So what will be the next steps in the evolution (or devolution) of women?


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Some say, what's going to happen is that we see more sexual dimorphism, as women need to be stupider in order to reproduce, since the high-IQ chicks are going into the corporate world rather than having babies.

I think what we might also see happen is that women become even better at lying than they are now; as men become more aware of their bullshit, women will have to get more and more skilled at deceit to come up with lies that get past men's bullshit detectors.

Then again, all this stuff of "#BelieveWomen" means that women won't actually need to come up with plausible lies since there aren't really any negative consequences for lying. Moreover, affirmative action will mean that women will be able to get hired even if they have a really sketchy history. Laws like those against revenge porn will ensure that women are able to get negative information about them wiped from the Internet, so they can get a fresh start no matter how many times they fuck up. It could be too that as the manosphere gets dismantled, men will have no way of learning about women's true nature other than the hard way. One could argue that as women more and more get to live life on tutorial mode, maybe that will encourage them to get dumber and dumber.
We should genetically engineer females to they will age better.

Now they are limited to having children before 40 pretty much and they do not age well past that at all.