Protecting your anonymity when posting here


I am not the only person able to see your IP if you register here, for this reason you may want to hide your IP via tor or VPN. With current settings ip-logs will be deleated automatically after just one day, i decided to store ip information locally on a linux system instead.

You can also submit content via email:

You do not actually need a valid email to register here, i can manually enable new accounts.

Being 100% anonymous will allow you to discuss more freely without being worried about legal or social consequences.

I myself do not have much to lose and thus i do not bother to hide my real IP, some people that hate me already know my identity but they have not yet been able to harm me. I even consider posting a picture of myself later, i am not afraid.


Why you may want to reveal your identity
Vintologi is a new cutting edge religion vastly superior to existing religions, for this reason you may want to reveal your identity in order to get fame and status.

So far only powerleas neonazis has worked against me and i never got into trouble for the controversial conclusions i made from the basic assumptions in vintologi.

One compromise is to simply register here via alias, not hiding your ip and maybe reveal your identity at a later stage.
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The event chain is the following:
  • Browser connects to default DNS server obtained from your IP settings (usually automatically obtained from DHCP)
  • A DNS query is a simple unencrypted name-value lookup. The query is what's the IP for
    This query is recursive, your isp's DNS server looks up who's responsible for .com domains, then queries another DNS server for that particular domain.
  • Your browser now knows the end server's IP (or a service like cloudflare or bitmitigate's) It initiates a tcp connection to it using port 443 (default for SSL)
  • It initiates key exchange and validation and starts an encrypted communication. Only now things are secure.
  • it sends http commands, it's a simple query that goes like this:
    GET /index.php HTTP/1.1
    {blank line}
  • The server answers with the page's header and content

On our end, you might have set xenforo to retain IPs only 24h but the web server software has another log. It's possible to turn that off too but that would be deleterious to troll/spammer/robot detection and management.

In any case, all traffic that enters or leaves the data centre where our VPS lives is most certainly logged too. That part is the weakest link and not under our control, so I see little reason to deprive ourselves of the logs we do have access to. All this traffic is encrypted though, but the data centre certainly has access to our private key too. We do use a free speech defending host that might not that easily want to give it away to authorities though.


Reasons for remaining anonymous
While i disagree with the nazi ideology of the individual in the video he is correct that there are a lot of downsides associated with open political activism. How tolerant your government are of extreme views will change over time, in the future we may not have free speech in the same way.

The government is far from the only actor able to make the life more difficult for someone politically active. By keeping a low profile or being completely anonymous you will be able to avoid trouble now and in the future. People that have kept their head down will potentially be able to engage in illegal revolutionary activities in the future.


Limiting our causalties in conflicts
Only supporters that have outed themselves can be targeted by our enemies on conflicts. Thus making sure most people supporting vintologi are anonymous will allow us to take conflicts other movements would be unable to take due to the prize being too high.

It's like playing no limit holdem 1000BB deep with a rule stating you cannot lose more than 10BB for a hand while your opponent can lose 1000BB to you, you can just shove all in over and over again and the best option for your opponend will be to fold all the time (if the number of hands is limited enough).