The ideal society


For the ideal society to be stable and lasting it has to control the entire planet or at least most of the planet. If there are competition between societies you might be forced to implement rather nasty war-time measures just to survive as a society, then you may as well push even harder to put an end to it.

In order to prevent the overspecialization problem and societal cancer you have to empower a ruling elite which i call the senate to have the highest authority on all matters and you also want these people to actively govern and not just rely on specialists to make decisions for them.


How do we evaluate a society and why should we care?
People are naturally driven towards survival and reproduction, evolution has over time enforced various preferences among humans and people will be naturally driven towards satisfying these given the opportunity. For example people care about their children doing well.

But why should we care about people on average having fun lives?

Well unless you are going to reincarnate on earth there isn't really any reason to care in the first place. While it is very likely that our consciousness has a continuation after death it's not clear how likely you are to end up reincarnating as a human on earth.

If you are going to reincarnate however than what matters is the probability of you reincarnating as someone/sometimes multiplied by the average quality of that life and the length of it. That means that it's worth making someones life worth if the quality of life of other people will improve more, for example you can just use people as entertainment such as publicly raping people and having everyone watch that as entertainment or reducing someone to a sex-slave and then having loads of people have fun at his/her expense (you can use people born male for this since you can use hormones to change the sex-characteristics of someone).

You can also have a very unbalanced society with regard to sex/gender since if the quality of life is improved more for one sex than it is reduced for the other via some policy it's worth it. Of course people may on an emotional level care about gender equality but you satisfy that by making people think there is equality, not by actually having equality.


The vintologi power law
The amount of totalitarianism in a society has an equilibrium point. If you restrict the power of the government you end up with lower-level totalitarian control instead 52 53 54

By weakening the central government you may end up with organized crime, parents having totalitarian control over their kids, sects, psychiatry, etc.

Ordinary "checks and balances" only change who has the power, by making the supreme court more powerful you make other branches of the government less powerful. By making it easier to impeach the president you simply empower congress at the expense of the president.

If we allow citizens to instantly remove the rulers from power via a vote we just end up with more mob rule, technical solutions for this are to allow the citizens to call snap elections or by allowing citizens to change their vote at any time and not having periodic elections.

If we go too far when it comes to controlling people (such as sending 50% of the population to jail) it will hurt the economy and make the government less popular. Weaker economy and less technological advancement means it will become more difficult for the government to effectively control people.


Cruel and unusual punishments
By subjecting your citizens to cruel and unusual punishments you will be able to more efficiently control them and thus there will no longer be any need for expensive jails, few if any people will have to be locked up in institutions.

Locking up criminals in jails costs a lot of money and will cause a lot of suffering for the ones locked up. Instead most people committing crimes should be fined but if the individual can't pay or if the crime was serious a more brutal punishment will be given.

Some lawbreakers will be caned in public (up to 1000 times), this can be divided into multiple sessions if the individual cannot take it in one instance.

By having more tools at your disposal as a judge you will better be able to make an individual become a functional member of society, this may include forced feminization in order to drastically reduce their testosterone and allow them to live a better life as a female.

Creative and unusual punishment thus allows people to live better lives and less punishments will be needed to maintain social order.

Giving out these unusual punishments will provide value in the form of entertainment for everyone else, the purpose is humiliation for public amusement and deterrent.


Punishing problematic people
The punishment given will depend on several factors such as gender and physical attractiveness where attractive females and important males are given much more lenient punishment while unattractive males get very brutal punishments.

The harshest punishment a fertile female of high quality can face shall be being reduced to a D3 citizen. Females should in general be given a much more lenient sentence for the same crime.

Subhumans causing problems can end up facing very brutal punishments such as being killed for meat/organs or having to enter into a gladiator tournament where only 1 of 16 can survive (the winner).

We may also want to use some individuals for medical experiments.

People with problematic views can be sent to re-education camps or by reducing them to the property of others (D0 to D5). By changing their environment we can hopefully help them purify their souls and become functional members of our new superior society.


Gladiator games
People we dislike can provide entertainment value in the form of gladiator games. We watching in delight as they fight for their lives, the crowd cheering as another human is beaten to death.

A person we(the ruling elite) dislike will need up to 4 wins to be permitted to live, they will be paired up with other individuals that need the same numbers of wins. You may simply give up and let the other contestant kill you but if both are unwilling to kill they will both get executed. They either die and reincarnate or they survive a fun adventure.

We do not want to kill too many people in these gladiator arenas but if it is less than 25% of the population it is a good thing, the fit will be able to survive in the gladiator arena while the weaklings die(in general, you may be lucky or unlucky).

I am against penitentiaries and executions, instead we should give all people a fair chance to survive and be free. Jails will only be used to hold the contestants before/between the fights. We can of course also have duels to the death in an anarchy but they will not be very common without a ruling elite forcing people to kill each other.

In many countries executions are common where the survival chance is almost zero. A lot of US citizens get killed by trigger-happy cops where you do not even get a trial, here you at least get a fair chance to survive (25% in the case of 2 rounds).

You can construct elimination games in many ways, it does not have to be physical combat, can be board games(such as Fischer random) or letting people of the opposite sex choose after they have stripped naked. You may give people several chances to survive and reserve the deathmatches to the losers.


Using capitalism to maximize the quality of peoples lives
Let's say someone has a kidney that he/she values less than how someone else values that (or a liver that can be transferred) rather than forcefully taking it from that person and given it to someone else we can just let people trade it for money/resources.

For example a male giving up a kidney might want a female as sex-slave and then the female might have to accept sex-slavery in exchange for getting that kidney to survive.

This also works in the case of entertainment, people can be paid to entertain others doing things that are unpleasant/humiliating such as being fucked and spanked in public while restrained.

People could just be punished by fines and then they would be obligated to earn that back which might include doing nasty stuff to earn money, if they fail to pay the money the government requested they would be reduced to property of the government and then the government would try to extract these resources from them in addition to interest. They might remain as property until they die.


Population control and eugenics
If the population keep expanding you will eventually hit a point where there is no longer resources available to keep people alive. We can expect that as we reach the carrying capacity of earth food will become increasingly expensive and there will be an increasingly strong push to destroy the environment in favor of just getting a little bit more food to people.

You could of course also reduce the population by other means such as by making it more difficult for people to reproduce or completely sterilize/kill them.

Short-term relying on people voluntarily having less children would likely work (fertility is below replacement in most western countries despite support for parents) but over time people unwilling to reproduce unless forced by other(s) would diminish as a portion of the population.

While there would no longer be any need for eugenics to produce quick benefits the ruling elite would still have to put effort into at least maintaining the current population quality and ideally make sure the population improves over time even if it's very slow (like natural evolution).


How to we resolve the sex/gender issues?
Having 2 sexes with different characteristics will naturally lead to a lot of social tension, many people will feel like they are treated unfairly because of their sex.

Currently the option available is medical transition but that does not actually let people become like a typical member of said sex. You cannot currently get the reproductive capabilities of a sex you weren't born as. Furthermore unless you start your transition early enough you will become stuck with a skeleton of a sex you do not want to be.

While MTF HRT will halt further bone-masculinization it will not revert masculinization of bones that is already taken place usually making it very difficult to pass as a female if born male after the age of 20.

Jaw bones fuse typically between 14-16 in people born female and 17-21 in people born male, but the forehead/browbones and hip bones fuse around 24-25. Thus proper sex-change requires early HRT.

It's likely that there will be better medical options available in the future but maybe we could do something better than this?

One radical solution is switching to hermophrodite reproduction letting people naturally be born with both a penis and a vagina capable of reproduction.

Males would of course be largely obsolete in a very modern and advanced society so maybe having people mostly be like females physically (smaller, physically weaker, etc) would be better overall?


Focus on space exploration
Humans naturally desire some important purpose in life and this can be working to advance humanity letting us colonize other planets. This would of course be extremely difficult but even if it has just 1% chance of being successful it should still be done.

We would probably have to resort to radical genetic engineering to establish a presence in the planets we want to colonize. Rather than sending humans there we might have to send seeds there instead and then maybe have human-like individuals made on the planet we want to colonize.


What technology should be allow on earth?
While it may at first seem like advanced technology allow people to live better lives the reality if often very different from that.

With a single strong world government we would have the opportunity to dismantle a lot of things that just make people miserable.

would be very hard to get, most people would not be allowed to own them. You shouldn't have to worry about dying or getting mamed for life because some idiot pulled the trigger.

We also do not want people to be able to commit anti-government terrorism.

it will inevitably result in privacy violations, anything you do in public can be captured and spread all across the internet. People can also use violence and then film as they humiliate someone in front of a camera.

For example you can just pull down the pants of someone and then take a photo.

The internet
While it does allow the exchange of information easily the result has mostly been people getting more and more isolated in echo-chambers while IRL social connections increasingly die out. We probably want to take a lot more control over it at the very least.

For example we need to put effort into smashing online echochamber including sites like reddit. We might also need general anti-cult legislation to prevent for society destructive cults from becoming too large.


Issues with the Unabomber manifesto
While it is very convincing you can spot various issues with it.

It is well known that the rate of clinical depression has been greatly increasing in recent decades
There is zero good evidence for that, what has happened is a gradual loosening of the criteria for depression.
modern society gives them antidepressant drugs. In effect, antidepressants are a means of modifying an individual's internal state in such a way as to enable him to tolerate social conditions that he would otherwise find intolerable.
There is no good evidence that antidepressants are any better than placebo long term.

Education is no longer a simple affair of paddling a kid's behind when he doesn't know his lessons and patting him on the head when he does know them. It is becoming a scientific technique for controlling the child's development. Sylvan Learning Centers, for example, have had great success in motivating children to study, and psychological techniques are also used with more or less success in many conventional schools.
But we have gotten ahead of our story. It is one thing to develop in the laboratory a series of psychological or biological techniques for manipulating human behavior and quite another to integrate these techniques into a functioning social system. The latter problem is the more difficult of the two. For example, while the techniques of educational psychology doubtless work quite well in the "lab schools" where they are developed, it is not necessarily easy to apply them effectively throughout our educational system. We all know what many of our schools are like. The teachers are too busy taking knives and guns away from the kids to subject them to the latest techniques for making them into computer nerds
In reality people who study very technical subjects at schools often do very poorly since technology itself tend to get rid of these jobs and replace them with automated systems (such as computers instead of humans doing calculations).

"Parenting" techniques that are taught to parents are designed to make children accept fundamental values of the system and behave in ways that the system finds desirable. "Mental health" programs, "intervention" techniques, psychotherapy and so forth are ostensibly designed to benefit individuals, but in practice they usually serve as methods for inducing individuals to think and behave as the system requires. (There is no contradiction here; an individual whose attitudes or behavior bring him into conflict with the system is up against a force that is too powerful for him to conquer or escape from, hence he is likely to suffer from stress, frustration, defeat. His path will be much easier if he thinks and behaves as the system requires. In that sense the system is acting for the benefit of the individual when it brainwashes him into conformity.)
That's not correct, political extremists tend to be happier.
In the long run (say a few centuries from now) it is likely that neither the human race nor any other important organisms will exist as we know them today, because once you start modifying organisms through genetic engineering there is no reason to stop at any particular point, so that the modifications will probably continue until man and other organisms have been utterly transformed.
That's not a bad thing since without genetic engineering we humanity faces certain death in less than 500 000 000 years due warning from the sun eventually making earth inhabitable for humans and most animals.

With genetic engineering we have a shot at establishing ourselves on other planets and continue from there.


In modern industrial society only minimal effort is necessary to satisfy one's physical needs. It is enough to go through a training program to acquire some petty technical skill, then come to work on time and exert the very modest effort needed to hold a job. The only requirements are a moderate amount of intelligence and, most of all, simple OBEDIENCE. If one has those, society takes care of one from cradle to grave. (Yes, there is an underclass that cannot take the physical necessities for granted, but we are speaking here of mainstream society.) Thus it is not surprising that modern society is full of surrogate activities. These include scientific work, athletic achievement, humanitarian work, artistic and literary creation, climbing the corporate ladder, acquisition of money and material goods far beyond the point at which they cease to give any additional physical satisfaction, and social activism when it addresses issues that are not important for the activist personally, as in the case of white activists who work for the rights of nonwhite minorities. These are not always PURE surrogate activities, since for many people they may be motivated in part by needs other than the need to have some goal to pursue. Scientific work may be motivated in part by a drive for prestige, artistic creation by a need to express feelings, militant social activism by hostility. But for most people who pursue them, these activities are in large part surrogate activities. For example, the majority of scientists will probably agree that the "fulfillment" they get from their work is more important than the money and prestige they earn.

This is very much not true. It takes a lot more than minimal effort to satisfy your basic biological drives. Reproducing as a male in particular takes a lot of effort, the biggest hurdle is finding females willing to voluntarily let them impregnate you.

If it wasn't for the welfare state and things like government control over healthcare peoples health and the well-being of their children would instead be in their own hands. People would have to earn enough resources to support themselves and their children, they might have to watch one of their children needlessly die because they couldn't afford the medical treatment needed to save their child, people might starve because they cannot afford food.

He did mention population increase as a bad thing caused by technology but over time that will make it more and more challanging to survive and reproduce since there would be an increasingly brutal struggle for resources.

Thus it is not surprising that modern society is full of surrogate activities. These include scientific work, athletic achievement, humanitarian work, artistic and literary creation, climbing the corporate ladder, acquisition of money and material goods far beyond the point at which they cease to give any additional physical satisfaction


Giving people a sense of purpose in a modern society
A sense of purpose is not neccessarily something people have to find for themselves, it's something we can give to people similar to how dogs are often given specific tasks and this is often predetermined when the dog is born. We can do something like that to humans.

People could be genetically engineered for specific tasks, then they would already have a clear purpose for their lives and they wouldn't spend years trying to find some meaning that really isn't there.

With natural breeding the resulting genetic combination is random except for the fact that you get 50% from your father, 50% of your moder (exactly only in the case of females. the x chromosome is larger than the y chromosome). Because of that people might end up with genetics that are not needed for society and this can obviously create a lot of societal issues.

The popularity of videogames does illustrate that people often very much enjoy words that are tightly controlled by one entity and that are made by humans, humans can be very happy in environment created largely by humans.


The more heirarchical the society is the more it would matter to have a good standing in the society and this shouldn't just be getting access to more money, people can also be given special rights most people cannot enjoy.

People who themselves cannot join the ruling elite can still hope that one of their children will be able to do so and if not that maybe one of their grand-children. For example you might be able to make your daughter marry a senator when she is very young (such as 11) and then she will grow up to be at least very close to the ruling elite and it's likely that at least one of her children would join the senate.