Official transmaxxing positions


Transmaxxing is officially defined as MtF transition for personal gain with the perception that being seen as a female will be advantageous for you compared to being seen as a male.


For all these votes there were 7 politburo members being able to vote which each option having 1 placeholder vote added for the sake of making voting easier. Subtract 1 to get the actual vote tally from politburo members.

A big focus in the transmaxxing writings such as the transmaxxing manifesto has been social benefits from being seen as a women.

Perception refers to the individual assessment of the situation, people can of course miscalculate, people also have different preferences for how they prefer being treated. This assessment should of course depend on where you live.

If you think that being seen as a female is detrimental compared to being seen as male and transition to reduce gender dysphoria then you are not a transmaxxer.

Note that merely crossdressing isn't transmaxxing since then you are not actually transitioning from male to female. You need to actually change your sex-characteristics significantly..

Since the word "will" rather than "would" is used this definition also requires that you think that other people (not necessarily a majority) is going to see you as a female in the first place. Thus unless you plan on socially transitioning at least to some extent you are not a transmaxxer.


Official statement regarding incels and cults
The word incel can just refer to "involuntary celibate" but in practice the word has taken on many very negative associations.

Online incel communities tend to be very much problematic pushing for self-destructive views. Actual self-improvements is heavenly discouraged in online incel cults, instead males there are dragging each other down encouraging members to harm themselves and others. This has resulted in many people needlessly dying or in other ways having their lives destroyed.

If you have been a part of that you very much need to leave that behind. Incel thinking is something you need to leave behind in order to actually live a good life, this regardless of whether or not you are going to pursue medical transition.

Unfortunately even in cases where incels could actually pass as a female and very much improve their lives via medical transition they are stuck in very negative communities that discourage self-improvement such as transmaxxing. This is especially sad in cases where members of incel cults suffer from severe gender dysphoria.

The transmaxxing community is focused on supporting people to live better lives. We put effort into taking care of each other, especially when members are going through hardships.

We do believe in giving people caught in highly problematic cults a second chance in life and this may extend to allowing people with highly problematic views to participate in our spaces providing they follow our rules. That however should not be the main focus on our community, we believe that it should be the responsibility of governments to combat harmful cults, not small communities like us.

We do allow people to discuss highly sensitive topics in our communities but that is within the rules set by the politburo and polices by moderators, only politburo member(s) can appeal decision(s) made by individual moderator(s).


While this decree still applies we did need to refine this into the following official positions via multiple votes:



Forced HRT positions
The politburo voted in favor of forced estradiol injections for some males


The politburo later voted to restrict this to people convicted of highly problematic crimes

A politburo member did however object with:
My preference in this case is hrt as an alternative for minimizing sentencing, like parole. You still need to do it etc etc
Two votes where held to give examples of highly problematic crimes warranting forced HRT


D citizens here refer to people under the guardianship/custody of someone else.

The politics and morality of forced medical treatments

The current US legal system focuses a lot on things like mental states and this can include forced medical treatments (psychiatry). The politburo did recognize that the current standard in most countries isn't strict enough so we increased the requirement to convictions of an actual highly problematic crime.

by committing certain actions you demonstrate that you are not capable of making your own decisions warranting others to make those decisions for you.

Randomized controlled trials needs to be conducted to better evaluate in which types of situations forced medical treatments are justified.


HRT changes your sex
Biological/physical sex is best described as a bimodal distribution where most people are obviously male xor obviously female.

There is no clear way to divide people into 2 (or more) sex-categories.


Masculine traits are traits associated with making females pregnant and defending your offspring.

Feminine traits are traits associated with being/getting pregnant, giving birth and breastfeeding. Note that you can have these traits without actually being able to get pregnant as a female.

Most of these sex-characteristics can indeed be changed which can be very much beneficial.

HRT changes the brain
Transitioning will change the proportions of your brain and mental abilities towards the sex you are transitioning to. MtF transition will improve linguistic intelligence and diminish spatial intelligence.

HRT changes bones
MTF HRT will change the bone-mineral density towards the female norm for people who transition from male to female.

When started early HRT will also affect how bones develop (hip bones fuse at 25 or earlier).

There are multiple cases of trans females able to breastfeed, main issue is that you need to artificially trigger lactation since there wasn't any proceeding pregnancy.

Sperm production
One negative effect of HRT is that people on it will temporarely lose their ability to make sperm, i recommend banking sperm and donate to sperm banks prior to starting HRT, especially since we don't know if permanent infertility is a risk.

This technically makes trans females less masculine but it's not always good to be less masculine even if it makes your claim to be female stronger.

Muscle mass and strength
HRT will make your muscles smaller and weaker, this makes it harder to beat non-trans women in sports which is why no trans female has one an olympic medal yet despite being allowed to participate in all female sports in the olympics.

Hair and skin
There are anectotal cases of people being able to regrow hair thanks to starting on HRT.

Skin will also be affected (softer skin, etc):

Breast growth
This varies a lot between different trans females and it's unclear to what extent you can influence that by optimizing your medication (and what's would then be optimal).