Psychiatry horror stories


They cont care about what's actually going on with your brain
These quacks will not stop at anything. Since there isn't any real accountability they dont even bother to cover up their 'malpractive'. They can diagnose you with anything and there isn't any way to show that it's clearly wrong since there isn't any objective test to be done that would verify or disprove it.

But you still have to deal with the horrific consequences when you find yourself in their claws, you will be powerless and trying to resist will only make it worse, you have more rights if you killed someone.

u/thedevilislonely wrote:

Got diagnosed with 'psychosis' (no psychotic symptoms), because "we can't prescribe meds for PTSD"
Obviously I knew the entire point of psych wards was to shove meds at you and pray you stabalize (or get sedated), but this blunt statment from a social worker still sent me reeling.

I was in a horribly toxic living situation I couldn't escape from, so I attempted suicide. I already had PTSD, but the current situation was the main catalyst for the attempt. At the ER, I told their psychiatrist what was going on, and he was 100% on the fact that I was just severely traumatized and in an awful situation. But of course, the law demands I be sent to the psych ward, so off I was sent. I told everyone there about my PTSD and my situation. Zero psychotic symptoms. After years of the PTSD part being dismissed, I thought maybe it was finally being acknowledged the main culprit of my issues.

And then when I got discharged, I saw my diagnosis: "depression with psychosis". Psychosis????? I never once displayed any psychotic symptoms, and never once answered yes to any of the "do you have hallucinations or hear voices" questions.
I demanded to speak to the psychiatrist and she refused. I demanded again and they sent a social worker. The conversation was this:
SW: Well, we just go by what the ER said.

Me: The ER explcitily said I have PTSD. In fact, he said that he would hesitate to even say I have depression or anxiety, since my symptoms are so clearly from trauma.

SW: W..... well........ we can't diagnose PTSD.
Me: I'm sorry, what? Why "can't" you?

SW: Because we can't give you meds for PTSD.

Straight up, "because we can't give meds for PTSD". The ER doctor, who actually evaluated me and LISTENED, backed me up that I have PTSD, that the issue I was there for was PTSD, and he sent that to the hospital..... and they changed it to "depression with psychosis" because there are no meds they could force on me for PTSD. Un fucking real.

Oh, and if you're wondering why psychosis specifically, I asked that too, since they had literally no basis to claim I'm psychotic. The higher ups and social workers refused to answer, but a tech sympathized and explained to me that it's probably because a) I'd already tried a million meds for JUST depression in the past, to no avail, and b) they wanted to medicate me for one of the "lesser symptoms" of psychosis..... irritability. That's right. Irritability.

They diagnosed me with 'psychosis' so they could have an excuse to prescribe me meds for Irritability. Considering I was, while still in there, grappling with both my horrific life situation outside AND the mental hospital bullshit....... huh, I wonder why I was so "irritable". Couldn't be that I had damn good reason, right? What a joke.

And guess what? I'm homeless now, and that little "psychosis" diagnosis can get me BARRED from a number of assisted living and housing programs. Yep.


They dont care about the consequences of you being locked up
When you are in a psych-jail times on the outside keep going, if you had a job you are very likely to lose that, you might end up homeless. You better have someone able to take care of your pets. If you have a partner he or she might simply leave you for someone else, once/if you finally get out often everything is lost.

AbdulazizUgas wrote:

I’Ve sat with fellow patients of the insane-asylum recounting their horror stories of abuse. One sweet lil old lady was thrown by a “security officer” to the ground, where she broke her nose. The worst part of her story (of many) is that her beloved cat was left to die alone, starvation. One of the worst possible ways to die, next to burning alive.


If you call the cops on someone suicidal in united states he/she is might get locked up, drugged against his/her will, losing his/her job in the process and getting a 5000$ bill.

How bad laws are differ in different areas.

One of the reason why it's a bad idea to attempt suicide is how bad the psychiatric system is and if the find out you tried to kill yourself you might be deemed "danger to your self or others" and thus 'lose' rights you were told you had.
So what should you actually do if you are suicidal?

I am afraid there isn't any universal cure here, it's a long process to improve your situation. In some cases a problem will go away by itself if you just wait it out, in other cases it will instead get worse if you doesn't do anything.

You need to be careful so you do not worsen a bad situation, you being depressed may actually be a protection in a way, if things you do lead to bad consequences a natural response is to take a step back and be more careful.

Drugs can help short term but then you will have to deal with side effects and tolerance buildup, many people end up with permanent sexual dysfunction due to antidepressants

It's important not to blame yourself when you wasn't the one at fault, often in life you will get problems because of actions by other people.


Gaslighting in Psychiatry 101
They will do everything they can to make you think you are defective and thus think you need their 'help' when in reality you are just fine without them and they are the ones ruining your life.

u/snowycato wrote:

Warning Signs of Gaslighting
  • They lie
    • Description: they tell you blatent lies
    • Personal example: I was told that my medication would have no side effects.
  • They tell you that everyone else is a liar
    • Description: they tell you that your family, friends, and the media are lying to you. This is meant to make you question your own reality and rely on them to know what's true
  • They use what you care about as ammunition
    • Description: They use your identity and the things you care about to attack you
    • Personal example: I was told that wanting to be able to study and read was rediculus and was making me sicker.
  • They wear you down over time
    • Description: They do the things on this list (perhaps subtly) over a long period of time
    • Personal example: I've been forced into outpatient therapy, so I get the following on a weekly basis
      • Reminders that my personality is a disorder
      • Mysogynistic jabs about how I'm emotional instead of logical because I'm a woman (Annoying thing about this is A. that I can't call her out on it because she'll deny it, and B. part of my 'personality disorder' is that I 'don't exhibit strong emotion')
  • Their actions do not match their words
    • Description: They do things they say you can't/shouldn't do. They say they don't/won't do something but they do. etc.
    • Personal example: In the psych ward the nurses all talked about how no emotions are bad. Multiple patients told me stories about how they had been meant to leave on a specific day, but were forced to stay because they had an emotion other than happy. (A couple said it was because they were sad. One said it was because she was angry.)
  • They throw in positive reinforcement to confuse you
    • Description: They do something nice to make you think they aren't so bad (or feel guilty for thinking so)
    • Personal example: The nurses all said that part of my problem was that I’m a perfectionist (which I disagree with, but that’s beside the point). Throughout my stay in the psychward I got numerous talking-tos about how perfectionism is bad and stressful and we don’t need to worry ourselves about doing things poorly. This also occurred in a diagnostic interview they had me do: they started talking about you shouldn’t always try to be successful and failing can be a good thing, especially when you fail classes (this is literally something they brought up), etc. etc. failing classes is great. They then asked me how perfectionists do in the world, and I said something about ‘well its not great because they have a lot of stress’ to which they replied that ‘no, all the most successful people are perfectionists, they’re amazing’. (color me very confused)
  • They deny they ever said something, even if you have proof
    • Description: They lie in the described mannor in order to make you question you're own reality and adhere to theirs
  • They project
    • Description: They accuse you of doing their own bad behaviors.
    • To be fair, I didn’t know any of the psych ward staff well enough to know if they were projecting.
  • They allign people against you
    • Description: They use people against you so you'll turn to and trust them instead of anyone else.
    • Personal example: The psychward told my parents not to trust me
      • (One specific that I am particularly mad about is that they were told to hide the medicine box/put it in a safe I don’t know the combo to. I get headaches very frequently (always have) yet instead of being able to get ibuprofin on my own, I instead have to ask them to get it for me [which works very well when they’re not here]) (I have no history of abusing any kind of drug or medication)
  • They tell you or others that you are crazy
    • Description: They make you and others question your sanity so nobody will believe you when you say they are abusive/gaslighting
    • lol
Somewhat unrelated, but interesting article:


You pay money so they can make you worse
Many people pay large amount of money to psychiatrist only to later discover that they were not helped at all.

u/punkhaze wrote:

"Find another doctor"
So I paid a huge amount of money to a single meeting with a psych and was hoping it to be the best thing that I could do, he gave me Lexapro or Escitalopram. After reading everything about this medication being a huge problem for those with HPPD and even causing HPPD by itself, I started to message the clinic and the doctor was very rude with me.

He said "HPPD it's not your case. You have anxiety and if you want to stop benzodiazepine you need to be on Escitalopram."

I told him I had HPPD for 1 year already without any anxiety related, and then he said:

"If you don't stick with the treatment I gave you, you may need to go find another doctor."

300BRL FOR THIS BULLSHIT!!!! with this money I could buy a whole lot of supplements. A whole lot. Every single one.

Now I have to face my family arguing with me that I won't listen to the doctor and they are telling me to stop navigating on the internet. They almost turned my WiFi off so I could not research further.

I faked taking the med and told them it had made me worse, because I can't afford to worse my symptoms and simply ignore it.
I feel a piece of shit right now.

I am also hooked on Diazepam (after my last bad trip that led me to panic and shit) And all I wanted was to get off this med in a safe way, because I am worried about HPPD in the withdrawals too!!!


He killed himself due to psychiatry
This happens a lot of course

u/wowza1221 wrote:

The meds took my brother’s life
So my brother died by suicide 2 weeks ago, 3 days after he was discharged from the hospital. Basically he had an psychotic episode due to lots of extra stress from coronavirus and some stuff going on with my other sibling. Me and my dad thought it was best to take him to the hospital after his episode. Which in hindsight was the worst decision possible. Immediately after my dad went home after staying with him. They determined he couldn’t leave voluntarily and said they didn’t have enough beds and transferred him to another clinic hours away. There he stayed for 3 Fucking weeks getting fed numerous antidepressants/sleeping pills/and new antipsychotic medication while he was already on clozapine beforehand and they didn’t ween him off at all. They just put him on a new one. When he got discharged the day after he was not even the same person. I gave him hugs and told him I was so glad he was back but he just nodded. The following day he said he wanted to see my mom in the big city that was a 5 hour drive from our hometown where he was staying with my dad and me. I thought it was a good idea too and took him there to see his mother. Unfortunately after spending 2 days there he took his own life by falling off the balcony multiple stories high. I am completely devastated and miss him so so much. My anger at the physiatrist that prescribed him all these new medications without weaning off the cloziril wants me to do unspeakable things but I’m holding myself back and just trying to grieve. I love you so much big bro. Rest In Peace. I’m just waiting until I can join you on the otherside. The only silver lining were my last words to him was “I love you so much” and gave him the biggest bear hug. I hope everyone here in this sub stays positive and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Much love. Please for me keep fighting. And fuck hospitals I wish I had never taken him there. He’s my guardian angel now.

Teawithfood wrote:

I’m sorry for your loss. Psychiatry killed one of my friends several years ago. I don’t know what will help you get through this but for me it helped to learn about the topic. I will post reviews of the research below.

This is psychiatries fault, they killed your brother. They will victim blame and gaslight you, him and everyone else.

Did your brother show any signs of weird movements, twitches, or posture? At times did it seem he was unable to sit still? Those are signs of a painful movement disorder caused by the drugs that causes suicide.


Kafka traps
A kafka trap is situation where one is accused of something and any argument against the accusation is used as proof of the accusation. It creates an unfalsifiable logic loop.

Another example is trying to show you're not a danger to yourself:

"You have to be locked in a ward because you're a danger to yourself and others."

"No I'm not! You can't take away my rights!"

"Your aggressiveness and paranoia is proof you need to be locked up."

One case of this is psychosis. They diagnose you with psychosis and lock you down cause ur dangerous ofc. You say you dont struggle psychosis, however main sign of psychosis is that you dont think you struggle them, so basically you have no chance.


meh. Once other people say to lock you up, you're fucked. Then if you don't comply their friends sneak the meds on you. Then when you act out from being drugged, they lock you up again. The circle of bullshit never ends. It makes me want to kill myself. My family is gone, my career is trash, my college ruined.


Another life nearly destroyed
Of course psychiatric drugs make you worse, this becomes clear if you study the science, these people are very dangerous quacks and you need to put into effort avoiding them as much as possible. Even if you at some point realize that the drugs are making you worse serious damage have already been done to you and you will never be able to fully recover from that.

u/Heckbegone wrote:

Im starting to believe psych meds are what made my life spiral out of control
I have been on over a dozen psych meds, currently on two (wellbutrin and trazodone). The meds they keep pushing are not working and even if they did work they wouldnt be enough. All they'll do is the same thing the non prescription drugs did: make me okay with doing nothing. I refuse to be put back on antipsychotics even though they are pushing them on me. If the wellbutrin doesnt work within the next month or two (its been one month on it now) i am going to give up all meds for good. I did fine for years without them before i first started on them at 19, when i went to the doctor with depression and anxiety i had been dealing with for years. But that depression was nothing compared to how i am now. When i was first prescribed effexor, that was when my life started to go down the toilet. The effexor i was first on gave me mania, which is very unlike me. I would steal, use drugs i knew werent safe, slept around with randos for drugs, went on absurd spending sprees (how the spiral of neverending debt began), attempt to break into peoples houses and snoop through others medicine cabinets to find opioids mainly, or benzos or ambien anything "controlled" basically.
This was not me. At 18, i held three part time jobs along with attending college full time with all As and Bs. The new me couldnt handle one job and gave up on school. I didnt care about anything. I ruined a four year relationship by cheating and for my completely changed personality.

2 years later, i am stuck in the absolute worst depression i have ever dealt with. I was unemployed for a year, credit is demolished, recently just got a part time job where i barely work 15 hours a week just to get myself used to working again, i used kratom and alcohol for that year basically every day which probably had something to do with the depression, but when i really think about it, i was never this bad before i was put on that effexor.
The effexor led to a mania which landed me in a psych ward which led to me being prescribed a total of 7 meds that i was on for 8 months or so. I didnt even recognize myself anymore, and these days its even worse.

I have been trying to get myself off the couch and out of bed and go for walks every morning, write every day, take care of my chickens again, get out of the house every day, and take my vitamins again, but it is all just a distraction from the horrible depression that comes back nearly immediately after i come back to this basement, no matter how much i did or how long i was busy for.

I dont know what those meds did to me but i have a feeling the meds along with the other drugs i was taking have severely screwed with my serotonin and dopamine levels. I also had a relationship with a pedophile until i was 19 years old, which has been causing many negative feelings, so that might have something to do with it, but ultimately this began when i was first put on the effexor.

Ive gained 40 pounds, lost my sex drive nearly completely, lost my will to live, became a complete nihilist, saw no hope for my future, and have been confined to my basement.

I am trying to dig myself out of this because i am only 21, there is surely still plenty of time, but it gets so unbearable at times that the suicidal thoughts become plans which come very close to becoming actions. Even during these episodes i will not call the suicide hotline, crisis numbers, therapists, or go to the ER because i know ill just end up in the loony bin on 5-10 meds again. When i feel this way i will usually try to do something, go for a walk or go outside, leave the house, do SOMETHING but i am terrified to be in a psych ward again.

So that is my story of how i believe psych meds messed with me. Ill never know if thats the real reason i lost control of my life, but i have a pretty good idea that its a big part of it.


A general theme with psychiatry is the difficulty in trying to successfully get away from this nightmare. Even if you take action to reduce the propability of you being harmed you will not be completely safe, especially if you are under 18.

u/BeijingTurkey wrote:

What do we do about something we can’t do anything about?
This pseudoscience of psychiatry, therapy and mental illness has infiltrated our culture. It’s here to stay. It’s encouraged and espoused by the masses, the police, the liberals, the “medical professionals”. I’m sick of being stressed by it

pigeonfaced wrote:

My feelings are too raw for me to publish anything publicly, but I intend to write about how I was treated and what I observed in the psych ward. It was nightmarish. I still haven't said aloud or even written some of the darkest stories from there because they were so emotionally charged and the thought of being disbelieved is crushing. Frankly, I was one of the most privileged people in my ward and one of the few patients to have a formal college education. So I feel a level of responsibility to inform the world about what actually happens in there.

I want to be a writer in general, and I'm really interested in the mind-body connection and believe that trauma impacts a person both physically and mentally. I would love if Western medicine weren't so dismissive of psychosomatic conditions (CFS, fibromyalgia)—I have no doubt that people with these conditions are truly suffering; however, I believe the cause is psychological. I've read arguments on the other side, and the insistence that there is a physical root seems doubtful. But the pain is still real. Unfortunately, I'm not about to go to med school so I'm not sure how much legitimacy I'd have, but I'm gonna try anyways. I am deeply motivated to speak out about the long-term impacts of trauma since I feel like society is so in denial.

On the smaller scale, I ended up clicking really well with my second outpatient psychiatrist. She actually listens to me and genuinely seems to want me to be the best version of myself, not an empty shell on multiple APs who bothers no one. I was able to get through to her some of the abuses I witnessed and faced in the hospital, which felt reassuring. There was one psych resident that I really clicked with in the hospital (unfortunately he was not on my treatment team; he just evaluated me in CPEP), and I sent him a LinkedIn message saying that I appreciated his kindness, but I have a lot of grievances about what happened in the psych ward, and he was receptive. I talk to my friends about this shit all the time; although it helps that many have had negative experiences with psychiatry themselves.

I agree completely that psychiatry has infiltrated our culture. The way people cling to the chemical imbalance theory is so frustrating. I'm just one voice, but I intend to speak out against psychiatry until the day I die. I understand your hopelessness, but despair never helps. The more we can talk about psychiatric abuse the better, and I won't be shut up.