The forced feminization experience


version 19 of the vintologi bible said:
A nurse will regularly visit your home. Your pants will be pulled down and soon you will feel a needle inside your muscle and soon the injection, estradiol valerate, it will be slowly absorbed by your body.

At first it was just pills given orally, now it’s injections and at this point hiding the breasts is very difficult. The estrogen will make you more emotional and thus you will probably start crying due to the intense humiliation you received by the new government controlled by believers of vintologi. you crying and begging will of course not stop the nurse from doing the injection.
I tried hiding my tits but they are just getting bigger. I cried first time i was being injected, i am not the same person now, the hormones have made me all emotional and it's really humiliating when you start crying for no reason.

I don't even know what law i broke or why they are doing this to me, i considered trying to leave but i was too afraid to do that and now i have just accepted my fate, i will have to adapt living as a girl.


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This all just seems like self-castration with extra steps.

People regret transition all the time. People that were never even growing up with a desire to transition would likely feel intense dysphoria after transitioning, making it pointless. If you want some future government to sterilize incels or weak men or whatever, that government could do it more effectively without this pornographic fantasy of yours (without sex transitioning).


This all just seems like self-castration with extra steps.
It's chemical castration, it works.
People regret transition all the time.
Detransition is rare, less than 2%

People that were never even growing up with a desire to transition would likely feel intense dysphoria after transitioning,
Studies on intersex children show that 40% will identify as female due to being raised as one, you can adapt.
making it pointless.
It's far from that, if it isn't a pleasant experience it can still be used as a punishment and to study humans, it would teach us more about psychology, etc.

If you want some future government to sterilize incels or weak men or whatever, that government could do it more effectively without this pornographic fantasy of yours (without sex transitioning).
There isn't any real need to sterilize incels since they will not reproduce anyway, this is more about social control.

It's better if a punishment is entertaining for other people, it's about having fun brutally dominating people we dislike in addition to exercising social control required to keep the society stable.


Stocktrader forced to take female hormones
He had to to though a Brutal and perverse "training program. Facced with his Hobson's choice, Mr. Tong, capitulated and began to take over-the-counter herbal supplements that articicially bosdted his estrogen level, as well as female birth control that his wife had brought back from china in bulk

As a condition of Mr. Tong’s continued employment with SAC, Mr. Jiang required him to wear subtle feminine attire in the workplace during business hours (Including blouses, slacks, shorts, and open-toed sandals). After hours, Mr. Jiang demanded Mr. Tong wear more obviously feminine attire in the workplace (consisting of bras and panties, blouses, skirts, dresses, and high-heeled sandals). On more than one occasion, Mr. Jiang summoned Mr. Tong into an empty conference room after business hours and forced him to disrobe and model various feminine outfits as well as put on makeup. During these humiliation sessions, Mr. Jiang would make comments to Mr. Tong such as, “Don’t worry, you’ll get prettier with makeup” and “you look cute in that,” and “That looks sexy on you.” This forced feminine dressing occurred throughout the course of Mr. Tong’s employment at SAC, moreover, during this entire period of time, Mr. Jiang also insisted Mr. Tong grow his hair long and wear makeup such as lipstick and nail polish. Not surprisingly, several of Mr. Tong”s co-workers commented on his appearance … Thereafter, Ari Kiev, a workplace psychologist retained by Mr. S. Cohen to enhance the performance of trader/analysts at SAC observed Mr. Tong wearing feminine attire in the workplace but did not say anything to him or Mr. Jiang (as far as he was aware)

Up through March of 2006, Mr. Jiang insisted that Mr. Tong continue taking female hormones so as to “shape” his personality into “a combination of male and female traits,” including being “dedicated, hard-working, subservient and detail-oriented.” Moreover during that period of time, Mr. Jiang continued to pressure Mr. Tong to perform oral sex on him as a condition of Mr. Jiang authorizing Mr. Tong’s trades. In this regard, Mr. Jiang remarked to Mr. Tong, “You’ll have to give me a blowjob if you want to make that trade.

Mr. Jiang reiterated his promise that Tong would make millions of dollars if (and only if) he followed Mr. Jiang’s directions unconditionally. Intimidated by Mr. Jiang’s authority and backing by senior management, as well as lured by Mr. Jiang’s promise of making millions of dollars, Mr. Tong again submitted to his superior’s demands.

During the interviews, when asked directly why he obeyed the unusual alleged demands of Mr. Jiang, Mr. Tong repeatedly described thinking he was convinced that Mr. Jiang was a powerful and successful man who was a ‘great financial trader.’ He reported desperately wanting to stay employed at SAC. He wanted to learn how to become a great financial success. As a result, he did not mind wearing women’s clothing or taking the hormones. He said that if he became a successful millionaire, no one would care if he had engaged in those behaviors. Also, if people did care, it would not matter to him because he would be a successful millionaire.


On June 25, 2019, just a little over a year ago, a 16-year-old boy (whom we’ll call Javier, to protect his identity) had just been detained and sent to Central Juvenile Hall, one of the county’s two remaining juvenile halls, located northeast of downtown LA, on Eastlake Avenue.

At Eastlake, as the hall is often known, Javier was given a physical examination by some of the facility’s medical personnel.

According to the complaint, during the June 25, 2019, exam, medical staff first administered a blood test, then a urine test, after which Dr. Danny Wang determined that Javier had slightly elevated testosterone levels.

Javier was, after all, a teenager, which meant his hormones were likely to be bouncing quite a bit.

But in Javier’s case, the physician who examined him reportedly diagnosed him with Oppositional Defiance Disorder, or ODD, then elected to prescribe an unusual form of medication, with the idea that it would make the boy less “aggressive.”

(Dr. Wang and any other medical professionals dealing with mental health or physical in probation’s halls and camps, don’t work for probation directly. In the case of Dr. Wang and Dr. David Oh, they work for Juvenile Court Health Services, which is a part of the Department of Health Services.)**

ODD, as it is known, is not an uncommon diagnosis for boys and girls who come in contact with the juvenile justice system. In the deeply-researched “Los Angeles County Probation Outcomes Report” of 2015, lead author Dr. Denise Herz, and her co-authors, found that 92 percent the kids in LA County Probation’s care had some kind of mental health diagnosis out of the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In the case of probation’s kids, the report found that Disruptive Behavior Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and a couple of other unpleasantly named “mood disorders,” were diagnosed 58 percent of the time.

And of course, once there is a diagnosis, treatment often follows and, in LA’s juvenile facilities, that treatment is too often medication.

In Javier’s case, the medication was Estradiol, which is a form of the female hormone estrogen that is most commonly used by women to help reduce symptoms of menopause.

Wang reportedly prescribed 30 doses of the stuff, to be taken daily, all without Javier’s parents’ knowledge or permission. Javier was reportedly given his first estrogen treatment in the form of three vaccinations.

Worried, Javier told the medical people that he’d not given permission to be given any drugs or medicine, and asked what the stuff was for. The nurse reportedly — falsely– told the teenager that it was to treat a small “nodule” on his chest.

Javier was still uncomfortable with taking the mystery medication. At first, he said he would refuse to take it. Then reportedly, one of the medical staff told him he could not in fact refuse. Javier’s probation officer was also standing nearby when the conversation took place, and reiterated that Javier didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Later, Javier would tell his parents, and his lawyer, Wesley G Ouchi, that he was afraid of getting a negative “write up,” by staff members that could be reported to the judge and “negatively affect” his case, as the judge had threatened to make his sentence longer and harsher, possibly even sending him to the state’s Department of Juvenile Justice system (DJJ), unless he ran a good program, and got zero write-ups.

Hormone storm
Fearful about giving staff any reason to criticize his behavior, Javier took the Estradiol, as he was instructed.

“Replacement hormones” like Estradiol are powerful and almost most immediately Javier began to feel strange and sick. According to the complaint, the effects were “physical, emotional, cognitive, and psychological.”

And then he began to grow breasts. Really, it was more of a swelling on his chest than actual boobs. But the weird boob-like swellings were visible to other kids, said attorney, Wes Ouchi, when WitnessLA spoke to him. And then, of course, the teasing began.

Javier also broke out in pimples on his face, scalp, and body.

He became depressed, and couldn’t concentrate. He was highly anxious, had a hard time controlling his thoughts. The teasing from other boys didn’t help.

Finally, after 13 doses, a desperate Javier refused the treatment, write-ups, or no write-ups and, this time, he stuck to it.

After he refused treatment, Dr. Wang and his boss Dr. David Oh, told his parents about the treatment. At least, sort of. He didn’t really explain what the treatment actually was.

So, did Javier really receive any kind of accepted treatment?

As far as attorney Ouchi has been able to determine, the answer is no.

“There is no any kind of indication that providing Estrodial to an adolescent male is any kind of accepted treatment for anything,” he said. “We think it was an experiment. And we think it’s likely not the only time they used the treatment, experimentally.”

So far, WitnessLA’s preliminary probe of the matter yields the same utter lack of studies or academic papers on the topic.

Ouchi and his firm haven’t done discovery yet, he said. So they are just at the beginning stages in probing the case more deeply. Yet, he believes there’s lots more to be uncovered, noting the curious fact that the doctors seemed to have had the drug handy when Javier was first examined when, obviously, Estrodial is not a normal drug to just keep on hand, such as Tylenol or a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Ouchi is interested, he said, to find out if there are other teenage boys in probation’s system who were given estrogen in this potentially purely experimental manner, which he described as “potentially criminal.”

UCLA’s Dr. Jorja Leap, who was part of the planning for the POC, and one of the co-authors of the deeply researched LA County Probation Governance Report, was very disturbed by the implications of the new lawsuit.

“These troubling developments point to the need for real oversight with power to hold probation — and those from other county agencies, who work inside probation’s facilities — fully accountable when they harm those in their care,” she told us.

(You can read the full complaint right here.)

So, yes, fund the POC!
Later this week, WitnessLA will have another report on another disturbing lawsuit having to do with LA County Probation, this time pertaining to something that happened during the evacuation of the kids at Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall during the Sylmar fire.

This second lawsuit also points to the critical need for oversight.

“These recent allegations and many others speak to the vital necessity of robust, credible, and meaningful civilian oversight over the Los Angeles County Probation Department,” said Cyn Yamashiro after reading the complaint having to do with Javier’s case, and discussing the second lawsuit.

“The county cannot continue to formulate policy by responding to litigation. Reacting to crises and civil claims as a means of developing public policy ignores the profound harm suffered by victims of this type of abuse and costs the county desperately needed scarce resources.”

Yamashiro is the Directing Attorney of the LA County Bar Association’s Independent Juvenile Defender Program. He is also on the existing Probation Commission, and on the temporary blue-ribbon commission that designed the POC.

“Probation Department reform has been at the top of the list in terms of difficulty in bringing about change in LA County,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas said of the PUC vote, when WLA asked him about the matter. “Here it is a full decade-plus, and we’re just now getting around to establishing an oversight entity — with teeth. I never would have imagined it would be this difficult. But I want to give props to the advocates, to the juvenile probationers, to the parents, to the community at large who never gave up, to some of the nonprofit providers, interventionists and a whole host of individuals who know there’s a better way to speak the language of reform, rehabilitation, and reentry.”


Her mother forced her to transition
She was born male but now she is a beautiful women, unfortunatily she doesn't really enjoy this.

u/hiikyu wrote:

English isn't my first language so please excuse any grammatical errors. I'm 17, I was born a boy but I've been living as a girl since I was 11.

Ok, so, I had a "boyfriend" when I was 9, I never told my parents because I thought they would say I was too young to date. It was very innocent, we just liked to hug, hold hands and play minecraft together. I decided to tell my parents about him when we had our first kiss. My mother wasn't exactly pleased... I didn't know she was homophobic, in fact I didn't even know what homophobia was or what it means to be gay. My dad tried to defend me, they fought a lot through out the months, long story short I caused my parents divorce.

My mother gaslighted me into believing I was transgender. She always wanted a girl and couldn't cope with the fact I'm gay so she thought transitioning me was a perfect solution. She picked a new name for me (Laís), bought me new clothes, put me on hormone blockers and we moved to a neighbour city where no one knew about my past self. I didn't really oppose to it in the beginning, I just wanted her to stop being mean to me, so I played along and I was happy for some time because my mother liked me again and I was allowed to see my dad.

I was very uncomfortable after the first year, I told my mother I wanted to live as a man again, and I was immediately shut down, I tried to bring it up again a few times, but she would get aggressive towards me, or guilt trip me into apologizing. I started HRT at 14, I can't accurately explain the distress I felt when my body started to change. My mother kept telling me nobody likes going through puberty, and that I would look beautiful, boys would think I'm beautiful, I would be curvy and look good on dresses, and once I get to see myself as a beautiful woman on the mirror I'll be happy. I'm not happy, I hate every single thing about my body. I don't want men to see me as a woman or love me as they would love women, I am disgusted by the thought of being desired like that, I've never had sex and never will, I would feel so humiliated, I am extremely ashamed of my body. But my mother is delighted, she treats me like a doll...the baby girl she always wished for, but I'm tired of living her dream.

She brought up SRS a couple times, she never even asked me if I wanted to do it, she talks as if it's certain I'll do it, I ignored it until I couldn't anymore, yesterday she told me she scheduled an appointment with a surgeon so I said I didn't want to go, she didn't freak out but she tried to convince me to go, she listed all the good things SRS would provide me, and how that would improve my life but those things aren't positive for me at all. She wouldn't shut up about marriage, and sex, how I'd love to do it, how I could please my husband with a vagina and I was just sat there listening to her monologue, I couldn't get myself to say anything beyond "I would never be able to be naked in front of someone" and she thought I ment I was embarrassed about my penis, she said I wouldn't have to be embarrassed after the surgery, I said SRS would be the death of me, she just ignored it and went back to talk about how I'll be able to have a loving and fulfilling (hetero) marriage someday.

I am terrified. I cried so much, I don't know what to do... I can't talk about it with my friends, no one knows I was born a man. Besides my mother, my dad is the only person close to me who knows about my past, but my dad doesn't know what's going on I only see him once a month and he thinks I like being a girl, when I started transitioning he asked me if I really wanted this and 11yo me assured him it was my idea, he was quite skeptical about it but it's been too long now and I'm apparently very happy living as a girl so he just accepted it, I don't really know how he would react. I'm so scared of going against my mother's wishes, so scared of how people would react... I'm ashamed, I allowed all of this to happen and now there's no way out. Even if I somehow manage to escape from my mother and detransition I'll never look like a man. The damage is done... I started HRT too young, I have boobs, I sound like a girl, l'm short, my features are too soft, I have narrow shoulders, I don't think I can fix all that. This is me (I'm 153cm tall, 48kg). If I try to detrans I'll look like a masculine woman at most. I feel so stupid, so helpless.

I'm just looking for advice, an outside perspective, anything. A girl on twitter told me about this community, it's good to know I'm not alone. Thank you so much for reading all this... have a lovely day.

A neighbour called CPS when I was younger because he heard us fighting (it was pretty intense), a psychologist talked to me but I lied, I said everything was fine, because my mom told me they would take me away and I'd live in a horrible place where other children would beat me and violate me... I was 12 so I belived her. Well, I'll see if they can help me now. I'm afraid they'll try to contact my mother tho, that would make things worse

My mother was indeed very cruel, I was conflicted for a very long time, I felt bad for not loving her and wanting to get away from her, because the abuse didn't seem so clear at the time, but now I know I'm not being ungrateful. Someone might love me for who I am but they'll never find me attractive, unless they have some sort of fetish. I don't think I'll ever be able to date.

I don't trust my mother, I've been trying to talk to her for years but she thinks she knows better, my mom vicariously lives through me, she already planned my whole life, I don't know if she genuinely thinks she's doing something good for me, maybe she doesn't care I'm not happy. She always makes me feel guilty she invested so much money and time on me but it's not like I didn't try to say I didn't want this

Dating will be harder if you detransition (obviously) but since you are attracted to males you should still be able to find something.
You specifically attracted to gay males?
Well, yeah, gay and bi men. But I know I have very slim chances of dating other gay men bc I'm way too feminized, bi guys would most likely be attracted to me but they wouldn't really see me as a man and that bothers me a lot. So I just accepted I'm not going to have a relationship or have sex unless I succefully detransition. In fact I wasn't even counting on detransition because I thought it was impossible at this point, but people in the comments told me I still have a chance so hopefully I'll be able to detrans.