normies actually believe oppressive authoritarianism is the result of propaganda


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when a corrupt cop ignores a citizens rights
when the clerk at the coffee shop didn't let you sit at the table without a covid certificate
when a parking maid targets your specific car all the time
when a teacher takes the bullies side other yours.

they pretend to be objective, they pretend to be following the official rules, they pretend to be fair
they pretend to have the majorities favor in mind.

but the truth is, it is all emotional charges.
they dislike the person for whatever reason, maybe they hate a pattern of people
but they use the globalist tools to engage in their hatred.

many times it's chad and stacy on the receiving end.
inceldom is a ripple effect.

when a chick rejects a man, she think it ends there in the rejection,
she has no idea why she got a parking ticket despite only standing her car.