outlets to heavily criticize transgenderism and anything LGBT related, we must continue the fight and get the transmaxxing info to as many as possible.


The article at was much better
The title is still a bit clickbaity which miight be a good thing since the actual article itself was good.
For the most part, the contest between trans activists and their feminist opponents has been conducted on the field of ‘gender’: what it is, whether it has discrete categories, how (or whether) it relates to physiology and so on. A smaller handful of writers have drawn attention to the transhumanist implications of claiming a right to remodel one’s physical body based on an unfalsifiable inner feeling.

Yet as Friedman notes, what’s striking in the transmaxxers is the way they’re cheerfully abandoning the civil-rights narrative, in favour of an open, wholesale embrace of the transhumanist outlook.
Transhumanism as it's typically described is not something i support. You wouldn't for example want to replace your biological heart with a mechanical heart connected to the internet allowing hackers to remotely kill you. Technology is always unreliable and making us dependent on it is a bad idea.

There has been many cases in history where society has had a major collapse leading to technological regression. We want to make sure humanity can survive just fine even if we lose all of our current technology (due to war, natural disasters, dysfunctional governance, etc).

There is also biologically transhumanism such as radical genetic engineering of humans. The issue with radical genetic engineering is that taken far enough the new animal-types created would no longer be able to have biological children with old humans which would naturally lead to genocide (genocide the other group before they genocide you) this is less of a risk when there is instead a continuum of variation and where all fertile males can have children with any fertile female regardless of 'race'.

With hormones you instead work within your existing biology. You use the genes you already have (one x-chromosome) to develop a more feminine body and all it requires is hormones that are cheap to make, can be stored for many years and you will be just fine in terms of your health if you would later stop taking these hormones.

More radical genetic engineering should be limited to people we sent to other planets (or have created there).

I did say this in the interview i did but it wasn't included in the article first published.

The author does claim to be a feminist and she does not seem to be very happy about the transmaxxing phenomenom, it might be the case that she was simply forced by the editor not to make the article overly transphobic/inaccurate.
A smaller handful of writers have drawn attention to the transhumanist implications of claiming a right to remodel one’s physical body based on an unfalsifiable inner feeling.
It's not correct that "an inner feeling" would be unfalsifiable. We might in the future be able to detect gender dysphoria via some objective measurements rather than having to trust testimonials.

But according to our current liberal status quo you should have bodily autonomy over your body meaning that it's not of your business what someone does with his/her body in the first place, at least when you are 18+. Women have had all kinds of plastic surgeries for decades but the moment people want to change how they look so they pass as the other sex it's suddenly a problem?

But even if you don't believe in full bodily autonomy medical transition has shown benefits in a lot of studies making it part of "evidence-based medicine". The current evidence in favor of medical transition is already better than the evidence in favor of most other treatments currently financed by tax-money (Europe) or insurance (USA).
And it’s here that we catch a glimpse of the real face of the cyborg era: an emerging cultural paradigm in which technology is the ideology.
Medical transition does not depend on cyborgnetics or advanced technology, all you need is estradiol which is very cheap to make and it can also be stockpiled so trans people can access it even in the case of a societal breakdown.


It's been getting popular among conservative outlets to heavily criticize transgenderism and anything LGBT related, we must continue the fight and get the transmaxxing info to as many as possible.
Part of the reason why they focus soo much on this is that the mainstream pro-trans narrative just doesn't make sense so it's easy to attack.

Conservatives might think that informing people about "transmaxxing" might turn them against trans people in general but transmaxxing unlike conservatism and modern gender identity ideology makes perfect sense. It makes sense to allow people to transition to improve their lives.


Breitbart getting in the action
They basically copied the original article but made it slghtly more anti-trans (as expected)

Notice how they used a man with lipstick as the profile picture even though that is never encourages in the transmaxxing manifesto. Transmaxxing is about medical transition from male to female to improve your life.

The comments approved weren't exactly positive


My answers to the dailycaller journalist
They might write an article about transmaxxing so i answered the questions they asked. My focus in the reply was science.
Hi again, thanks for responding. Some questions below:

1. Do you mind sharing your name (I can use first name only if you prefer) so that I can quote you? Could you also very briefly explain your role in the transmaxxing community, whether you have transitioned, etc (if you feel comfortable sharing this)?
2. Could you briefly explain what transmaxxing is and how it's different from general gender transitions?
3. The conventional wisdom in transgender circles is that gender is innate, unchangeable and not rooted in one's biological sex. Transmaxxing seems to challenge that notion, suggesting men can choose to change genders, or convince themselves to, if they believe they'll find more success as women. Do I have this right, and am I missing a component of this?
4. Could you explain the role of the transmaxxing manifesto? Is it meant to represent the transmaxxing community? Also, did you write it?

Thanks so much for your time.

  1. The purpose main purpose of the transmaxxing community is to help people improve their lives by transitioning from male to female if doing so would be beneficial.
  2. Transmaxxing is about transitioning for personal gain rather than focusing on things like "gender identity". Our community is diverse in political views and political discussions regarding important topics often take place there.
  3. Gender can refer to different things since people have different opinions regarding how that word should be defined.
Gender identity: science show that gender identity is to a large extent determined at birth but there are also significant environmental factors. This is covered in transmaxxing8 and on my website

But what matters when it comes to medical transition is whether or not said transition would actually be beneficial, thus the extend of which gender identity is innate does not inform us much regarding when medical transition is appropriate.

Sex-characteristics: These can now be changed medically, especially if the transition is started early.

It is worth noting that even if you suffer from severe dysphoria you can decide against transitioning or at least delay it (such as waiting to have children first).

Gender roles: often societies have social roles associated with males and females specifically. There is for example certain types of clothing males are not expected to wear such as dresses.

4: i put together the transmaxxing manifesto but a lot of the text was written by other people since i included a lot of testimonials from people who benefited from transitioning. I did write most parts covering all the studies showing transition to be beneficial (there are 0 studies showing otherwise).


My advice to watch MtF anime hasn't changed
The purpose isn't to induce discomfort with your male body. The purpose is to make the transition more enjoyable and also to provide people with great anime to watch. Kishimashi girl meets girl in particular is a very good anime that features MtF transition.
Vintologi has since walked back this advice in a response to Friedman’s report, saying it’s not clear this approach could actually work.
I havn't "walked back" anything but i have considered trying to do an RCT myself to find out (telling 50% to watch tsf monogatari).


The trans females shown in these articles probably didn't agree to have their pictures be used
When i wrote the transmaxxing manifesto(s) i wanted to show people real transition results rather than just having photos of anime girls, for that reason i looked at highly upvoted posts on and used the hottest girls from there to add to the transmaxxing manifesto(s).

When i wrote the first versions of the transmaxxing manifesto my community was still small so i had no other choice but to use outside pictures. Some people have posted selfies but this has often not been in a public channel or it was early in the transition.

Only the val transmaxxing story features pictures of the individual who wrote the text.


Responding to wehuntedthemammoth
They are a feminist blog who covered the recent moral panic among cuckservatives regarding transmaxxing
The central, er, logic of transmaxxing is frankly misogynistic, based on the notion, popular in incel and manosphere circles, that life is simply much easier for women.
The reason why they regard this as "misogyny" is that it goes against the feminist notion of females having it worse, said notion is used to justify discrimination against males in the name of equality.

It's the equivalent of saying "you are bigoted against rich people if you claim it's better to be wealthy".

In order to get full "gender equity" we would need to also have prison-quotas maybe lock up some random women and throw them in jail to make the stats more equal, we would also need to force some more women into homelessness and also have some be randomly executed to make the death stats more equal.
Much of the appeal is frankly fetishistic
And why would that be a problem? sex is an important aspect of a live.

Autogynephilia actually a normal aspect of female sexuality and not a "fetish".
Let’s see how long those “transmaxxers” last when they end up being on the wrong side of the firestorm of bigotry and prejudice directed against trans women on a regular basis, much of it from their own (soon to be former) compatriots.
This is why passing as a trans female will become increasingly valuable.

We also need to help trans people access HRT when the government tries to take that away from them. This is something we do in the transmaxxing community including for minors.


Carl Benjamin noticed what other people were ignoring
A big part of the transmaxxing manifesto is going over all the science showing HRT to be beneficial (there is so far 0 studies showing it to be overall detrimental). The manifesto also recommends against puberty blockers and SRS and explains why these things are bad.

He thought that these science parts were written by 4channers which is not actually the case. It was written almost entirely by me with minor assistence from an individual i regard highly (he/she wished not to get credited).

Conservatives news outlets of course focused on the most provocative parts of the transmaxxing manifesto and also linked to it resulting in some of their readers seeing all the evidence in favor of medical transition.