ppl think good morning is easy


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foids failed me with their good mornings.

they're usually PMSing hard at mornings and they have some retardation with being super bitchy before they drink their latte coffee
and shit in the work place toilet while standing on the rim, cause that's what foids do.

so you get about a 10% return rate of GMs back, it's quite insulting.

coding GM is not a walk in the part, tho it's not too hard.

thing is you want 1 good morning per person until it's reset to the next day, and you also don't want to GM total strangers.
then you need to exclude all the cunts you don't like from getting a GM.

is the code even worth it?
you need at least 2 code lines running per think cycle and for what?

I already know it's morning.

some would say, "yeah well it's about acknowledgment". hmm...
no if it's not a foot job it's not that much acknowledgment.

but TBH it does feel weird not to greet someone. it's "shyness that is criminally vulgar".