People worshiping human females as gods


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#1 coach red pill
Spews racist garbage on his twitter yet isn't banned despite me reporting so much, it's harder to get people banned on twitter now even tho I got lucky and got 7 earlier this week

His youtube videos insult groups of people or say things that you'd think youtube wouldn't want, but no he won't get his 3rd strike, he says he will get banned in mid december - yes, this would make perfect sense if he wasn't their guy, there to spread idiocy and delusions that aren't backed up by anything other than the brainlet phrase "I am older than you so I must be right lol"

You can get people banned from twitter for something that actually clearly isn't breaking the rules - but only if they dont' have that many followers, if they do then it's much harder and reporting week after week won't help, nor will mass reporting on youtube if they're an agent of the cult of the holy human female


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#2 Nathan LARPson

Idiot leaked info to cuckfarms (didn't realize he was gonna easily get caught in that) and was kowtowing so much just to be banned not only from .net but also from his main sites


You can add me to the list.

Why would it be bad to worship females?

Females are awesome and you are just coping with them being bad, you are indeed missing out big time by being incel.