PS5 vs PC vs XBOX SX


Immortals Fenyx Rising
The lowest resolution in the performance mode was
PS5: 2275x1280 (+40%)
XSX: 1920x1080 (+125%)

Something is wrong with the new xbox consoles, this shouldn't be happening.

Xbox Series S in Performance Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest native resolution found being 1920x1080 and the lowest native resolution found being approximately 1280x720

Framerate seem to be slighly better on PS5 and really bad on series S (often dropping down to 30fps).

Xbox Series X in Quality Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest native resolution found being 3840x2160 and the lowest native resolution found being approximately 3328x1872. Drops in resolution below 3840x2160 on Xbox Series X in Quality Mode seem to be uncommon. Xbox Series S in Quality Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest native resolution found being 2560x1440 and the lowest native resolution found being 1920x1080. Xbox Series S in Quality Mode uses a form of temporal reconstruction to increase the resolution up to 2560x1440 when rendering natively below this resolution.

The only resolution found on PS5 in Quality Mode was 3840x2160

PS5 in Performance Mode currently has a bug that causes stuttering unrelated to the games frame rate.


XSX loses in NBA 2K21
With standard camare XSX suffer from framedrops PS5 do not suffer from, the difference is bigger (10%) if the camera is changed. Series S runs at 1080p while series X and PS5 run at 2160p

They could have added a 120hz mode very easily but unsurprisingly the developers didn't bother, you are forced to play at bad framerate even though your console is very capable of outputting double the framerate with a minor reduction in graphics.
PC gaming used to be way better than console gaming
It's really nice being able to play games on the settings you like and play them way better than what any console could do. It's also really nice being in control instead of being at the mercy of sony/microsoft/nintendo.

It's also really nice being able to play with the controller you like the best such as mouse + keyboard.

But unfortunately for a long time there has been severe shortages affecting the PC market, you can still buy a GPU but it will be painfully expensive.

Consoles are also not as bad as they used to be, for example now 60fps is becoming the standard for PS5 and also for XSX. 120hz support is still very lacking unfortunately but still a nice improvement for the console players.

The shortages have also affected the consoles but they are not as badly overpriced.

A 3090 is only 2 to 3 times as powerful as the XSX/PS5 GPU, it doesn't beat consoles as badly as PC GPUs used to beat consoles.

Furthermore AMD and nvidia have more or less abandoned the budget PC market.


PS5 beats 2070 super (assassins creed valhalla)
This is due to RDNA2 being strong in traditional rastorization and compute in addition to the game not being as well optimized for nvida. To match the PS5 performance you need a 2080 or 3060ti

For some reason PS5 had one settings higher than the max on PC.

The old 5700xt ended up performing better than PS5 in this game so it only underperformed on nvidia hardware.


PS5 is not "punching above its weight"
A 10.29 TFLOP RDNA2 GPU should perform better than the 5700xt (RDNA1), sony simply got lucky with XSX performing even worse due to microsoft being incompetent when it comes to hardware design (the original xbox one was also a disaster).

5700xt is just 9.75 TFLOPs, it shouldn't be outperforming the PS5.

People should be asking themselves where the next generation graphics is, its nowhere to be found on xbox series X or PS5. Instead we have to wait for nvidia to release their marbles game



the PS5 ssd didn't live up to the hype
Mark Cerny stated that the PS5 SSD would be 100 times faster than the PS4 SSD allowing for the complete elimination of loading, this of course didn't materialize.

The expensive SSD also meant that the GPU couldn't be as powerful as it should be since they had to save cost somewhere to keep the price at 500$. Was it really worth all that only to have the game load in 9 seconds instead of 10 seconds?

They are also forcing all their consumers to buy expensive NVME drives in order to add more storage for PS5 games. It's currently unclear which nvme drives that are going to get approved by sony but all current candidates are expensive at 2TB

Western digital sn850: 450€
Sabrent rocket 4 plus: 400$
Samsung 980 pro: 500$ (not yet out)

But for some reason i have never come across of even a single PS5 buyer complaining about this, they seem really happy about the faster loading times and they do not seem to care about having to spend 400 to 500$ (the price of the console) just to get 2TB more storage.

With xbox series X the storage is a lot cheaper but instead of letting consumers benefit from that microsoft opted for a proprietary solution that will be more expensive to than upgrading the PS5 storage and offer significantly worse performance (resulting in longer loading screens), microsoft will make a lot of money from that.

The HP ex950 is probably better than the XSX/XSS proprietary storage for less than half the price.


Playstation 5 still outperform series X in dirt 5
The XSX still suffer from very bad performance problems in dirt 5, especially in the 60hz mode.

In the quality mode PS5 runs at 3200*1800 while XSX runs at 2560*1400 (average)

So what did the PS5 version sacrifice to run at 56% higher resolution?

Well it turns out the graphic settings (other than resolution) is still higher on PS5 and framerate is also better on PS5.

The XSX do run at slighly higher resolution in the 120hz mode but graphic settings was a lot lower so it still looked worse, in this mode however framerate is slighly better on XSX overall. Even at 120hz the PS5 version looks better than the xbox series X quality mode.


The PS5 120hz version need VRR, lower minimum resolution or slighly lower graphic settings.



fifa21 comparison
They concluded that PS5 ran at slightly better settings. Both versions ran very stable at 60fps.

The XSS version drop the resolution down to 1080p.


The xbox series X/S storage isn't particularly fast
Here is a short copy test

As you see the speed when copying files is only about 0.47GB/s, you can get 2 to 5 better performance for cheaper via an NVME drive except XSX doesn't support that. Xbox fanboys are being ripped off as usual.



Both sony and microsoft lied about cross-gen games
Microsoft claimed games could scale for weaker systems just like on PC.

Sony claimed they would focus on the next gen allowing games to take full usage of the new system (PS5), then they proceeded to have most new games release on the PS4 anyway.

Now with cyberpunk 2077 we see the realities of porting a game to run on weak hardware when it was made with high end PC in mind, it can be done then it will be essentially unplayable.

Compared to the base PS4 the PS5 have

GPU: 10 times more powerful
CPU: 4 times more powerful
storage: up to 100 times faster
ram: 2 to 3 times better (16GB @ 448GB/s instead of 8GB @176.0 GB/s)

The only way to scale for slower storage is to add loading pauses in game or simply not have the same assets load. In the case of cyberpunk 2077 the actual game was modified to less assets would have to load and even then the PS4 storage was too slow so there is pop-ins, assets failing to load in time, it's really bad.

The GPU in the base xbox one and PS4 is really weak so they ended up having to drop it to really bad resolution and framerate (900p, as low as 15fps).

A harddrive is simply to slow to properly load the assets in time when playing, thus the game developers have to choose from having the game not look right or interrupting the player with loading screens, it's really bad. In cypberpunk 2077 covid-19 restrictions have been added in the city for the console versions since the CPU/storage cannot load/handle so many people.



cypberpunk 2077 lags on series X
It runs via a boosted backwards compatibility mode on PS5 and xbox series X allowing it to perform significantly better on the new consoles without even having a proper next-gen port (will come next year).

Both digital foundry and nx gamer concluded that the PS5 version had significantly better framerate,

PS5: mostly 1188p, lower graphic settings

XSX: mostly 1080p (performance mode)

XSS: slightly better than 1080p at 30fps (constant lag).

For some reason nx gamer instead stated that the resolution was better on series X (performance mode) illustrating that you cannot blindly trust these comparisons.

The PS5 version does however miss a lot of things including people. Both versions are bad, for now only hgih end PC come close to delivering a good experience.


The notion that performance doesn't matter because PC exist
Some sony fanboys have pushed for this narrative but its obvious nonsense. PC can give you more performance but then you will also have to pay significantly more money for the system.

It was close in the case of xbox one X vs PC (same price) but now with the next gen consoles you will have to pay at least 300$ more to get the same performance on PC.

Not everyone wants to play on PC, some people for various reason like the console eco-system where they are a lot more restricted, less/no options when it comes to graphics.

Had microsoft actually delivered superior performance (relative to PS5) with xbox series X that would have been very valuable since then you could justify your purchase with "now games will look and play better becuase i choose this console" unfortunately the exact opposite happened.


Can gamepass save xbox?
Several people have claimed that gamespass makes it worth to buy an xbox due to the value it offers. This however is a very lame selling point.

amazing exclusives.
experience you can only get on the PS5.
very fast SSD.
better performance than series X.
dualsense controller.

You will now get a "playstation plus collection" if when you pay for playstation+ (mandatory to play online) so sony is already countering gamepass, they also have their psnow service.

play games at more than 120fps.
you can freely choose your controller.
very good support for mouse + keyboard.
all microsoft exclusives, gamepass..
Free games via the epic games store, etc.
emulate games for wii, ps3, wii u, switch, etc.
Virtual reality done right.

Series X/S
cheaper to buy than a high end PC.
Get games cheap via gamepass.

Is gamepass even sustainable?
Its unclear if the gamepass model is even sustainable. Netflix have already tried the "cheap entertainment" model and what ended up happenind was that high value productions wasn't mad available for the platform.

The youtuber MBG has stated that he do not want sony to go the gamepass route since he do not think that would allow them to keep delivering games like ghost of tsushima.

Loss of power
Instead of directly supporting the games you like by buying you just throw your money to microsoft and you have little/no control over where these money end up. It's actually the worst of both worlds, you pay money (rather than pirating) and still you are not able to actually support your favorite game developer (unless you spend even more to actually buy games).


Series S collecting dust on store shelves
Its already becoming available everywhere l35 days after launch.


This is from the swedish price comparison site

This is not just temporary, the series S has been in stock for many hours now and nobody is buying it. This despite the fact that its near impossible to get a PS5 or a good PC GPU for even close to the MSRP.

We will see the same thing happening to series X, it is only doing ok now because a lot of people are already invested into the xbox eco system.


Series S still in stock (Sweden)
One of the stores "komplett" recently did sell out but they only had about 8 in stocks and it still took a really time before they were all gone, still it is available for the same price in a competing online store.


For fun we can compare it to the current 3090 and see when it sell out, currently there are

2 for 24000 sek

18 for 20500 sek

1$ = 8.27 sek


Staff member
Series S selling slower than 3090 ?

Its bad when the most overpriced PC GPU sells better than your cheapest console.

12 left here now (Series S)

Of the 20 3090 twelve are already sold (post above).

Stores are now getting 3090 in stock too, the store above (last link in previous post) got in at least 10 more for that model.

The series S ended up selling out in all stores except proshop (that overpriced it).


Console buyer realizes PC is still far better
He points out how PC easily scale for many types of hardware while consoles are stuck with last gen versions, often you need to pay to get next-gen upgrade if a such upgrade is released at al?



Microsoft is also censoring games
As usual microsoft keeps missing open goals, it seemed like maybe the XSX could have an andvantage in the form of less censorship but that of course didn't materialize. Are you seeing the pattern yet?

This however illustrate a bigger issue with the system where console manufacturers manually approve all games (otherwise you cannot buy it) this means that sony/nintendo/microsoft hold your balls.

Meanwhile you can still play rapelay on PC via piracy.


PC vs Console quality control
On consoles the quality control mechanism is simply platform holders greenlighting games which have the very bad downside of allowing them to censor games and make money from licensing frees.

On PC you can instead simply ask for a refund if you have not played the game more than 2 hours and it's less than 14 days since your purchase.

Store      limit(playtime) limit(realtime)  DRM  Fee
Steam      2 hours         14 days          yes  30% to 20%
GOG                        30 days          no   30%
Epic games 2 hours         14 days          yes  12%
uplay      no play allowed 14 days          yes   ?


Gamer OS
One issue with using PC instead of console is that windows 10 isn't really made for the living room, it would be better if microsoft focused on that instead of their pointless consoles but they obviously prefer having control over your system allowing them to make more money out of you.

Valve have worked on providing a better living room experience, first they released steam big picture mode and then they went on to create their own operating system "steam OS", unfortunately their "steam machines" project wasn't successful and eventually the Steam OS stopped getting updates (they might return to it eventually).

A new project is "gamer OS" that is based on Arch Linux. This is a true console OS in the sense that it is very locked down and automated, you are not even supposed to install any programs (would be lost with a system update, updates are automatic).

Unfortunately the emulation support is poor being limited to the following system only
  • Arcade
  • Atari 2600
  • Dreamcast
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Gear
  • GameCube
  • Genesis/Mega Drive
  • Jaguar
  • Master System
  • Neo Geo (requires BIOS file)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo 64
  • PlayStation (requires BIOS file)
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation Portable
  • Sega 32X
  • Sega CD (requires BIOS file)
  • Saturn (BIOS file optional)
  • Super Nintendo
  • TurboGrafx-16
This means you will not be able to play ps3 games and due to how gamer OS functions there is not any easy way to fix that. Wii, Wii U and switch are also missing from that list.

Aruably it would be better to have an operating system that give you full PC functionality allowing you to actually install programs using just a controller, gyro aiming or a touchpad(dualsense, dualshock 4) could be utilized replacing the mouse, you would also need a functionality to install updates.

Maybe what microsoft should do is to release an operating system "windows gaming" for free that is a modified version of windows 10, less and less people are going to buy an xbox as the price of an equivalent PC keeps going down.


How to use a PC for cough gaming
Just use a wireless mouse and keyboard, that will allow you to get full PC functionality.

If you do not want to play with mouse and keyboard in a game requirering aiming you should instead resort to "gyro aiming", this is less precise than mouse+keyboard but still way better than thumbsticks



Distiny 2 comparison
No clear winner between XSX and PS5. VG tech claimed higher resolution for XSX but ElAnalistaDeBits did not reach the same conclusion:

Destiny 2 is updated to Nextgen with a main feature that was (in my point of view) very necessary. The 60FPS in the campaign (120FPS in the PVP). Apart from this, the differences between versions, again, are minimal. In Series S the game runs at 1080p resolution and has a shorter draw distance. Series X and PS5 hit 2160p. PS5 also has a somewhat more noticeable antialiasing than in Series X, achieving slightly smoother edges. Because of this, Series X displays a subtly sharper image (more noticeable on distant textures). Once again, preferences for choosing the platform to play Destiny 2 should revolve around your personal tastes.

PS5 and Xbox Series X use a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 3840x2160 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 2346x2160 on both consoles. PS5 and Xbox Series X often render at a resolution of 3840x2160, but in the scenes tested, the resolution on PS5 was below 3840x2160 more often than Xbox Series X was. Xbox Series S uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 1920x1080 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 1536x1080. Drops in resolution below 1920x1080 on Xbox Series S seem to be uncommon. Performance can vary somewhat and the scenes here aren't exactly like-for-like which should be kept in mind when comparing the performance of the consoles here. All three consoles use lower resolution buffers for certain effects.

PC wins as usual.


PS5 vs PC analysis
Turns out PS5 struggle to beat a 5 year old high-end PC

devil may cry 5: PS5 loses to 1060 6GB
dirt 5: ps5 loses to 1080
borderlands 3: PS5 loses to 1070ti


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order comparison
The next gen consoles all perform very badly with the series S being the clear loser. No 120hz mode available as usual.

The resolution of Series S is dynamic, between 900p ~ 1080p, staying more in 1080p. - Shadows are better on Series X compared to PS5 and Series S.

Series X in resolution mode has a dynamic resolution ranging from 1512p~2160p with 4K upscaling. In FPS mode, the resolution is between 1080p~1440p.

PS5 only has one display mode. It has increased its framerate to 60 (previously 45) and its resolution stands at 1200p with rescaling to 1440p.

PC deliver better frame-rates at native 4K at max settings

PS5 has performance issues in Hitman 3
The performance difference is bigger than it should be given the differences in hardware, this is probably just an optimization issue.

XSX has 44% better resolution than PS5 despite only having 17% more TFLOPs

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PS5 die shot
Someone was able to take an x-ray shot of the PS5 die and this gave us some insight

Unsurprisingly there was no L3 GPU cache (i already predicted this).

No unified L3 cache for the CPU, its unclear why both RedGamingTech and moreslawisdead got this wrong.


Is sony a sinking ship?
They started out very strong with the PS5 (better performance in games, real exclusives, better controller, etc) but there is also big red flags

It is taking them way to long for them to add NVME support

They are censoring games

Also they have still not updated the PS5 so support Variable Refresh Rate.

In general sony has become successful due to microsoft constantly screwing up.


XSX has framerate issues in Outriders Demo
The PS5 also has better lighting while the XSX has better shadows.

According to digital foundry the XSX version has 35% better resolution



New comparison
The new gaming consoles have been out for some time so why not do a proper comparison to see how they stack up to high-end PC.

High end PC > XSX/PS5 > XSS

The only clear winner here is high end PC and the only clear loser is the xbox series S.

xbox series X does benefit from the fact that xbox one x was more powerful than PS4 pro and thus games that are enhanced for xbox one x but not PS5 will play better on the series X. Microsoft introduced the ability to boost the framerate of old titles up to 120hz which is nice, unfortunately then the resolution isn't the best.

Unfortunately PC graphic cards (and also the better next gen consoles) are hard to get without overpaying due to severe shortages and scalping.

Initially next-gen titles did perform better on PS5 despite XSX having 17% more TFLOPs, why that happened exactly is still a bit unclear but the biggest factor was probably the fact that it was easier to develop games for the PS5 than the new xbox consoles. PS5 have some hardware advantages but these shouldn't outweigh the TFLOP advantage XSX has

Recent comparisons have not really favored the PS5, XSX had significantly better resolution in hitman 3 and the outriders demo (more than it should be) it remains to be seen how these consoles will stack up when it comes to performance and in practice you would probably not even notice the difference overall.

Here the clear loser is the new xbox consoles, at least in terms of performance. In terms of amount of storage you get out of the box the XSX is the best while the XSS is the worst.

Adding more storage to the XSX is very expensive and the performance you get out of it is very poor, write speed is just 0.47 GiB/s while the samsung 980 pro has 1.5 GiB/s in sustained write speed

The 0.47 GiB/s figure is from the following short test where the individual doing the test claims it's really fast when it clearly isn't (i manually calculated the transfer speed).

To compare with PC we are going to make it as unfair as possible so we will look at sustained file copy test (windows 10) well samsung 980 pro still got over 0.9 GiB/s

Unfortunately PS5 currently does not support any NVME drive but this is expected to change in the summer via a software update, after that you will hopefully be able to buy a nice NVME drive for the PS5 to get overkill performance for cheaper(per GB) than buying more storage for a new xbox console.

When just writing samsung 980 pro is consistently above 1.5 GiB/s in write speed

PC > PS5 > xbox

A lot of new games does take good use of the haptic feedback the dualsense controller offer, it remains to be seen to what degree that will get supported on PC.

With PC you can select the controller most suited for the game and you will be able to take full usage of the features of the controller including gyro aiming (if you do not want to use mouse and keyboard but still want real precision).

Both the PS5 and PS4 controller support gyro aiming but it didn't get much in terms of support in games, the XSX doesn't support gyro aiming at all.

Motion-based controllers (mouse, gyro aiming, etc) are generally superior to just thumb-sticks when done well.

Game library
PC > PS5 > xbox series x

With emulation PC is able to destroy any single console in terms of allowing you to actually play good games. PS5 could easily do PS3 emulation but sony has so far refused to say anything about it.

In the past microsoft has released all their exclusives to PC while sony only have released select titles, we are however seeing sony release more and more of their IP to PC so in the future you might no longer have to buy a playstation to play their 'exclusives'. I do not think sony will just release everything to PC, instead they might end up maybe releasing 80% to PC too but usually significantly later on PC.


Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition PS5/Xbox Series X/S
Due to the slow SSD xbox series X struggle to load textures in time

PS5 has currently worse resolution while the XSX has more framerate issues (not even holding 60fps). The developers have talked about increasing the resolution in the case of the PS5 version, hopefully they will be able to do that without introducing more lag.

XSX resolution = 3200 * 1800 (max)
PS5 resolution = 2560 * 1440 (max)


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2
The PS5 version seem to be slightly better.

PS5 in Performance mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 2560x1440 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 2112x1188. Pixel counts at 2560x1440 seem to be common on PS5 in Performance mode.

Xbox Series X in Performance mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 2560x1440 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 1920x1080. Pixel counts at 2560x1440 seem to be common on Xbox Series X in Performance mode.

PS5 in Fidelity mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 3840x2160 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 3552x1998. Pixel counts below 3840x2160 seem to be rare on PS5 in Fidelity mode. Xbox Series X in Fidelity mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 3840x2160 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 3264x1836. Pixel counts below 3840x2160 seem to be rare on Xbox Series X in Fidelity mode.

The fidelity mode should be called "constant lag mode", 60fps isn't a particularly great framerate.

The digital foundry analysis wasn't as favourable for PS5 since they noticed slighly more framerate issues with the PS5 while the XSX dropped resolution a bit more

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