The Clarus Compact


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Hello everyone, I wanted to take some time to talk about my purpose and the larger ideology behind my motivations.

As many of you may know, there is a lot of strife in our world. Wars, poverty, isolation, and disillusionment. I believe that we live in times that are better than they ever have been before, but there is a lot of work to do in order to further improve things.

Especially in our times today, we see rising inequality. Instead of these issued being addressed in a proper way, we often see forceful measures and laws enacted that further push this inequality to deeper levels.

I have decided that in order to create a free world, we need a form of voluntary distribution, where people so much believe in the impact on others that they want to see others rise up around them through their own volition.

As a result, I have decided that of every amount of income I earn past $200 a day, every bit afterwards will go towards hiring others and building the systems that can give everyone long-term employment. I may save at times in order to make important acquisitions that may benefit everyone, but I will not chase after excessive wealth or luxury items for myself as an individual. I have realized that the chase for material status, larger houses, luxury cars, expensive clothing, is not a thing that leads to long-term happiness and there are people that become less and less happier the more they spend into themselves. Today's multimillionaire and billionaires often have trouble connecting well with the middle class and as a result they feel isolated due to their shrinking relationships as they climb higher up the presented ladder.

Therefore, if I'm to make $1,000, it won't be to get an apartment 5x as expensive, it won't be to buy cloth 5x as expensive, it will be to get 4 others to be able to have the same opportunities that I do.

My goal is to not just earn money and then go into hiding, disappearing forever from view. I want to be ever present, creating systems where everyone can come together with me.

The $200 a day amount may adjust as the value of money changes, but the idea is that I don't need to upgrade certain things for myself much anymore. I could chase false dreams and attempt to save for houses that would take 20 - 30 years to pay off as set by standard from the status quo, but what benefits would that bring for people? Money is best when it's flowing, and I want to use it to make the largest impacts in the lives of many individuals.

As an American, I have also seen the damage that my government has caused to many foreign nations around the globe through the military industrial complex. Furthermore, there are so many out there that live in extreme poverty, only being able to subsist on a few dollars per day.

My goal is to foster international relations and use the power of cryptocurrency to facilitate cross border payments to those in every nation. I have seen what is possible working with the great people of Asia, South America, Africa, Oceania, and of course North America. Many of these people can create amazing videos and graphics, write very informative texts, and develop amazing programs through their expertise in coding. Yet too many struggle just to get by, which is something I will dedicate my life to correcting.

I do not want to push a standard where we must race against each other to achieve status, but one where we're unified in our endeavors. I strive not for the personal pursuit of power, but to build a world where everyone is powerful.

- Claire


Cryoptocurrency is not needed for cross-border payments. There are already fiat services for that which tends to be cheaper than exchanging to crypto to send that will then be exchanged back to fiat.

Holding crypto is very risky since the token you bought might go down 99% if you hold it. There is nothing backing these coins (unlike government fiat which is at least backed by a government).

Central bank digital currency might end up being the better option for most people.


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Actually there are pretty large fees with services like Paypal or Western Union, which many still use. There are some options that are better but with cryptocurrency the fee can be a few cents. There are more and more systems like Bitrefill where people can just buy with cryptocurrency instead of having to convert it.

Also it is unlikely for cryptocurrency to go down 99%, also as far as fluctuations goes, it happens to fiat currencies but since they are the basis of measure it is not noticed heavily, but the prices of foods and fuels is always changing. Cryptocurrencies are backed by mathematics and limited supply similar to gold and silver, while with fiat currencies governments can keep printing them, and most countries will have to at some point enter hyperinflation just to keep up with their promised benefits.