The overspecialization problem


Our current society is supposed to function by having people specialize in different fields and then we are supposed to be able to trust the experts in said fields. The theoretical issue with that is that then there will be many points where society can fail since people will not actually be able to do proper oversight since how are you as a non-expert supposed to examine these things?

The educational system after high-school more or less forces you to specialize in one field, you are not really able to get a more general education about various things, if you want a general education your best bet is math & physics combined with education you do on your own but that's far from ideal in terms of actually getting a job.

What ended up happening is that various fraudulent fields like psychiatry and philosophy, psychiatry was liked by establishment since it could be weaponized by authority figures and philosophy was tolerated since it doesn't actually say anything and therefore it's not in any way a real treat to any political ideology.

Vintologi on the other hand can actually be used as a very powerful tool to properly and clearly falsify political ideologies.


Theoretical physics
The issue in theoretical physics is not that current theories are that bad (they actually work really well when it comes to making prediction) but the fact that there hasn't been any real progress in fundamental physics for over 40 years.






A lot of resources has been invested into string-theory which of course has been a total failure, the fact that they failed was mayber good for them since then they can keep getting grants to do new theoretical attempts that go nowhere.

The few decent (still long-shot) attempts has come outside the theoretical physics establishment

Non-commutative geometry

Quantum holonomy theory

wolfram physics project

E8 theory


Central banks
For some reason most countries have 'independent' (unaccountable) central banks that are free to bail out failing banks and other big corporations destroying the purchasing power of the national currency in the process. Because most people do not understand economics most people will not actually realize whats doing on and central banks can continue to steal purchasing power from you giving it to large corporations instead.

Of course allowing an unaccountable central bank to lend out money at all is insanity unless the money is being lended directly to the government itself (then it's not really lended out in the first place).


Rampant medical quackery
Since most people trust these 'experts' they do not actually do the hard work to verify that there is actually any good evidence for these treatments or that the field itself is even legitimate.

Horror examples of this are psychiatric drugs and genital mutilation

When they examined if medical transition improved the quality of life they didn't find any statistically significant benefit for FtM individuals and letting females sterilize themselves is also bad in terms of societal survival of the fittest.

This illustrates the issue with having to narrow of a focus, instead of looking at whats actually good for society and good in terms of allowing people to live enjoyable lives the focus was on reducing dysphoria even when it wasn't actually worth the price that was paid.


Rather than actually reporting accountability media will frequently misrepresent reality or make stuff up for the sake of views or pushing some agenda, if media lie about you and you do not have a platform then there isn't any way for you to fight back other than maybe via the legal system which often isn't even viable due to cost and difficulty actually winning the case.

Media will typically focus on anecdotes rather than actually look at scientific results. For example Swedish government media has reported a lot on a single vase where a girl died after being sent back to her real parents (after they won in court) by they never (even once) presented any scientific research showing that it would be safer for the children to be with foster parents.

It's not just big media organisations that are problematic, individual youtubers are subjected to even less scrutiny and can thus get away with a lot of nonsense. A case of individual youtubers screwing up is the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment that can be explained by ordinary quantum entanglement, there is zero need for any type of retro-causality or future experiments affecting the outcome.

Youtubers getting it wrong:

Result 24 for "delayed choice quantum eraser" was the following video where someone actually looked at the measurement results

Looking at his other videos you do see some questionable claims, for example he railed against non-locality and quantum randomness even though for free will (which he made a video in favor of) requires it. He obviously get stuff wrong but somehow he managed to to better than most covering the delayed choice quantum eraser, maybe due to the fact that he is actually interesting in finding out the truth rather than just getting views.


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It's unpopular people who get shit done
Covid-19: CCP did the dirty work right away, most western democracies failed.

Opposition to psychiatry: CCHR (funded by scientology) have done most of the heavy lifting

Solving the incel problem: reiko#3333 and later vintologi followers promoted transmaxxing which eliminated incel mass-shootings.

Combating neo-nazism: antifa did the dirty work.

Fighting against the worst of feminism: trans rights activists are doing the heavy lifting here combating terfs.

The issue is that in order to be politically popular you need to go along with whatever the political winds are at the time, you will be severely restricted by moral dogma and political correctness.