Sports and videogames


Things like sports and videogames create an artificial challenge. It can be very effective in giving a false sense of accomplishment such as when you finally manage to beat the final boss in metroid prime.

When you are too young to deal with the real world artificial challenges such as trying to beat a videogame can be appropriate but many people get stuck with these things not making real-world progress. Videogames can also serve as an important cope for a lot of people who are stuck with a shitty job with no real prospects of improvement.

A case can be made for rejecting gaming completely as a " waste of time" but for a lot of people that is probably not a good idea, videogames is a safe and effective cope that a lot of people simply have to resort to.

So what about sports? there isn't actually any meaningful division between sports and videogames. Many sports such as snooker are not even physically demanding. Furthermore VR games typically involve advanced motion controllers that capture physical movements:



Daniil Kvyat vs Max Verstappen
This is Daniil Kvyat, a Russian F1 driver

He came to Formula One in 2014, on the top of his game, with dreams of becoming a world champion.

He drove for Toro Rosso, a midfield team, with hopes of being promoted to the main, front-running team, Red Bull Racing.

And after some good results, it happened - in 2015 he was announced as a Red Bull driver, giving him a chance to fight for podiums and wins.

In fact, he managed to score 2 podiums and did relatively well.

However, his luck was running out. From the junior categories, a new star was rising, who destroyed anything and anyone in his way

Max Verstappen:

Verstappen was the youngest ever F1 driver, only 17 years old. In the first season, he drove for Toro Rosso, and managed two 4th places in that midfield car.

Next season, only a few races in, Red Bull announced they dropped Kvyat overnight and demoted him to Toro Rosso, and Verstappen was to drive for Red Bull.

Kvyat said:
It will be interesting to see who will be able to work better and harder in terms of bringing in the results
Indeed. And what happened next was the final straw

Max Verstappen, at only 18 years of age, in his debut race for Red Bull, in a car he never drove before, won the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix and became the youngest ever race winner.

And it didn't stop there. Race after race, Max was fighting against cars much faster than his, single-handedly making the sport exciting again.

Who could forget races like 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix, his start in 2017 Chinese Grand Prix, overtake on Rosberg in 2016 British Grand Prix, his dominance in 2017 Mexican Grand Prix

Meanwhile, Kvyat was a broken man. His performances hit a downward spiral, and eventually he was dropped even from Toro Rosso, and left formula 1 for the 2018 season.

However, there was a ray of hope
In 2019 he was hired by Toro Rosso again

Unbelievably, in a crazy rain-affected race in Germany, he managed to score his 3rd career podium!

Who won the race?

Max Verstappen of course

However, Kvyat was ecstatic.

And he revealed to the press he became a father just a day before! He got a daughter with the beautiful Kelly Piquet

Absolutely wonderful. And he got to drive for Toro Rosso - now called Alpha Tauri - in 2020 as well!

His teammate was a Frenchman, Pierre Gasly.

Gasly was promoted to Red Bull the previous year, to drive alongside Verstappen, but was demoted back only after half a season, because Verstappen absolutely crushed him, even lapped him on a few occasions.

However, unlike Kvyat, he was mentally strong, and despite setbacks, drove better than ever, and destroyed Kvyat.

So Kvyat was let go on the end of 2020 season, most likely ending his formula 1 career forever.

How about his love life though? Remember the beautiful Kelly Piquet, with whom he has a child?
At least he can seek some comfort with her.... right?



The difficulty problem with single player games
Single player games are typically optimized for the average player and tend to become too easy even on the highest difficulty once you have played them enough, far cry 2 is an example of this.

So what do people do with games that are now too easy? the answer is sometimes speedrunning, trying to beat the game as quickly as possible.