Simple introduction to vintologi


When you die you will always reincarnate and a new life begins.

The type of lives you live will change as your specie (homo sapiens) evolves.

You are more likely to reincarnate into a body that is genetically close to your body than a genetically distant body, thus people genetically related to you are more important than people not genetically related.

The best way for a specie to improve is to have brutal competition within the specie or harsh external pressure for individuals to perform. Stuff such as female sexual selection, genocide attempts and rapes can be part of the process in which humanity improves.


Soul purification
When your body dies you will lose most if not all memories and this is a good thing. When you live your soul becomes polluted by false beliefs and death is often the only cure. When you reincarnate your soul gets pure again and will be able to live a new amazing life.

Children with past life memories generally become a lot happier when they forget these memories and can move on with their current life.

If you do reach important conclusions in one life you can easily make them generally available and you might get a good use for that the upcoming lives. If you write a good book you might read it an upcoming life and liking it, not knowing you wrote it yourself.

Most stuff you learn in your life is unfortunately useless or more than useless, you might believe it is important information when it isn't. When you are reborn you are able to experience childhood again and grow up with new friends, starting a new life instead of being old and miserable.

Mental disorders such as catholic/protestant christianity, nazism, homophobia are all cured by death. If you have received brain-damage often that will never heal and you will suffer from it until you die.

It might be hard to accept for born cowards but death is the solution for all personal problems, if your current life is miserable dying is most likely a good thing.

It is very difficult to help victims of severe brainwashing before they die and reincarnate, most people are not willing to accept that they have been fooled and will not accept help even if it is offered for free. Realizing you have been fooled and moving on to a better understanding of reality requires both intelligence and will-power.


Your consciousness has no first beginning or final end
The reason for why you are having a consciousness experience in your current body is due to your physical brain-structure, since it's similar to how it was before you will have a conscious experience in the same body as 5 minutes ago.

The reason why you ended up in your body is because of neurological similarities with your old body you had before you died, this continues an infinite amount of time.

Since your conscious experience is extended an infinite amount of time in the past it's also extended an infinite amount of time in the future, if there was any possibility for it coming to a final end that would have happened already.


Living as a women
When you are a human female you will be an object a lot of people desire, especially if you have attractive feautures such as E-cup breasts.

When you should get a kick out of being sexy, wear revealing clothing to show of your body. Seing other males looking at you and wanting you.

Sex as a women can be really awesome, the orgasm will be a lot more intense than the typical male orgasm and it will last a lot longer, you can even get multiple orgasms.

When you are pregnant you will see your breasts grow and feel your child grow inside you.

Childbirth can be very intense, a combination of pain and euphoria.


Living as a male
Being male usually means struggle, you will have to compete against other males for females, humans is not an exception.

Due to monogamy getting increasingly unpopular among humans it is getting increasingly difficult for human males to succeed when it comes to mating.

Males have a very strong sex-drive but when we actually have sex it's usually nlt that great, just a temporary relief. Some males can rely on only their bodies to attract the females they desire but most cant and end up having to compete for money and status.

The male brain and body allows some males and only males to compete and the highest level, if you are able to make it that far the life as a male will be awesome but most males are crippled with dysfunctional brain making high level competition very difficult or even impossible.


Cultural survival of the fittest
Some cultures will naturally spread while other cultures will become increasingly less common. A culture can grow by reaching new people or by being transferred to children being born to said culture.

Cultures that promote fertility will spread naturally by causing higher birthrates among individuals that believe in said culture, furthermore people that are neurologically susceptible for said culture will end up reproducing more and thus keep spreading the culture even if it's unpopular among most people.

How easy it is for a particular culture to spread will depend on society and neurological factors. Some cultures will naturally appeal to people and gain popular even though it's bad in terms of survival and reproduction, this will however die out over time.


Societal survival of the fittest
Weak societies will fall and be taken over by stronger societies.

Democratic societies tend to become weak and this cannot last forever, you can utilize weaknesses in democratic systems to slowly grab power, after that there will not be any more real democracy.

One way to measure how successful a society is to look at survival and reproduction (birthrate). The by far biggest factor limiting the birthrate is females unwilling to have even close to the max number of children. There are several brutal methods (baby quotas, females as property) to maximize the fertility rate among desired females.

13 is a good age for a female to start breeding, if she is finished breeding early that will allow her to enter the economy and be productive to society early. It's also easier to force a young females to have children since it will be difficult for her to flee or fight back.

We also need to have a strong economy so we can support all our children we forced females to have, this will also allow us to build a strong military. In order to build a strong society we need to be inclusive, not exclude people based on ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender expression. By attracting important individuals to our society we make it stronger.

Unless you are militarily stronger than all other countries on earth combined it's very important to build strong alliances to ensure you will come out victorious in the case of a world war. By winning the world war we will be able to drastically expand our borders and eventually rule over the entire planet.


Immigration and inclusivity
Societies that are inclusive and allow valuable individuals to enter will have an advantage over societies that try to exclude people based on factors that don't matter.

It's very important that you as a country put effort into attracting high quality people to your society so it becomes stronger instead of some other country benefiting from them. By attracting important individuals from other countries you make your own society stronger and other societies weaker.

Unfortunately today borders are relatively fixed and if you take in immigrants that may result in less land and living space for your existing population unless you are later able to expand your borders and attain more resources for everyone.

If you have too many people in your country then you will will have to import food to feed your population, this may come with some risks but there are strategies to manage that

0. keep food and other important items stockpiled so you will be able to survive for years if you are no longer able to import food.
1. have a strong military and make good geopolitical decisions securing trade of important goods.
2. eventually gain control over new areas allowing your citizens to spread out again.

Having a lot of people concentrated in the same area (such as a big city) does come with some military risk, you can try to mitigate this by having advanced defense systems but it may not actually be effective. Thus if you allow more people in the same area you might invite attacks by weapons of mass-destruction making everyone less safe. This is not however an issue of migration and it will actually be less bad in terms of inclusive fitness if the people who migrate to the city are genetically distant.

It’s not just about being accepting with regard to ethnicity, it’s also about being accepting with regard to culture, sexual orientation, gender expression and sex-characteristics.


Imperialism and globalism
Having a small country results in you being vulnerable to the whims of larger countries, you might think you will get more independence when small but in reality you will just become powerless.

Some issues such as global warming and pollution needs to be tackled globally, we cannot let countries all over the world destroy the environment, we can do it ourselves but we cannot let other countries do the same.

We shall expand our borders and dominate the world, we shall eventually rule the entire planet. We need to build a strong military alliance allowing us to take over the world.


Human goals and preferences
Evolution has shaped us to value some things such as high-quality sex, exploration and family.

It is however not always possible to change society to a way we would like better since the very act of reforming society can make it unstable if it isn't already, thus we are forced by societal realities to go against human nature to a degree.

Naturally the goal should be not only to rule over the entire planet but also to colonize space, this will require radical genetic engineering.


The previous (incorrect) version is kept as attachment.



most males shouldn't reproduce
It's still way too easy to reproduce, females are too monogamous. Most males are not voluntarily going to give up having children and thus they need to be forced to die child-less via brutal female sexual selection.

The most important aspect of being a father is providing your children with good genetics, that cannot be fixed later if it goes wrong. In addition you can have a special bond with your biological children due to genetic links and biological similarities.

In addition the biological father will typically by defualt get totalitarian authority over the child for 18 years, most males are not suitable for that power, fully removing custodial power from a male is hard, in Sweden 95% of divorces results in the parents sharing custody where they see their children every other week.

Your role as a father besides giving your children good genetics is mostly to provide resources to them and also support them in critical moments. You are supposed to be a great role model for your children and lead by example, they are supposed to look up to you and learn from you.

As the number of children you have increases; there will be less available time and resources for each child, thus you will be forced to be effective and not waste time doing mundane things with your children 18 19

17:1 worked in the past

Most males will end up at cuckolds, shemales or completely alone. Current males (few exceptions) are a fucking disgrace and most of them deserve far worse than inceldom.

70 to 95% have undersized dick and thus cannot properly satisfy the typical women sexually, other males fail to satisfy females due to their actions during sex or due to erectile dysfunction.

80% are ugly (according to OKcupid study).

Females are still way to soft, they need to become far more brutal in their mate-selection.


Humans as property
Having a system where people can be reduced to property of others is required for social control, true domination sex, forced breeding and to protect people from their own stupidity.

D0: very high-value individuals under guardianship/custody (owned by A or B citizen).
D1: high-value slave/child (owned by C1 or higher).
D2: slave/child you are not allowed to injure (minor punishments allowed).
D3: slave not allowed to be killed or seriously injure (loss of limb, brain-damage, sterilized, etc).
D4: slave you are not allowed to kill or give serious brain-damage.
D5: slave with no rights.

This make it possible to have a lot of fun brutally dominating other people humiliating them and subjecting them to fun punishments (fun for you).

Being reduced to property isn't all bad, it also means no more personal responsibility, all you need to do it submit and you should be fine. The individual who owns you will be incentivized to take some care of you since he/she doesn't want to lose his/her property.