The rise and fall of empires


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I see people's careers, and people's online empires, rise and fall in similar fashion as governmental empires. Let's take, for example, Roosh V. He started a forum and a blog, and even a wiki, and these peaked and then declined.

The peak was characterized by lots of expansion into different areas, and a blossoming of culture, one might say. Lots of creativity was going on.

Then, in the decline, there was a retreat to more defensible borders, and the adoption of a more modest mission. Creativity pretty much went away, and there was a turn to Christianity.

On Roosh V Forum, he got rid of the game content, and switched over to basically talking about how shit is going to hit the fan; and at this point, like some other people I know (e.g. Drake, who's looking at 15-40 years behind bars), he's basically ROOTING for shit to hit the fan, because it seems like the most likely scenario by which his life could improve at this point; the risk-reward tradeoff seems appealing to him now.

It kinda reminds me of Tolstoy's career. If you read Anna Karenina, it really peaks in the first part, and then it's all downhill from there, because he took a break, went Christian, and then came back and didn't produce work of the same quality after that.

Heck, it even reminds me of my own career, which pretty much peaked in 2018. I too have retreated behind what seem to be more defensible borders. E.g., you don't really see RGIF around anymore. Well, I guess it still exists, but it's darkweb or something; I haven't been there in awhile because my Tor browser seems to be broken.

I wonder, if we were looking at the U.S., what would its peak look like? It seems like it's more obvious in retrospect when something has peaked, but it takes awhile to realize it's really not coming back. E.g., maybe it took awhile after WWII before it became obvious that the British Empire, the French Empire, etc. really were never going to come back. We had that period under Charles de Gaulle, for instance, when it seemed like maybe France was going to reclaim its sovereignty somewhat, before it pretty much, like the rest of the EU, gave in to rule by Germany. And now that all of Europe has been invaded by migrants that they feel compelled to regard as their equals, we can pretty say, yeah, they're done-for.

At the same time, we could look at, say, China or Japan, and say, "Well, they haven't expanded in a long time either, so what's the deal with them?" Really, no countries seem to be expanding right now, by any means (e.g. Russia doesn't even have the Soviet Bloc anymore as a means by which it could command a sphere of influence), so what does that really leave. This is like a global cultural depression or something. Supposedly the Jews run everything, but one can't really say their rise is meteoric, in terms of demographics.

E.g. Israel is not really undergoing a Jewish population explosion, even if they are at least holding steady; and I don't think they really have a plan for how they're going to deal with the divisions between their parasitic Orthodox community and other groups. They seem like maybe they're going to get cucked just like their hosts in the white world are getting cucked.

If we look at the Alt-Right in the U.S., basically that too has retreated behind a more defensible border, specifically, putting their vids on BitChute and, and sharing memes on Telegram. A lot of people are distancing themselves from friends and family, which amounts to putting up a wall of sorts.


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I think RooshV was the end peak of the PUA world. His culture wasn’t a microcosm but a spike in the whole PUA scam pyramid in its descending phase