Pedophilia and Intelligence

The purpose of this thread is to debunk James Cantor's idea that pedophiles have a lower IQ than average. I will first start by pointing to this graph showing that readers of Lolita score the highest on the SAT:


Low iq psychopaths and pedophiles are simply more likely to get caught and this is why James Cantor got these results.

I am not even convinced that pedophilic attraction is innate, it is very likely that societal conditioning play a big role, now most people are uncomfortable fucking a 10 year old girl but this may be due to the stigma and the very bad consequences that comes with doing these things if people find out.

So the ones actually fucking young kids will be the ones specifically attracted to them while people who also enjoy older females or more commonly prefer older go for them even if they could enjoy sex with a 10 year old girl.