The Ogre and the Petite!


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This is a Story about a Girl so Lost inside! She is a Lonely Girl! So Many guys are telling her, "You wont be alone! Your Life will Improve!" She Crys! She Looks up some Porn of black men fucking Petite women. She is a Zoophile so She finds Such beasts VERY FUCKING HOT. From this point forward she Wanted a Beastly Man to fulfill her Wild Fantasies!

One Day...

She Walks Out in the Country side and she hears a BIG THUMP In the Distance! Then She Heard a Very Deep and 80 IQ sounding Voice go, "OOOFY DOOFY OOOFY DOOFY OVER A HILL AND UNDER A TREE!" The Petite Girl Runs into his arms! And He Pulls out his Massive Cock and he Thrusts!! The END!

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