Terminator 7 script


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The usual incel story exept supi was an expert in programming and had a super human hunger for walkthroughs and studying skills. One day ...


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This blond cunt from his computer class.
After years of inceldom he touches a piece of her hat trying to engage with a foid again.
She screams DONT TOUCH ME!!!!!!.

The class all goes quit. Supi snapps
A 2nd personality is created in his brain.
This was the last straw.
He looks at his watch. He sits down, dead from the inside.

Exactly 3 minutes later, a chobit a 10 out of 10 chobit walks in to the class


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This was a chobit, what the fuck? Was going through his mind, blond red eyes middle school looking. The class stops and look at her, she makes eye contact with supi and says:
Supi supi my supi i found you at last, then
She starts evil laughting just like a recording of the anime higurashi.

Mind you the time in which our story takes place is the early 2k, the time before uttorent
Youtube and facebook, heck before myspace.

This is the time of kazaa with emule file sharing system still new, and somewhat after napstar.

The chobit makes her way to supi through
The narrow row of chairs and computers
And kisses him on the lips. The blond her looks with contempts and WTF on her face.

The teacher yells at the chobit amd asks her
"What is going on here?" The chobit than escapes the class room as swiftly as she entered. Leaving supi in a state of elation and curiousity. Who was she, what was she?!