Prominent psychiatrist killed by nazi


The individual was very likely a victim of psychiatry retaliating against the system.

SKR's psychiatry coordinator Ing-Marie Wieselgren was murdered in Visby on Wednesday. A arrested 33-year-old man confesses to the crime. "We believe that the deceased woman was the perpetrator's intended target," says the chamber prosecutor. Topics in the article: Crime Latest news Several people witnessed the murder of Ing-Marie Wieselgren at Donner's place in Visby. The attack took place just before 2 pm near one of the outdoor cafes in the small square, where flowers and lit candles now honor the victim. A witness tells Aftonbladet that the fleeing perpetrator was tackled into a wall by a private person. He was then arrested near the crime scene. The 33-year-old admits the act and has submitted a short report to the police, chamber prosecutor Petra Götell stated at a press conference on Thursday. - There is information that he suffers from mental illness and that he committed the act under the influence of drugs. We believe that the deceased woman was the perpetrator's intended target. This may be due to her public profile and long-term commitment to issues concerning psychiatry in Sweden.

Expressen, Aftonbladet, SVT and Expo have all published information that the suspect was active in the Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) for several years. He is said to have participated in the Nazi demonstrations and written articles on NMR's website. It is unclear whether he had contact with the organization after 2018, writes Expo.

Petra Götell repeated several times during the press conference that the reported connections to NMR are included in the investigation, but they are not in focus. The 33-year-old has not yet said much about his motive during questioning. - He has told why he did what he did. It is aimed at psychiatry, I would say, says Petra Götell.

The man lives on the mainland and came to Gotland last week, according to Petra Götell. The police work in close cooperation with Säpo and map the 33-year-old, who is previously unpunished. The prosecutor plans to request that the suspect be detained on Thursday afternoon. Detention is likely to take place tomorrow, Friday. The murder has aroused grief and dismay. The Church of Sweden, in collaboration with Region Gotland, has arranged a meeting place in Visby Cathedral where mourners and anxious people can turn. “We have not received any indications that there are any threats to Almedalen Week or other connections to the week itself and its content. At the moment, we have therefore decided to implement the end of the week as planned ", says Almedalen Week's operations manager Mia Stuhre in a press release. Today, Thursday, is the Green Party's day in Almedalen. The spokespersons devoted their press conference in the morning to the murder and honored Ing-Marie Wieselgren, reports TT. - Almedalen is about openness, conversation and community.

It is terrible that a woman has been hastily snatched from that community by this terrible violent crime, says Märta Stenevi.

The prosecutor has stated that his dissatisfaction with psychiatry was the reason for the murder. It's unclear if he regrets killing her.