Responding to r/truscum


They think that transition should just be about treating gender dysphoria and nothing else which clearly isn't very rational.

What actually matters is if transitioning improves your life.

This is like saying "the only thing that matters is that you get rid of your cancer, not if you live longer or have a higher quality of life". This is very clearly irrational.


he encourages rape
I do not recommend that people rape it's not a particularly great reproductive strategy given that abortion is a thing now and most societies punish it very severely.
condones declaring women property
It's not specific to females. Having humans reduced to property can be a good thing for society, both in the case of males and in the case of females.
It's so mysogynistic to see women as just incubators
I have never once said that though. From the vintologi bible (page 14 in version 28):

By becoming pregnant and having children early in life you will be able to focus on your career later, wasting your most fertile years as a female just studying things at school you will rarely/never use besides to pass tests is insanity.
also actively argues for eugenics
As if that would be a bad thing.

They also tried to direct me to their discord, to which I said absolutely positively NO because they know I’m 14. I’m honestly repulsed.
My discord servers are not restricted to people below 18 since that would be discriminatory based on age and it would force us to ban people for no good reason. The invite was to a public discord channel

I didn't want to debate controversial topics in the mod mail for obvious reasons.

Regarding the last two slides, those are pages from this person’s “bible” where they strongly encourage pedophilia and teen pregnancy.
We do not recommend engaging in pedophilic sexual activities since most girls below 12 cannot get pregnant and you will risk ending up in jail. It's not really a viable reproductive strategy in a modern society.

Reddit lets a lot of incel or incel-adjacent subs live. FDS, RedPill, MGTOW etc
Reddit has been very draconian with their bans.

What they do not want to realize is that their subreddit is also in danger for being banned since they are very hateful towards what they call "tucutes" (people transitioning for what they view as the wrong reasons).

Transmaxxing itself is a branch of incel, making everyone involved (mod or not) an incel by default.
The incel wiki wants to define transmaxxing as transition to stop being incel while i define it as transitioning (MtF) for the purpose of personal gain.

That is different from truscum (who are against transitioning for any other reason that gender dysphoria) and what i call "gitrans" where the purpose of transitioning is to have your body better align with your gender identity.

I find it so weird how incels have such an animalistic obsession with impregnating women. Like most animals they feel no love or compassion or empathy for the people they have sex with. They put having children above anything else. It just feels so strange to see actual humans act like this.
What incels openly complain about is inability to get sex which arguably is not their biggest real issue. Deep down they are probably more disturbed by the fact that they are very likely to die childless.

Having someone to cuddle with is arguably more important than just getting regular sex in terms of mental wellbeing.


They were falling over themselves ranting about the following

Then someone pointed out that it was actually correct, this illustrates how these people operate, just ignoring evidence that doesn't fit their agenda even when it's provided right on front of their faces.



1. This is a fetish, not a reason to transition.
Actually no, it's not a "fetish" it's a normal aspect of female sexuality.

It is worth noting that transition for a "fetish" would potentially be a valid reason to transition similar to how it's ok to live a gay lifestyle for sexual reason. What matters is that they transition actually improves your quality of life long term.

2. If this is referring to fashion, there is no such thing as a “female aesthetic”. You can wear “women’s” clothing or makeup or whatever without transitioning or being a woman.
Female eastetics in this case refered to your body itself.

But no Crossdressing when you do not have the appropiate body for it is not really a great idea. You will just turn yourself into a clown and it will not be the same since your clothing will not actually fit your body, having a bra doesn't make sense if you do not have any breasts.

3. You should not transition for more or different dating options. The dysphoria you will experience absolutely is not worth it.
There is no evidence for that reverse dysphoria theory, the fact that you are ok with a male body does not mean you would become uncomfortable with developing breasts.

Of course you might feel (at least initial) distress from changes you do not want but that does not mean that you will have persistent gender dysphoria.

For example we have this case (rare intersex condition) where her body spontaniously changed from male to female and she embraced it instead of fighting against it.

"Live longer"

This person really thinks vaginas and breasts are what make women live longer.
No what the linked mice study indicate is that it's about hormones. Not breasts/genitals themselves.



No you do not need to be "incel" (unclear what that even is) to benefit from transitioning. FtM transition does not seem to be particularly beneficial for the individuals pursuing it though.

Society as a whole may benefit from preventing FtM transitions since males are largely obsolete in a modern society and we can have fun humiliating people who no longer want to be female.


Preventing females from transitioning to male (sterilizing themselves in the process) is not really darwinism.

I do not have much interest in non-reproductive sex.

Evolution is about you getting adapted for the environment.

Eugenics is a natural consequence from "societal survival of the fittest" since societies that successfully implement it will get an advantage over societies that did not successfully implement eugenics.

But eugenics is not the only factor in societal survival of the fittest.


I saw your response on your website.

Eugenics is bad because it was literally adopted by the Nazis in order to justify their treatment of minority groups.
Nazis did dysgenics by killing jews.

Modern eugenics has nothing to do with nazism.

But you are correct government could do atrocities in the name of eugenics but since it sin't popular now they will find some other justification instead.
I don’t care how much you think pedophilia “isn’t efficient”, you still don’t think it’s morally wrong and that is disgusting in and of itself.
I do not believe in morality they way you think about it, it's just primitive human emotions that get in the way of building a functional society.

It IS a fetish. That’s it exactly what it is.
No being aroused by the though or image of yourself as a female is a normal aspect of female sexuality, it's very common both in cis and trans females.


u/marvel_freak said:
This is 2021. We are not monkeys. Our main derivative in life is not to impregnate women anymore, it’s to live life to the fullest and have kids if you want to.

All you care about is eugenics and sex. Go outside, touch some grass, seriously. Just stay away from children, god’s sake.
That's nonsense.

Humans are still animals, monkeys to be more specific, evolution still applies to human favoring people who breed aggressively.

The way to enjoy life it to make females pregnant and raise your children (if you are male).

The fact that some people (like you ) are evolutionary dead ends does not mean the rest of humanity is.



That's an outright lie. I have never tried HRT.

Some people (mostly paranoid repressors) like to make up that i would recommend transition to everyone but i am actually fairly restrictive with giving out HRT recommendations.




Steritilty isn't good but trans females do have the option just to bank sperm.

The issue with trying to preserve your fertility as FtM is that even if your eggs are banks a womb is still required for the pregnancy itself. Furthermore just breast reduction can make breastfeeding difficult to impossible.


You did attack me and my platforms publictly with this account for everyone to see. Me showing your username here doesn't really make any difference.

Of course you should not use your real name online and you should switch to a new account if you are concerned about your privacy.

As for your attempts to deplatform me:

The rest of the internet isn't like your truscum echo-chamber. Hosting companies (like the one i am using) work for their costumers which is the ones paying them, you are not one of their costumers so why should they listen to you at all?

This website does comply with swedish laws and EU legislation.


The rate of transition regret has gone down with more people transitioning

If you look up actual detransitioners you will notice that most are AFAB and transitioned due to body dysphoria. The transmaxxing subreddit has been around for over a year and the only detrans case was an individual who said he/she detransitioned but he/she kept taking hormones.



The table proves nothing, given that everyone who transitions has to be diagnosed with GD, and transmaxxing hasn't been around that long.
The fact that GD diagnosis was needed (at least for inclusion to the study) does not mean all of these people had body dysphoria since people can just lie to their therapist.

The following study showed that lack of support from the family was a much greater predictor of transition regret


It is worth noting that body dysphoria/discomfort is not currently required for GD diagnosis.

It's only been a year

How many people have even transitioned over there anyway?
I have come across some cases of people transitioning claiming they had no dysphoria and it worked just fine for them

Most people on r/transmaxxing however had body dysphoria or get turned on by themselves as female (which is a normal aspect of female sexuality). The main difference is that we believe transition is about improving your life. We do not exclude people because we do not think they are "true trans" (unclear what that even is).

There is however several very big sissy subreddits but if you look at you see that almost all people who post there are repressors, there are hardly any case of people posting there who stopped HRT.

Here are some of the sissy subreddits:

Some got banned "for being unmoderated" which is probably because they banned the owners of said subreddit and there wasn't any successor appointed (if's too late to appoint after a ban).


They have brigaded r/transmaxxing multiple times to spread hate. Unclear if the following was one of their members but we had to delete it since it was hateful content (a shame since we kinda won the 'debate').

The individual was banned for breaking all the rules of the sdbreddit plus sitewide rules.

Reddit isn't suitable for these debates since the subreddit having said debate would risk being banned. If they would like to discuss these things they can use the following discord channel of mine or invite me one of their servers