Somewhat useful and multi-hacky garbage such as the folloing:


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#tip .. eat meals.
#tip .. when up do snack && circulate blood to wake up.
#tip .. use energy drinks, (special-supplements) OR (powerful-salts). [[ IF EATTEN-MEAL ]]

"circulation using the YAYOG-Bible"
do (arms)
wait (12h)
do (legs)
// meal (3h_before) workout && (right_after) workout.
    // when not when not YAYOG, eat greens.

1hnap = 2hup.
2hnap = 4hup.
3hnap = 6hup.
4hnap = 8hup.
5hnap = 10hup.
6hnap = 12hup.
// eating fruits before sleepy is not that bad.

"best way of coping"
int: take brakes etch two hours. (5 - 10m)
     on brakes, get a snack, hot-drink, && circulate blood && memo "link:".

#here is a mental exercise that Im going to apply.
class forsight, before making an action use the five seconds to imagine all ways you gonna preform it:
      - contributes to self awareness.
      - keep it up when in Motional Action.
      - it is a 3rd person outr body experience

class when listening to someone speak, simply repeat the spoken in your mind:
      - contributes to self awareness.
      - keeps you alart on detail of the spoken.
      - also keep it up when listening to a video/song.

#brake proto
memo cyc = every 2 hours.
memo subject proi 1
memo subject proi 2 
memo subject proi 3

memo on brakes of 5/(10) minuets. 
that's why I need to priorities memos 
and work them out every 2 hours when on a brake.
                 // don't forget anon, you are here only forever.