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THE ART OF WAR when THE DECISION HAS BEEN MADE THE PROCESS HAS BEGUN THE ART OF WAR aka cheats for go(ancient board game) 1 The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler. 2 adapt your army to the weather 3.1 rank your soldiers, higher rank commands lower rank 3.2 higher levels are responsible for glitches 4 map and protect the routes of provisions 5 your general most have the most ability, wisdom and reliability 6 All warfare is based on deception: show the enemy the opposite of your state (when far appear near) 7 tactics: 7.1 enemy is stronger, evade him and split him by attacking his smallest division 7.2 enemy is of choleric temper, anger him 7.3 the bigger your enemy attack his supply lines 7.4 take no delays 7.5 forage on the enemy(take his materials) 7.6 avoid attacking besiege walled cities 7.7 capture those who surrender 8 army: 8.1 reward them for defeating the enemy 8.2 treat soldiers politely, feed them and provide some entertainment for moral 8.3 train your soldiers mentally and physically 8.4 scold miss behaved soldiers 9 attack 9.1 If equally matched, we can offer battle; if slightly inferior in numbers, we can avoid the enemy; if quite unequal in every way, we can flee from him. 9.2 place your army in secured locations to protect your turf, but always minimize there division take high places and go fast, the first to the battle field has the advantage strongest move : place a small force as bait for the enemy, while trying to join that small force with a bigger stable force to sorround the enemy. 10 THE USE OF SPIES 10.1 pay them alot so they will be loyal 10.2 pay to convert enemy spies to double spies and give them liberties 10.3 place your spies as various freelancers(like a PC technician) in the enemy's areas as the battle progress the more preditions the general must make so much for the art of war.