Self-hatred is still hatred


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Some people might say, "Whites aren't really being discriminated against, because most of the people in power are white. All the major party U.S. presidential candidates left in the race now are white."

But you can be white and still hate whites. It's kinda like how Hitler was capable of killing Hitler (assuming he didn't actually retire to Argentina instead). Notice too, the reason why Hitler would've killed himself was that he was under duress; similarly, whites are under some duress to be more self-hating than they'd otherwise be. Joe Biden and Donald Trump aren't allowed to just say whatever they please, for instance, because the words that come out of their mouth, even if reasonable, can be twisted by the media if they don't go along with the Jewish agenda.

Also, a guy who's not all that white can hate a guy who's whiter than him. White trash, for instance, will often hate on the more-educated whites, kind of like how ghetto niggers will hate on the more educated black dudes. Someone who's into redneck culture will not get along too well with someone who's into fine art and classical music and literature like Goethe and whatnot.

When I say "whiter" I mean representative of the best of what whites have to offer; he's the more advanced, refined white. The journey from being darker to being whiter has been one not only of changing our skin tone but gaining some sensitivity to discern and appreciate what's civilized.


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I think I am extremely white. How could I be not?

I was rated by stormfrontcels, confirming my whiteness, this is undisputed. My genetic whiteness is too clear.


Self-hate isn't very socially acceptable, you are supposed to think you are like an average guy, thinking you are better or worse than other people isn't tolerated well by this society.