Steve Hoca was right on the money about these TFL issues.


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He doesn't hold back AT ALL. Unliked the fraudulent incel/fakecel community that wants to Chadmax and surgerymax and have such weak, cowardly effeminate/homosexual in the closet lifeviews. Steve Hoca's masculinity and unwillingness to bend to society and advocates for social change instead, which incels have always overlooked and ignored, largely due to cowardice and the fact that the majority are fraudulent and were never really incel to start with.


Males improving themselves will obviously not decrease the inceldom rate, it will just result in females raising their standards because they can.

If you improve yourself to stop being incel it will come at the expense of other males becoming incel instead, other males are your biological enemies, you have to constantly compete against them to attract and impregnate females. There will always be winners and losers.