Platelet Donation


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Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well.

Today I went in for another platelet donation. I felt I hadn't been donating blood enough this year, having long spans where I hadn't done it. So for December before the year ends I decided I would be going every week, and this is my 3rd time at the blood donation center in 3 weeks now.

Next year my goal is to donate platelets the maximum amount of times which is 24 times. I also am looking into becoming a bone marrow donor through signing up with the BeTheMatch Foundation.

I always like coming to the UCLA blood donation centers because the staff are very nice and there is a large level of diversity. You can see a lot of humanity working together to help others and that is very inspiring.

Moreover I wanted to give back to the American people because of all their help in supporting Ukraine. I also see much hope in the future generations from those I've met on these types of forums, and I want to keep the blood banks full to support those people that are building are country and helping those around the world.

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I know that heaven may
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I donated some money for taboolicious, donated also a couple of bucks for another porn game. But after the bad experience I had I decided to never donate anymore