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The video is misleading, females in general are not promiscious, on average they have about 7 sexpartners during their entire life.

In some cases they just take males out on dates to get free meals. By going on dates like that you are just giving away resources and you are probably not getting anything in return.

You do not need to go through any of that dating bullshit to get sex and females in general are unwilling to actually get to know you, they prefer keeping ypu at a distance.
Having a sexually experienced female as girlfriend might be an advantage, only loser males obsess over virginity becuase they are i secure.

You dont need to emotionally pair-bond with her, what matters in terms of breeding is her ability and willingness to get pregnant and her genetic makeup.

You always have the option to divorce her at any moment and opt for joint custody.


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well, I want to be loved, hugged, kissed and stocked by a cute girl or robot, and a female that had a lot of sex doesnt have the ability to pairbond.