Reddit anarchists


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I never understood their views.

They seem to embrace this slogan more or less:

the achievement of a stateless classless society
They think this is the goal of anarchy.

But I know anarchists who are mafiamen, they love crime and follow law of the jungle with natural hierarchies, others are politicians who follow Stirner doctrine.

Anarchy is not a brand, one can be misanthropic, like many scientists claimed to be, they developed land mines to kill babies in war zones.

Anarchy is not reddit-anarchy, fortunately.


I wondor how many of these people who realize that the anarchy is only temporary, it simply allow new people to grab power instead, this can be both good and bad.

A nash equilibrium similar to anarcho-capitalism might exist in some scenarious but even then there will still be hierarchies of power.


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I think the rise of anarcho communism to be disturbing. If you are a bad anarchist you will be an even worse communist, this is an old saying.